Thursday, July 26, 2007

Porky Foot Goes Home

Chris wheeled me to Gurney Plaza next to G Hotel for lunch. Fresh air! First time I felt good to be pushed around! hahaha.... We had a delicious lunch at Hong Kong Wong Kok Cafe. Chris' Roast Pork Claypot Noodle was really fantastic! My Seafood Baked Rice was as good. We bought some baked dimsums which tasted awesome.

Back at G Hotel, we took some photos at the crime scene. This is the wooden steps that caused my downfall.
The ramp was too steep for my wheelchair. I needed 3 strong men to push me up.

I'm trying to remember how I landed. Spread-eagle? In a crumpled pile? Twisted?

My fall was captured by the hotel's CCTV. I'm wondering if their CCTV in the lift has sound recording. I'm afraid I let loose a string of unmentionable English and Hokkien expletives while I was in it. *gasp* hehehehe...... Many people would probably be able to lip-read. :P

Chris and I returned to Singapore on Monday night. After much problem with Singapore Airline's weird rules and system. I was crammed between narrow seats and my swollen ankle started to hurt an hour into the flight.
I then had difficulty climbing up to my bedroom which is on the 3rd level of the house. My students and male staff tried to carry me up but it was too dangerous. Someone could slip and we would be a heap of broken arms and legs. And it was impossible to get a fork-lift at this hour. ^-^

How do I get up to my bedroom? Ta-da! I made my butt climb up the stairs! Tiring but I did it! I will be stuck between my bedroom and Entertainment Room for the next 2 weeks.
I would make full use of this time to strategise and do more writing. :)

My porky foot, now in a fibreglass half-cast.


  1. Sending you Tender Loving Care. *hugs*

    Would I get to see you soon? Hmmm....

  2. Wahh the steps..memang susah nampak wonder I wonder how many similar cases oredi happened hor?..They shud do something abt it..

  3. Aiyo in pain some more can smile, but thanks for the heads up as I have an APEX dinner at the G some time in Aug, will definitely watch out for those steps.

  4. oceanskies,
    Thanks. I hope to go for Sunday brunch. :P
    *enjoying my hugs*

  5. eve,
    Ah! You saw how dangerous they were. A few staff were telling me about this trap. Apparently, quite a number of guests have gotten into trouble with these steps.

  6. firehorse,
    What to do? No lengjai around to manja, or else sure bawl my eyes out! hahaha...

    Yes, you have to be careful with the steps. Don't play play!

  7. I wonder how on earth are those wooden pranks there at G hotel for? They are really hazardous. Our poor lady looks really in bad shape. Look at that leg....

    Sending you hugs & kisses for a speedy recovery :) :)

    YOu are really cuddling....hehehe ;)

  8. Janice,
    Thanks so much!
    hehe... My photos tell a lot. Even show that I'm cuddly! fuyohhhh...

  9. You are great.
    You still can smile for the camera.

  10. Wahahahaha....oops, sorry for laughing but I like the way you come down the stairs wor. Just like a little toddler learning to use the staircase!

    I tell you what, must be Penang's dim sum is yummier than Singapore's hor? :P

    You are lucky you got the whole row of seats to yourself in the plane.

    Hope you will get back to normal motion of going up and coming down the stairs soon. **Snigger, snigger**

  11. 3 strong men to push you up?? That heavy meh?? Haha.

    The foot looks happier now, eh... in the fibreglass cast. :-)

    Can reach the toes to scratch or not? ;-)

  12. Alamak... 3rd floor??? U used your ka chn'g to go up until 3rd floor? No hop hop? :D

    Going out for fresh air is good :) Hope you'll enjoy your outing this weekend ;)

  13. Welcome back..!! hope you feel better real soon..!!

  14. yenjai,
    I have to remain cheerful! Cheerful, understand!? Nobody, nothing's gonna get me down! Yes!

  15. Judy,
    Wahhh! No need liddat gua!

    I'll be able to climb up and down the stairs on my two feet soon. You wait.

