Saturday, July 21, 2007

eastcoastlife injured in G Hotel, Penang

I touched down in Penang airport at 9.35am on Friday morning. Took a limousine to G Hotel at Gurney Drive. I was told it was too early to check in but after some winking and flashing begging, Nuar managed to get me a room. Happily I took the key, turned and walked barely 5m, when I missed the wooden steps in front of me and POOOM!!! Fell down. (ay.... I can hear peals of laughter here arh......)

I composed myself, straightened my back and walked towards the lift. I started feeling pain in my left ankle. Once in the lift, the pain hit me very hard. I could barely stand. I was groaning with pain inside the lift. I also noticed the bottle of Singapore Sling that I bought for Dr Bernard was broken and dripping blood red liquid on the lift carpet. Uh-oh!

I dragged myself out of the lift, a trail of red liquid dripped all the way from the lift to my room. hehe... paiseh. Looked like so seriously injured. I quickly called Operator and asked for ice cubes to apply on the quickly swelling left ankle. I also asked for a doctor. While waiting for help, I took pictures of my ter ka (pork trotter, my swollen left foot). Help arrived within 10 minutes. The Front Office Manager Navin and Lobby Manager, Wann came up to my room with a wheelchair. Wann would accompany me to a clinic.

Wann wheeled me down to the lobby to a waiting taxi. The driver Lee and Wann helped me into the taxi and we drove for about 15 minutes to a clinic which has re-located. Then we went to another clinic at Pulau Tikus. It was a small, inconspicuous clinic.

The lady Indian doctor took a look and when she pressed on my left ankle, it hurt so much, I bawled. Wann was taken aback. Maybe he had never seen a sophisticated matured lady cried before. But it was very painful. The ankle was quite swollen by then. It felt tight.

The doctor said I had better go to the hospital. It looked like a fracture, I needed an X-ray. So we got into the taxi (Hey, not easy ok? Wann had to let me grab hold on to him whenever I got in and out of the taxi. I was quite shy, but had to rely on him.) and headed to Hospital Pulau Pinang.

I had to register and again a guy pressed my swollen ankle during examination, releasing another flood of tears. Painful ok! I called Dr Bernard to tell him I couldn't meet him. He was shocked to hear that I was in the hospital, so he texted Dr Chen. I was wheeled to Emergency Room..... to wait. Later I was seen by a lady Indian doctor who asked me to go for an X-ray.

After my X-ray, Wann wheeled me back to Emergency Room to wait. It took more than an hour. When my X-ray was ready, I was told there was no fractures but I could have torn a ligament, so was asked to see an Orthopaedic. I was given 2 painkillers but I have to eat some food first. So Wann brought me out to grab a sandwich and a Milo.

While trying to swallow my lunch, I checked my messages and Bernard texted a while ago that he was on the way to see me. He was an hour's drive from the hospital and he was crossing Penang Bridge to see me!! When I saw him approaching from the carpark, my tears was about to break the dam. So kum tong (touched)! I almost stood up and threw myself at him! hahaha...

Bernard then accompanied me to ER. He took a look at the X-rays and said there was no need to see the Orthopaedic. So he sent us back to the hotel. He went to buy 2 cold packs before coming up to my room. And he forgot to have his lunch that day!

While scrutinizing the X-rays again, Bernard said I might have a bone alvursion. So I was advised to see an Orthopaedic in Island Hospital which is a privately owned hospital by a Singaporean. I called Wann again and he wouldn't couldn't accompany me. So he got the taxi driver Lee to send me.

I was bundled into the taxi and off we set to Island Hospital. It took less than 30 minutes to see a specialist. The injury was nothing to worry about. I had to put on a brace. And no stepping on the left foot for a week! I was asked to do a ice compression therapy and an ultra sound. Both the therapists were quite cheerful and talkative. We had a blast bantering and one of them took pictures for me. I was RM400 poorer after that laughter session! sigh.......

Lee sent me back to the hotel. Bellboy Izane wheeled me up to my room and made sure I was comfortable before leaving. LB called to chee kek (provoke) me. He was clearly tickled that I got my just desserts. He was laughing on the other end! All because I told him I would push him around Penang and then down Penang Hill in a wheelchair! So, friends, don't anyhow open your mouths to curse tease others. hehe....

