Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Emperor's visit..... and glorious food!

I spent a whole Saturday surfing the internet in my hotel room. I was pretty much left alone. Swollen foot was giving me Hell. ouch!

I had the pleasure of having the Emperor with 48 concubines descent on my humble hotel room, accompanied by the Rainbow Queen and his Imperial Physician. My porky foot was scrutinized, criticised and pigtured. duh! It's more famous than my pretty face. *cough... cough....*

I was presented the delicious, reknowned Assam Laksa of Penang! And the Emperor's prized lormaikai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom) that was absolutely delicious! A curry puff and some siewmais. ^-^

The Emperor made a quick call to Housekeeping and bowl, napkin, cutlery were nicely set for an Imperial meal on my bed. Special Imperial services of massage and the offer to change me into my bikini for a dip in the inviting hotel pool! tsk tsk tsk..... the porky foot evoked the Emperor's lusty imagination of a curvaceous porky body. hahaha......

We had a fantastic time suan-ing (hurling verbal abuses... hehehe.... ) one another! ahhh..... it was the time where I felt so alive after my painful accident! Thanks for these great souls, for their wonderful companionship and gifts of love.

Chris arrived after 9pm. I was famished and devoured the food he bought like a hungry wolf. Would the weak and softie doctor be makaned had I taken up his offer of dinner? mwahahaha.....

Come night, pain descended with such intensity, I had to resort to more painkillers. It was raining heavily outside, Heaven crying over my painful ordeal? :)

Early Sunday morning I was awokened by gastric pain. More painkiller and back to blogging. Chris managed to recce the area round the hotel and swim in its pool.

The Terrible Trio returned with the Famous Assam Laksa by the Longkang and sweet, sweet rambutans! And the latest fashion of The Emperor's New clothes was revealed! Gasp! Sexsational. :)

On Sunday, at 10pm, borrowing the wheelchair from the hotel, Chris pushed me down for dinner with the Terrible Trio at Chilli's. Dr Bernard arrived after an Emergency surgery. I suspected he rushed through the surgery just to have dinner with us because he needed to return to check on the patient. Probably left the scalpel inside the stomach. ho ho ho.... nay, he's a responsible surgeon. :)
We had gigantic mouths matching humongous burgers! And a Molten Chocolate dessert of sinful choclate cake and vanilla ice-cream!

After dinner, back to the room for more porky leg jokes and orgy camwhoring! Woot! This is a Blogger Meet that I received the most big hearty HUGS! :)

Genie sent me a Food Directory of Penang.
So very kind of her!


  1. Alamak... kena gastric and summore eat the Longkang Laksa?? Aiyah... why din tell me when I called u wor? Then we (ok, not we, but I) could hv smuggled the durian instead... yeah, I was the one to be blamed for refusing the durian becos sked kena tangkap by the hotel... sorries...

    Thank you ECL & Chris, very very much for the dinner treat! ;)

    Faster get well, ok?

  2. My Angel,
    hehehe.... never mind lah! I didn't die from it wor. I crave for Assam Laksa! I will go back for the durians again - when I'm better, or next year!

    Don't blame yourself lah, don't eat also won't die wat. :) I'm glad that I got to eat some of the Penang delicacies despite my condition. Thanks to all of you! Yeah!!!

    I will get well! Then we can go
    pom chak chak
    ! ^-^

  3. eastcoastlife,
    I thought the lor mai kai photo is your porky foot. I was like "WAAHHH! So serious?!?!" hahaha! Luckily it's just a lor mai kai. Get well soon!:)

  4. aiyak, dunno u have gastric pain tim... summore u eat sour & spicy assam laksa...

    Terrible Trio? hehehhe.. what a 'name' ;) Still LOL at the suan-ing session. Others sure say we are heartless beings liao :P

    Do come back to Penang for more mouth watering Penang food, but remember to watch your steps ;)

    Take care woh :)

  5. "Hello, Housekeeping? Could you bring up a nice pretty white dinner bowl to Rm 120x, please?"

    "Sure, Sir! Right away. Is that for the poor invalid soul who tripped up at Reception yesterday? We have special invalid bowls to cater for our Steps Challenged guests.."

    "Hahahahaha *muffled*!! Shhhhh, please! She has already suffered enough, but yes, and make sure the bowl is trip-proof, ok? Thank you."

  6. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh....so song wor..i mean beside the porky leg lar..hehe..The assam laksa looks so..hot...tengok oni pun dah ada gastrik...Weii...hope you are better now ler...

  7. Please take care of yourself. Even through this setback you have a great sense of humor. Another lesson you have taught us all.