    The dimsum by the Hong Kong chefs in Penang are really yummy! Go to that restaurant next time you're in Penang.

    SQ should put me in the front seat where there's wider space for my foot mah. They gave them to two healthy young girls! Lao zha bor no value these days!

  16. Bernard,
    Not that I'm heavy, the ramp at the hotel was too steep. It's not user friendly for the handicapped.

    Yes, porky foot is feeling better in the half-cast. :) And I have long arms, didn't you notice that? ;P

  17. My angel,
    hahaha.... yes. I used my ka chng to climb stairs. Cannot hop! Too tiring! Also it's too dangerous.

    Yes, looking forward to fresh air. Hope to go out soon. ^-^

  18. that was a silly place for the steps, really. imagine at night with dim lights.

    i can't lip-read, but i definitely can make out some major words :P

    by the way, although am not as bad as u are, am glad we are limping buddies. i just sprained my right foot :P

  19. eastcoastlife,
    You've master the art of "butt-climbing"! Well done! haha!

  20. OMG! It looks really bad (I mean your porty foot). But lucky you to have so many people to help you. You must have enjoy that.

    Good food thou. :P

  21. Haha, injured still can take pictures and laugh about it! like your spirit! :) get well soon... ter ka looks so scary! but those steps were well camouflaged!

  22. I could even feel your pain watching you dragging your swollen foot. And on the plane somemore! But what I admire you the most is the smile on your face. You make problem seems like a little ant. I look up to you. Rest well, enjoy your quiet time and write more! (^_^) *hugs*

  23. well, it's gotta be a hassle for you before recovery.

    why the hotel design like that one.

    hands and legs so important, once injured, you will further understand their importance!

    once again, get well soon!

  24. Aiyoooo.... so many casualties around! Take care wor.

    hehehe.... know the major words but dun say out lah. Bad example for the kids.

    The steps are lit at night, but still not that visible. I pity the elderly folks.

  25. Windy,
    Yes, my porky foot looks bad and hurts a lot.

    I did enjoy the pampering, the lovely food and the hugs. hahaha....

  26. shilpa,
    yalah! How can show readers my woe-be-gone face! Not like I broke my leg, just a bad sprain. hehe.... my ter ka caused pork knuckle prices to go up! Seems like people love eating it!

    Steps look bad hor!

  27. Doreen,
    awwww.... thanks. Though it is painful but still bearable. No point moping around. I will get well.... and write more. :)

  28. Leonard,
    yes, some obstacles ahead. It is important for one to be healthy and well. To lose my mobility, that's suffering. sigh....

  29. Baked dimsum buns? And you didn't tell me?!! OMG!!

    It's good to see you back safe and sound! We must do this again, some day.. minus the wheelchair, of course. With even more HUGS, ok? In all that excitement, I even forgot to grill you about that Zipper Event.. I had wanted to.. I totally forgot.

  30. those steps and next to it is a small slope...lidat very treacherous lar. **tsk..tsk....

    you sure had a 'holiday' to remember. get well soon and come and visit again. :)

  31. LB,
    I found out about the baked dimsum buns only during lunch on my last day. I bought a few and only ate them when I was back in Singapore. Sayang! Should have bought more! Yummy!

    hahaha... the zipper event! I demo, ok? Dem farni!

    Yeah, we have to do this again. Wheelchair or not.

  32. nyonyapenang,
    See, many people commented on the steps. So guests of the hotel have to be extra careful.

    It's a holiday I'll never forget. So much love, laughter, food and hugs!!!

    I'll definitely be going back to Penang.

  33. OMG, after these days it still look pretty swollen. I think it will take quite a while for the ligaments to fully heal.

    be careful with that leg ya. Wish you a speedy recovery. At least to move around more easily.

  34. Ed,
    Yes, it is still as swollen after so many days. It's gonna take time to heal. I'm dying to go out for some fresh air!!!
    *raps table with fingers*

  35. Hope to see you too. Whatever it is, safety first, and health first, please?

  36. be good gal and don't move so much okay? *hugs*
    maybe you can GENTLY and LIGHTLY massage your hands and wrists area. it is connected to your ankle and foot. but not too hard ok? it helps with circulation and is the reciprocal points.