Wann came to see me and asked me to help him by writing my version of what happened that day. He also handed me the taxi fare bill, RM120. Doctor's fees will be charged to my hotel bill. He made sure that water, a fruit platter (compliment of the hotel), TV remote control and ice cubes were within my reach before he left my room. Dr Chen came to visit me with lotsa Penang delicacies in the evening. There was Penang Char Kway Teow (Fried Noodle), Oyster Omelette, Rojak (Fruit Salad) and an appetising beverage! *burp*

All this time, my ankle was hurting like crazy. I wasn't moving much. My swollen ankle was propped up on 2 pillows. I took painkillers but they weren't providing relief. Cable TV was my only companion. I was injured and alone in a foreign country.

Bernard was texting me all this time to check on me. When he heard that I couldn't sleep because of the pain, he came over to give me painkillers. And it was already close to midnight! This incredible guy drove for an hour to deliver painkillers to this sick Aunty! Wah! How to repay him? *scratches head*

A much awaited awesome vacation of yummy food, meeting of Malaysian bloggers, feasting on famous Balik Pulau durians and checking out interesting places in Penang turned into a tour of medical facilities and meeting doctors. aiyooo.........

Many of the staff in G Hotel know me as the invalid woman in Room XXXX. A taped recording of my fall must have been viewed countless times. Probably on YouTube now. hahaha.... I reserve my rights on seeking legal advice.

I'm now hopping on my good leg to the bathroom. I took my baths hopping on one leg too! Amazing. Another accident waiting to happen in the bathroom. Now are you wondering how I wear my panty standing only on one leg? mwahahaha..........


  1. Sounds like a really really bad fall there. Hope the leg will recover fast enough. It's such torture not being able to walk properly.

  2. Ed,
    Yes, it was a very bad fall. I was suffering for the past two days. I want to go out for fresh air!!!

  3. If the fall was something that couldn't have happened.. if not for the steps.. then maybe.. you should take it up with the hotel..?? no..??

  4. mamabok,
    It shouldn't have happened. The steps are not visibly clear.

    Of course I would have to take it up with the hotel.

    The pain is back. I couldn't sleep. That's why I'm back at my blogging. :(

  5. I was quite shy ...

    Most ludicrous statement of the century!

    Get well soon!

  6. oh dear, hope you'll recover soon... :)

  7. Miss Loi
    Ludicrous - (adjective)
    causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable: a ludicrous lack of efficiency.

    hahahahaha..... you know me too well by now.....

  8. Oh dear ... what a dramatic episode. We all love happy ending so please write us some ya? I was about to share some advice on doing some simple exercise and stretching to speed up the healing process but I am sure you have your panel of doctors to take care of you.

    This Dr. Bernard sounds like a real good man ya? I am sure you will bring him another bottle of Singapore Sling in no time! Get well soon!

    Hmmm ... How you wear you panty standing only on one leg eh? How about one time I hurt both my knees till they couldn't bend much. Now you wonder how I wear my undie back then ... Ha ha ha ... Sorry, can't help it to crack some fun after reading your rather cheerful way of blogging such a painful accident.

    Now, when you feel pain, try to repeat this in your head ... All These Shall Pass ... Think of walking down your favorite stretch of Orchard road in no time, list down a bunch of stuffs to do and places to go when you are recovered ...

    And no, your security video is still safe with the hotel. I have been doing an exclusive search in YouTube and nothing comes out ...

    ... yet. Ha ha ha. Take care!

  9. Oh dear! Hope you hv a speedy recovery. It is no fun being hurt and staying in a foreign land ALONE.

    Does that mean you can't come back till you are alright?

  10. wilfrid,
    hahaha... thanks for cheering me up!

    Dr Bernard is a real incredible guy! I have another bottle of Singapore Sling brought over for him. :) And I'm going to get him a wife next! hehehe.....

    Ah, I guess in such situations, you wouldn't be bothered with wearing undies. ;P

    Yeah, I try to remain positive and upbeat. ECL wants to go home!!

    Thanks for doing the search at YouTube. One of the staff jokingly said it has probably been made into pirated VCD and sold at Ferringhi Beach! mwahahahaha....