    Thank You

  8. Kok!
    Die liao! My porky foot look like that! hehehe.....

  9. chen,
    Ok lah! Eat a bowl of Assam Laksa a day, so can heal faster. hehe...

    You three are really heartless wor!

    I'll be back to Penang! That is for sure! ^-^

  10. lb,
    hehehe.... you still haven't got enough of the suan-ing! I'm turning bitter already lah!

    The Housekeeping so cute! Probably all departments in G Hotel have been told to 'tread carefully' when handling the invalid in Room 1203. ho ho ho....

  11. assam/chilli and gastric. pengsan!
    how is the swelling today?

  12. Poor lady! But then.. such a royal treatment.. The emperor himself served you!! Wooo! Wooo!

    Enjoy, eat relest..

  13. eve,
    The Assam Laksa very shiok! It looks hot but not lah! I hotter! hehehe....

    aiyahhh... we should plan to have a holiday together. It would be fun!

  14. Teacher Dave,
    awww.... you always have a kind word for me. :) Thanks.

    I have to remain cheerful
    despite my temporary setback. I have to set a good eaxample for my son and wards.

  15. misti,
    hehehe... my gastric is under control. The swelling and bruises are still there. Porky foot cannot touch the ground. ^-^

  16. zara's mom,
    Yes, the Emperor himself rolled up his sleeves (and almost his clothes... hahaha....)to serve me.


  17. Ayer Itam Longkang Laksa! I want to go home!!!

  18. Miss Loi, gasp!
    You from Penang!? Yahoooo.....
    Next time you go home, I follow. Can? Can?
    *puppy eyes and sweet sweet smile*

  19. This is one of the most delicious-looking posts I've seen for a long time!

    Hey listen:

    I've tagged you as a "friend" from MyBlogLog. It's one of those "things about myself" things.

    But I've added a bit of a twist to it; you've gotta find other bloggers you're "friends" with, but haven't really had much contact with.

    Here's the link:

    Good luck.

  20. Lucky the pictures here not as torturing as L B's. Hahahaha!!

  21. Ah ... good to read that your friends treat you so well :)

    Assam Laksa of Penang eh? I love Laksa. I drive all the way up to Penang from Singapore just to taste their Laksa. Oh ... they have 2 other types too. The curry creamy type (that Singaporeans should be very familiar with) and the Thai style Laksa. You should try them all. The Thai one can be found near that very famous Chinese Goddess temple.

    Ahhhh ... I miss Penang! Anyway. Happy to read that you are in high spirit :)

  22. ECL, the last time I was there was when the tsunami happened - and it was a very significant day for me as well! Nowadays I mostly stay in KL.

    Think you're more familiar with Penang than me now!

  23. You deserve all of those hugs too. Poor girl.

    Any laksa left for me? 0_o

  24. Still can try their local food, not bad oredi lah! I like lor mai kai - this one looks like a brain -luckily not porky brain. ;p

  25. You lucky you ..!! even cannot get outta hotel .. also got yummy food delivered..!!
    Wait hor.. when i come back.. i see whether.. got so many ppl visit me.. or not.. and bring me food.. ya... ;)
    I jealous you know.. kekeke!!

  26. Life is so not very fair... You're injured and you get all the nice food. I'm all well and ran 10km yesterday evening and all I am having is cup noodles.


  27. oceanskies,
    ahhhh... a sinful gathering of food and lusty loves. hahaha....

  28. day-dreamer,
    arghhhhh.... I have more photos but something's wrong with my card reader, cannot upload the pics. Have to send camera for repair. :(

  29. Wilfrid,
    You drove up to Penang!? That's far! and tiring. Gosh. But it's worth it for the yummy food! ^-^

    I ate the Thai style Laksa not the creamy one. *slurp*

    My Malaysian blogger friends are awesome, huh.

  30. Miss Loi,
    Oh, you went to help during the tsunami disaster? It must be quite an experience.

    I didn't get to go round Penang due to my injury, so how to know it well? ^-^

  31. Captain Picard,
    hahaha.... yes, it would be horrendous!

  32. simple american,
    Yes, I deserve more hugs!

    er.... no more Laksa from me, but if you have plans to go to Penang, I'm going with you!

  33. tigerfish,
    Yes, so lucky of me! Got food delivery service. :)

    hahaha... my porky brain doesn't look like this! It has more substance. ^-^

  34. mamabok,
    hehehe... Yes, you should be jealous! I'm just too adorable, well-loved by many people. kekeke.....