  37. eastcoastlife,
    Do you mind if I link your blog? Nice blog have to share with others. ;)

  38. oceanskies,
    Ok, I know. I'm so scared of boredom now. I must get well soon. I want to get out! hehehe...

  39. misti,
    Oh, ok. I'll try. At least it is massage my wrists and hands, not my left foot. It's completely untouchable.

    Thanks. *Hugs*

  40. kok,
    ^-^ of course you can link. Nice blog must share. hehehe....

  41. Now no choice. You can always have make-up sessions for fresh air after you recover.

  42. u didnt ask them for the video meh?

    p/s: U didn't get yourself the crutch meh? It's easier to walk with crutch leh.. at least u dun have to use your ka chng to climb up the stairs :)

  43. BIG hugs to such a brave and strong lady in pain. That foot looks like it hurts a lot. Take care!

  44. Ed,
    Yes. *sob sob*
    Can only wait for the porky foot to heal.

  45. chen,
    You think they would readily give me the video if they are being sued?

    I can't use the crutch to get up the stairs. It's too risky. Once bitten, twice shy. I'm so wary of steps now. hehehe....

  46. east meets west kitchen,
    awwwww..... thanks. Hugs and kisses do wonders for the pain. hehehe.....

  47. Isn't the tape of your fall on Youtube?

    Good you made it home safe and sound. Need to get you some crutches. Make it easier on you and your bum. Love your hardwood floors BTW.

  48. Simple American,
    I checked, the video's not on YouTube. ^-^

    Yeah, my hardwood floor is too nice and too expensive to scratch. hahaha....

  49. Welcome home! So this injury of yours is real ya?! (ha ha ha, sure it is!)

    So when will you be fully recovered? You can't keep climbing the stairs with your butt you know :)

    This may sound really wrong but you do have nice feet. Ha ha ha ...

  50. wilfrid,
    OMG! You thought it was a publicity stunt!? Geez....

    I have to stop moving about for 2 weeks. So I'm staying put in my bedroom. No climbing of stairs. duh.

    My feet are so out of shape now.

  51. ECL ... I was kidding ... ha ha ha. The thought of public stunt never cross my mind, I swear :)

    Oh well ... enjoy being pampered and you will recover in no time!

  52. hehehe wilfrid,
    I believe you. :)

    I would get sued by the hotel for fabricating stories. :)

  53. Ouch!!! That must hurt!
    I like your nail polish though ;)

    Glad that you're safe @ home again!

  54. dizzy dee,
    yes, it does hurt. Thanks. I'm glad to be home too. ^-^

  55. Love the photo's in your blog...except that food pics are making me hungry and it's 2am and I should be in bed!
    Get better soon :)

  56. Wooo.. it looked quite swollen and serious leh.....aiyo.....
    hope the food cheered you up a little :)

  57. Airlines don't make it easy, ECL.

    Great pictures of yourself with a lovely smile.

  58. You are the road to recovery and your spirits are high and you are making the best out of painful event. You are the teacher.

  59. Hope your speedy recovery and good health, thanks for the msg in shoutbox.

  60. Hi amanzi down under!
    Thanks. ^-^
    Hope you have a good sleep and sweet dreams of food! hehehe....

  61. tigerfish,
    Yes, quite swollen. The swelling hasn't subsided. The food did lessen some of the pain. ^-^

  62. Captain Picard,
    awwww..... thanks. You're right about the airlines. :)

  63. Teacher Dave,
    awwww..... thanks. Slowly but surely, I'm recovering.

    When an accident happens, getting depressed and mad isn't going to do much for the recovery. That's what I feel. ^-^

  64. Henry,
    You're welcomed. And thanks for your continuous support and concern. ^-^

  65. Suddenly thought of this phrase... LOL!


  66. 留着青山在,不怕没柴烧!