  11. lzmommy,
    Thanks. Yes, it was terrible being alone and injured in a foreign land. Many thanks to Dr Bernard and Dr Chen though.

    My hubby flew over on Saturday night.

    I can't walk on my left foot, so I might need a wheelchair when coming back home. Trying to get better before making the trip. :)

  12. HAHAHAHHAHA when i read the last got me wondering too! HAHAHA

    I hope my trip to spore this week won't be as adventurous like yrs..

  13. Hi sasha,
    You going to Singapore? aiyahhhh.... cannot bring you around in my condition. Don't worry, in Singapore if anything like this happens, there will be lots of help available. From the hotel to the Tourist Promotion Board. If not, call eastcoastlife. :)

  14. Aiyo. ECL. Poor girl.

    I broke my leg when I was 8-year-old. In hospital for 6 weeks, then on tongkat for another 3.

    I fully understand your problem, sigh.

    Get well soon? OK? I will get someone massage my leg, thinking about you ^-^

    p/s Ya lor. Hoi. Please do help get him a wife. What a waste of good man.

  15. Sorry about your ankle!! Just did that myself in april, but I'm sure you made it look graceful...Sr Tom recommends Bucket of Ice Water for 20 minutes at a time...oh and that assistant of mine is my sister and she's probably gonna kill me for using her picture! Get well Hop-A-Long!!

  16. aiiyooooooo!!!! why liddat?? *sayangz eastcoastlife's swollen ankle*
    don't worry. you are in good hands there and later here ya!
    thank goodness dr bernard and dr chen are around.
    *lines up buy ticket to 'book' dr bernard* :P hahaha. joking hor.

  17. yenjai,
    Thanks so much for your advice and for calling too! kum tong *sniff sniff*

    But that massage part to chee kek me is unnecessary, ok! grrrr.....

    I feel like I have another son's marriage to worry about. hehehe.... wonder what role I would play at his wedding?

  18. Hey Tom!
    Yes, I remember your accident and the swollen ankle. :)

    I'm pleased to announced that my fall was indeed a graceful one! :)
    The ugly scenes were out of public views.

    Oops. That was your sister. :P

  19. Oh dear, that was really bad. Take good care ya!

  20. misti,
    I also wonder,"Why me?"

    I'm in good hands and great company. *wink*

    I'm sure lotsa people would be waiting for my return to Singapore. I'm expecting visitors. ahem.... cough...cough....

    I'm Dr Bernard's Mananger. psst... you got priority. kekeke....

  21. i read it from yenjai's blog..poor you! be careful. it has been 22 months and i still feel it occasionally ( we had the same kind of experience ). You are right abt bernard: he is the best doctor on call :)

    You take care huh!

  22. Hi bengbeng,
    paiseh..... Thanks for your concern. 22 mths!? Alamak! So long! Cannot leh, I still have to go on oversea business trips!

    Bernard rocks yah! hehe....

  23. oh gosh, what an "adventure"! at least you still got some CKT and rojak despite your immobility. hope your ankle heals fast so you can run around Penang without the Golden Crutch... lol! sorry, shouldn't laugh, but you did write it quite funnily... ;-)

    get well soon!!

  24. May,
    Well.... I did get some yummy food, though not eating them in the place I want. :(

    I'm returning to Singapore tomorrow. Cannot 'run around' for at least 3 weeks wor. Doctor's order. Prison term! *wail*

  25. I will wish for your speedy recovery and safety.

    Gosh, would you want our breakfast date next Sun to be at your place instead? If so, I will check with the other ladies.

    And Eastcoastlife, you seem to have an interest in matchmaking?

    Anyway, keep safe please.

  26. oceanskies,

    I'll probably be immobile for the next 3 weeks! Gosh! But I have a wheelchair ready in Singapore. So going out shouldn't be a problem. :)

    Yes, matching making is one of my businesses. ;)

    See you soon... I can't wait to go back!

  27. ECL, that was a bad injury. I wouldn't have described you as 'shy', though.

    You have our sympathy, but a little smile as well, with that lovely post.