    If you come back to Singapore, you know I'll take care of you. We will have our own food orgy! hahaha....

  35. Ed,
    Nobody can say life is fair! kekeke....

    People tend to pity a lonely, lovely, hot invalid! hahaha....

    Oh poor you! Instant cup noodle!? You should run over and have some bird's nest soup. ^-^

  36. yenjai,
    kakaka.... that's how attractive I am! The Power of ECL! Yeah!

    I'm sure you would have done more if I'm in KL. Right?

  37. Wah! Not bad ah! Treated better than the Queen, leh! I dont mind breaking a leg if i get that kind of food and attention! Haha!

  38. stay-at-home Mom,
    I dont mind breaking a leg if i get that kind of food and attention! Haha!

    You don't mean that, do you? ^-^

    Oooo, I was given royal treatment by my friends.

  39. Hi there, I hope your pain has subsided. Are you using anything to immobilize the ankle?

    Thanks to you and Chris for dinner. The meeting-up was really good la..

    In high spirits (not literally, haha).

  40. The food looks really heavenly.... so shiok lah woman....;) ;)

  41. Hi Bernard!
    Nope, the pain is still there. Yes, my ankle has a fibreglass half-cast to immobilize it.

    aiyahhhh.... I can't thank all of you enough for the assistance you all have given. I'm very grateful.

    Thanks for everything. ^-^

  42. J@n!ce
    Oh yes, the Penang delicacies are really yummy and shiok! Should go there for food orgy! hahaha...

  43. Sometimes the luxurious treatment received make us feel very syok rite? Mebbe if can always like dat, injure few times more oso nvm... Oops... *choi choi choi~~* Touchwood! heh.

    Get well soon, ECL! :)

  44. Get well soon, hot mama!

    What's this crap and slander from Ping.sg Uzyn and his rats? You should sue them.

    For someone who have foreign students and foreign friends who stayed with you; tuition teachers, classmates and friends of your students; staff and your friends who dropped in frequently, it is not unusual for them to use your wifi to surf or comment on your blog. And because it is public and shared in the house, it is subjected to abuses too.

    This foreign trash is so mean to ban you and even spam you from a wifi spot. And you were right he took away your awards! Has he returned them? You should teach these so-called university graduates a lesson!

    He's entrepreneur? Pui! Take sponsor's money and no receipt? He thinks he taking money from his father? Your hubby runs a legal business and needs to pay taxes! Report him!

    For someone who loves to judge others, he should look at himself. And what logic is there you have to apologise to his co-habiting girlfriend because she was upset over your remarks? Your legal husband should be even more upset with the bloody way they treat you. Shameless trash!

    Although you have banned us from commenting on your blog, we feel it is right to come to your defend. Please publish this.

    I'm sure your rich students would chip in with the legal fees unlike those empty vessels who can't even cough up S$200 to return. Talk about pride. They don't have! hahahaha......

  45. Alamak! U so teruk! Always getting into trouble! Be a good girl can???
    Get well soon! We go Johor eat durians!!!

  46. Wow!!! Those food are really good.

    And you are so fortunate that people bring the whole Penang to you. Well, almost the whole Penang I think. Hahahahaa ..

    Hope you are feeling much better!!!

  47. Looks like you still having a good time despite your twisted foot. Hehehehe. And that laksa, so yummy can die. yum yum!

    *Doreen gives eastcoastlife a big big hug*

  48. Wah! narrowband,
    No amount of luxurious treatment is worth an arm or leg! I get luxurious treatments when I was up and running about. ^-^

  49. oi... justicebao,
    You also a member, later kena ban too. Next time use your own blog nick and computer.

    Not everybody in there is blind and balls-polisher.

    See, without it, I'm also having traffic. And better quality readers. Unlike some wannabes and copycats who rode on my fame to get traffic. hahaha....

  50. henry,
    You go Johor this weekend, bring durians back for me huh!

    Be good girl? Hard lah! I will live longer being evil! hahaha....

  51. lilMrsT,
    Thank you!

    Yes, I almost had the whole Penang brought to me. Penang food is really yummy! haha....

  52. lonely, lovely, hot invalid

    This is so mis-match... LOL!

  53. Oh Doreen!
    Thanks. I have to remain positive! I have been working non-stop. This rest is a time to consolidate and regain my strength for more battles!

    I'll be back - with a vengeance!