    Oh yes, Ed! I agree with you totally! ^-^

  67. I would have fallen also. Looks quite deceiving... poor you.

    I hope it's much better now..

  68. mott,
    Are you feeling much better now? You were not feeling well too.

    I'm fine. Need a longer time to recuperate. ^-^

  69. Perhaps the ramp was designed to the baggage trolleys rather than for a woman-powered wheel-chair. ;-)

    Yes, in that sense, not disabled-friendly.

    Long arms... yes! * h u g z *

  70. Ouch, that looks really painful! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

  71. you should sue them!! them get money, rich liao we can go kai kai!! :D

  72. Bernard,
    Yes, the ramp is probably designed for baggage trolleys not for wheelchairs. :)


  73. ehon,
    Yes! hahaha.... so when you going back home? Let me know, then you can help me spend the money! ^-^

  74. You have such a happy spirit
    Hope you feel better soon.

  75. Mmm.... u know, monkey nation is not that disabled-friendly country! :(
    Get well soon!

  76. Hi MrsThePoint,
    Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for your well-wishes. ^-^

  77. Monkeywong,
    I didn't get a chance to move around much the country. I do hope it is disabled-friendly. ^-^

  78. You poor thing! I hope that will not deter you from coming to Penang again. There ARE other hotels :)

  79. giddytigers,
    hehehe.... of course not! I will be back!

    I didn't get to go round the island the last time, so I have to return again! ^-^

  80. ooOoo, I bring you some char siew pau and some champaign. We sing karaoke till kau-kau.

  81. HijackQueen,
    Yeah!! Why not? I have red wine and XO's too! Let's party!

  82. Looks like a very painful homecoming process but glad that you can still find reasons to look on the bright side of things. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

  83. Hi cool insider,
    Thanks! ^-^
    Must look at the bright side of things! I'm injured but I gained a lot from this!

  84. wa say, u use your wat.. butt ... to climb up? butt climbing.. a new term. Hee Hee..
    Take care and get well soon.:)

  85. Hi fleck!
    Yup, butt climbing. hahaha....

    Thanks for stopping by. ^-^

  86. Welcome home! Hope you will a have speedy recovery.

    Poor you... Having to use your butt to go upstairs. At least you are back home :) and you still get the service - room service! Kekeke....

  87. lzmommy,
    Thank you. hahaha... yes, that's right. I still have room service!

  88. hope u get well soon. for yr info under the same circumstances I had to live on the sofa for a few days. u r right. the butt is an excellent way to travel :)

    I had to use chamber pot too hahahhaah

  89. my oh my... still looks quite swollen! are you able to walk now, or still in crutches? well, look at it this way... it's a good excuse to be waited on 24 hours a day... ;-)

    get well soon!

  90. bengbeng,
    Oh no! Why did you have to sleep on the sofa then? I'm still sleeping comfortably on my bed.

    I won't want to use a chamber pot. Over my dead body.

    Thanks for your concern. :)

  91. May,
    My left foot is still swollen. I'm on wheelchair.

    Ya... I look at the bright side, I get waited on 24 hours a day. No need to lift a finger. hahahaha....

  92. Home Sweet Home!!!

    Hope you have a quick recovery so that you dun need to suffer the pain and the trouble moving around ...

  93. day-dreamer,
    Thanks. You have a great Sunday too! :)


  94. lilMrsT,
    awwww.... Thanks. So kind of you.


  95. i just visited my nephew who had a fall last night and ended up w a crackline fracture, over the same area as urs. he was happily hopping around w one leg. whenever he's not hopping, he'll be in front of the TV for his fav cartoons. he told me it's painful but can still be smiling and looking so happy. he's just six. kids..... memang different ya. for ur case, better dont hop arnd too much. get a good rest. wish u speedy recovery. :-)

  96. Hi csh,
    Thanks for your concern. ^-^

    Kids can be so brave and cheery about such things! :)

    I dare not hop! I'm probaly old and feeble, my good right leg cannot take the strain too. It's not as strong as before. I got nuen ka (wobbly and weak leg)now. hehehe....