  28. Captain Picard,
    I'm shy, my posts don't portray me that way. hehe....

    Ahhh... the laughing and teasing is pure harmless fun. At least I garner some sympathy for my injury. :)

  29. OMG! Sounds really hurt, I can feel the *ouch*. OMG! But, I still feel your laughter, so... Kind of relieved. I think you are alright. Just curious, how you wear your panty now?

  30. healy,
    Today the pain came back again and the left foot turned blue black! Then I have gastric. aiyoooo....

    hahaha.... curious leh! Dun play play, can get seriously injured one. btw, got wear panty huh! hehehe.....

  31. Hello eastcoastlife,
    Dropped by your blog from Aunty Judy's and OPPPS! Just knew you injured yourself. It must be very painful from what you've described. Hope now it's much more better now. Get well soon!

  32. Oh dear, wat a turn of events.
    Hope the ankle gets well soon, and then u can really push LB down Penang Hill! Hahahaa!!!!

  33. Oh my! This is a really bad fall. Rest well.

    From Izel & Paddy

  34. ecl, oh dear. Actually, to me you are a very strong woman so when you said Wann was taken aback by your tears, I think I would react like him too. :P

    Anyway, after $$$$ poorer, I hope you are well on the way to recover and kicking butts.

    Dr Bernard is one great guy hor. Pity not many doctors like him, if any at all, in UK.

    I am here to see where this 'rock blogger for boys' is. Hehehehe, now you know I am very MCC (mong cha cha).

  35. Surfslayer: please take good care of your ankle, make sure it heals properly--i injured my ankle once too, and it was troublesome! =X

  36. Hope you recover soon. I winced as I read your post, and I can feel your pain. This reminds me of the time when I hurt my left foot during a soccer game. It took me months to recover (both physically and psychologically). Now I have become a sadist.

  37. LOL!! it must be really difficult to wear panties....
    wat a funny meeting. nice to see u, eastcoastlife-chan!
    and im praying for ur quick recovery. take care :)

  38. I sure hope you bought travel insurance for this trip. Your bills should be covered under it.

    Get well soon!

  39. My mum fell down once and had a fracture, so don't play play! Better take care and let it heal before you go for fresh air! :P

  40. Alamak, how come so careless? But iayha, I guess if the red liquid was S'pore Sling instead of blood, then not so bad, hor? heh heh.. take care! *hugs*

  41. poor thing! wasted your holidays. do you recollect anyone wishing you to 'break a leg' as you were going for your holidays?
    Rest well, yeah!

  42. Oh my goodness! It sounds really painful to me. I hope you are all right and could walk again without trouble soon!

    By the way, I've kind of done the foody meme you gave me in April. Hope you will enjoy it. :)

  43. Hi kok!
    Thanks for dropping in. haha.... aiyooo, you have to meet me in this state!

    I'm still in pain but will get better soon. :)

  44. king's wife,
    hahaha... I didn't expect this. :(
    LB is laughing his head off. He wanted to bring me out to Starbucks in my wheelchair but I rejected him. hehe....

  45. Hi Paddy and Izel,
    Thanks. I'll be back in Singapore soon. :)

  46. Judy,
    awwww.... you think too highly of me. :)I will bounce back quickly.

    Bernard is really a great doctor and awesome guy.

    Have you found the blogger award for boys? hehehe.... I can understand because I'm also getting old!

  47. surfslayer,
    Oh dear. Hope your injury is fully healed. I'll be careful in future.
    :) Can't afford to have too many accidents. hehe...

  48. darkspore,
    aiyooo.... dun scare me leh! You become a sadist then I'll become what arh? Older people take longer to heal wor. :)

  49. Hi niki yokota,
    Nice to meet you too!
    haha.... it was not easy for me to put on my panty!
    Thanks for your prayers. :)

  50. 杰 ,
    er.... nope. No travel insurance. Forgot to buy. grrrr....
    Thanks for your well-wishes.

  51. Hi yee hung,
    Thanks for your concern. I'll be careful. You're a good kid. :)

  52. shilpa,
    hahaha.... getting old, eyesight failing. sigh.....

    Yeah, when the staff saw the trail of dripping red stains, they got a shock! hehehe....