    *returns hug*

  54. how's the leg??

    guess this should be one of the memorable blogger meetup..haha..

    take care, recover soon! ;)

  55. Leonrad,
    Good news! No need to amputate! hehehe....

    Yeah! What a memorable Bloggers' Meet Penang! I'm planning the next one. ;)

  56. Was this what your trip was all about? A blogger meet? Sorry I only recently started reading your blog... Shame man, hope you're feeling better already ;)

  57. dizzy dee,
    Well, yes.... I went there to meet up with a blogger friend from Italy and three other Malaysian bloggers.

    I was revisiting Penang for the 3rd time and I had wanted to visit some interesting places and go on a food hunt! duh. Things didn't turn up as planned.

  58. How come no pictures of that foot huh?
    Faster faster post! I got feet fetish wan. LOL

    On a serious note....hope you are feeling better now.

  59. ECL! How come you din tell me you will be in Penang?????

    When will you be here again????

  60. ECL, err....
    Seeing you in such pain, I don't think I will stop myself from hugging you tight tight to comfort you
    (piak, one tight slap coming from you liao)

    But seriously, if you are here, probably all the suggestion I gave you? I will make it happen without troubling you

  61. cocka,
    Thanks. I'm having problems uploading my photos. Software problem. Of course will post them up. :)

  62. Angeleyes,
    Sorry, I didn't tell many people too! hahaha....

    I'll go again before end of this year. Shucks, no more Balik Pulau durians by then!

    I'll tell you when I'm going the next time. ^-^

  63. yenjai,
    I need big big tight tight hugs!

    I'm still having throbbing pains. I stopped taking painkillers because of my gastric.

    I'm sure you would do a lot if I'm in KL. Thanks. *Hugs*

  64. Love your sense of humor even when you are in pain, and glad you at least got out of the room for dinner. And all that yummy food...I am so missing Penang food after reading your post! :)

  65. Gosh! It looks really bad. But at least you are enjoying the food! :p
    Hope you recover soon.

  66. Woot! New pics!

    *helps fan your leg*
    *ok lah, fan you too*

  67. Hi east meets west kitchen,
    Yes, I'm glad I was able to get out of the hotel room for meals.

    I understand your missing all that fabulous Penang Food! I'm beginning to miss it already!!!

  68. wokking mum,
    Thanks. Yes, luckily I did get to eat some Penang yummies. hehe...

  69. My angel,
    phew!.... finallly managed to get the pics up after days of attempts.

    ahhhh... cooling! Thanks. hehehe...

  70. Eh, how come I didn't see the big mouth earlier ha? Haha.

  71. Bernard,
    Your mouth too big, have to photoshop it before it could be uploaded! This one already shrunk version. hahaha...

  72. hehehe.. the last footy pict looks very very very familiar leh.. looks like the pict from my camera geh? Kekekeke :P

  73. Simple American,
    You really have to go to Penang! It's a gourmet's paradise! And you have to make chen and bernard busy too! hehehe.....

  74. chen,
    From your camera ar? I got it from my angel. hahaha.....

  75. kekekkee.. angel get it from me :P

    can i post up the pict of u enjoying your bowl of laksa on the bed? ;)

  76. chen,
    Oops. I thought it was from Bernard. Sorry, can I post it on my blog pleazzzzz?

    Now, I want to see the photo first before giving my approval. hehehe....

  77. I found your awesome blog via Blogexplosion!
    Really great stuff here...
    I bookmarked this.

    I would really appreciate your opinion or comment via posting a comment on my blog if you get a spare moment :)

  78. Shrunk d still so big meh? I refuse to believe that. LOL.

  79. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the bookmark too. ^-^

    You have an interesting blog on house flipping.

  80. hehehe.... Bernard.
    No lah! I didn't shrink it. Your mouth is already so big! hahahaha....

    Tit for tat! You have a 'big mouth' photo of me on your blog too! ^-^

  81. of coz u can post :D
    as long as dun show face can liao
    hahhahaa :D

    sure, i will send the photo to u later tonight together with the group photos :)

  82. chen,
    Thanks! I'll email my photos to you too. ^-^

  83. I might drop by Singapore end of next month or early Sept... will let you know too. -o^

  84. angeleyes,
    Oh, that's great! Let me know huh! I should be well by then. ^-^

  85. such a fabulous time in Penang, despite the swollen foot! I think the foot's the one that made it more enjoyable somehow, eh? strange but true! heheh!

  86. May,
    Oh ya... so strange, but it's true! My foot is now more famous than I. hahahaha.....

  87. So sorry to hear about your foot. :(
    I hope you are okie now..
    The food looks good :)
    Nice to have good treatment :) heheheeh

  88. Hi Gene Lim,
    I'm feeling better. Thanks.

    The food in Penang is so yummy! I have to go back for them again.