  53. haiyoooo cocka,
    Really wasted my holidays! LB, chen and angel were having food orgy while I have to stay in the hotel room with my left foot propped up. grrr....

    Who wanted me to 'break a leg' leh? hmmmm....

  54. Hello windy!
    I would be able to walk in a few weeks' time. What bad luck! Thanks for your well-wishes

    Thanks for doing my foody meme. :)

  55. Sorry about this ECL, I hope you get better soon, although it does seem to have a fair amount of wasted time involved.
    Take care

  56. Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad to hear you are in a good mode after all!
    This xxx room seams like an exciting place to be - I'm not only curious about your panties you know:-)

  57. Thanks for your work, ia very good and have a good week

  58. SUe!! Sue! Sue! hehehee...

    Get wekk soon!

  59. Been a silent reader of yours and I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Hope the painkillers are working better now? Get well soon! :)

  60. Hi RennyBA,
    hahaha..... yes. I had fun even in my condition and blogger friends brought much laughter and love to me! Hurrah for blogging!

  61. yo ah pek!
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I leave it to my lawyers to work it out! :)

  62. Hi east meets west kitchen,
    awwww..... now you can come out of the dark! hehehe....
    Thanks for your well-wishes. I try not to take painkillers unless the pain is too unbearable. I'm recovering. :)

  63. Sure hope you bought travel insurance. If you were in the US you probably could sue the hotel for a couple of millions of dollars (u celebrity blogger mah!).Too bad in wrong country. Hope you recover fast!

  64. I read all the bloggers' comments about the panty part, I can't hold back my laughter... ROFLMAO! *slaps forehead*

  65. Dr.'re a real knight in shining armour la.....

    ECL..glad to hear, you're ok..!

  66. Good grief, how did that happen??? Must be careful lah. Now feeling better and back in Singapore?

  67. aiyo ECL,

    sounds so so painful. get well soon hor.

  68. hey there, alamak so poor thing! Get well soon and hopefully get rich from the sue-ing! lol

  69. This invalid can still blog, horr? Hahaha.

    Aiyo.. it was the least I could do la. You came ALL the way to Penang to meet us worr.. so sorry that I couldn't spend more time with you and Chris.

    Thanks for the sling!

  70. Aiyoyo...A tad bit too late..hope u r better now...
    Will get the update fr Bernard..Ohh he is an awesome guy hor..faitit find him a nice wife too...You can be the ..err..khai che ma..

  71. oh gee.. i wish you well and speedy recovery. it doesn't feel nice to be out of action. am sure some guys will love it as they be couch potatoes, order for drinks, food and tv, duh! but we women are born to walk and shop!

    do take good care~

  72. Ouch! Sounds like a really bad fall and no fun at all... I remembered that the last time I was hospitalised, the pain was agonising. I am glad to read about the wonderful friends you have like bernard and all the other bloggers here giving their encouragement and support.

    Here's praying for a speedy recovery for your leg and good spirits during your recovery process. Well at least you can still blog about it and joke about it too in a light hearted manner. ;)

  73. Hope u get well soon woh. Nice meeting u & Chris, hope we can meet up again in Singapore. And not forgetting thanks for the treat yesterday night :)

    p/s: Albie said each time he sees someone on wheelchair, he will think of u liao :)

  74. If the circumstances weren't so sad (unable to hip hop all night), it would and should qualify for a spot on Benny Hill's Home Video of All Time Greatest Bits. Too bad there wasn't the chalk from the hotel, or it would have even been so much better. I shouldn't laugh too much though. I apologize for the earlier guffaws, but I am glad you could see the funnier side too. Many BIG HUGS, thanks so much for all your smiles despite the pain, the wonderful dinner of authentic Penang Hip Hop Food, the Sling Sling, and I hope we can get together again, in Spore the next time, to laugh again, hard, about all this!

  75. Get well soon, ecl jie! ;)

    Now, each time we see a wheelchair, you are all we'll be thinking of :D

    Feels great to see u at last! ;)

    ps: Your laughter is contagious haha!

  76. i seldom read long post like this. but my heart is as pain as u i think.

    i always sprained my ankle, so i know how pain it is. and your case is like 100times severe than mine!!

    take very good care! no icey cold drinks or sour food.

    hope can still meet u on this coming sunday!~

  77. stay-at-home mum,
    Shucks! A couple of millions!? I try. First in SE Asia? hehehe.....

  78. Ed,
    hahaha.... I'm sure many people would wonder ..... hmmm...

  79. mott,
    You're right, mann! Dr Bernard is a knight in shining armour! aiyahhhh.... I'm no princess but the Dark Empress! hahahaha.....

  80. tigerfish,
    sigh.... I just arrived home. It's an accident that shouldn't have happened. suay!

  81. keropok man,
    haha... I'm so accident prone! Of course painful lah!
    Thanks for your concern. :)

  82. highway,
    hehe.... Vitamin M does do wonders!!

  83. Bernard!
    oi.... This invalid only sprained her left ankle, not broke her hands hor. Anyway, you know that even if I broke all my limbs, I would use my mouth to blog! hahaha....

    aiyooo, ya hor.... there is more you could do lah! *wink*

  84. eve,
    awwww.... thanks.
    Bernard must accept my recommendation mah! Can bring him one lorry load but he doesn't even take a look, how? I also want to be dai khai che! :)

  85. sweetpea,
    yes, it's so boring if I'm immobile. I like to move around.
    haiz.... have to suffer for a few weeks.

  86. cool insider,
    Yes, it was a very bad fall. And the pain was excrutiating! I still have to take painkillers and the swelling grew worse.

    But have to keep my spirits up or else I would burn down houses and go on a massacre!!! hahaha....

  87. chen,
    You're welcomed! haiz.... I would have much more fun if I haven't hurt myself. Thanks for taking care of me. :)

    Hope to see you in Singapore.

    aiyooooo.... Albie huh! I'll remember him when I see fei chee yoke! hahaha.....

  88. lb,
    Woot! We had great fun!!
    argh, it may be an unfortunate accident but I gain so much love and friendship from it. Yeah!!!

    aiyooo... I know you were joking lah, I didn't take it to heart. *crosses fingers behind my back*

    Come to Singapore and I'll take GOOD care of you! heh heh....

    Yah, too bad we didn't have the chalk then. I'll prepare chalk when you come so we can take it from there. hehehe.....

    We'll have a food orgy of authentic, yummy Singapore food! Yeehaaaa!

  89. My angel!
    So sexciting to meet you!!! hahaha.... ecl is equivalent to a wheelchair now huh!? I used to be linked to something more sensual! hahaha....

    Let's dream of more blogger meets to come!!! Weeeee.........

  90. carcar,
    Thanks. I sprained both my ankles a few times, but this time it's so painful! The X-ray showed no bone fracture though.

    I hope I'm well enough to attend the brunch meet this Sunday. I'll listen to your good advice. *wink*

  91. Wow ... 100 comments! You are certainly being loved! I don't normally go through that many comment but here I am, knowing that you are bored and all, bumping this post the second round to say ... hi, you getting better?

    Besides a food orgy of authentic, yummy Singapore food, have you though of running a half marathon when you recovered? I know just which one to go for towards the end of the year :)

    Take care!

  92. That was a terrible fall, sounded really serious. Do take care, I know how painful it was when happened on matured lady... I fell down about 2 mths ago from my swivel chair at home. I wrote a post on it too....
    I hurt my backside near the spine there. Danger zone to get hurt. It took me a month to fully recover from the pain.

  93. Yo yo yo wilfrid,
    Yeah!!! I'm blessed, loved, admired, cherished, fantasized.... mwhahahaha......

    So touching! Look at these beautiful, wonderful blogger friends I have!!! I'll die with a contented smile! hehehe....

    Thanks for your concern. *Hugs*

    What half marathon? Care to enlighten?

  94. J@n!ce,
    aiyoooo.... hurt your buttocks, tats painful... not just physically wor. Hope you're feeling better. Not as good as new but hope no other problems.

    I'm having myself thoroughly checked tomorrow. Hope nothing else is hurt or broken. No amount of compensation can make me complete again. hmmmm.....

  95. What half marathon? Care to enlighten?

    Hiya ECL .. yes, you are much loved :)

    Standard Chartered Bank marathon? I think it is towards the end of the year. By then, I am very very sure that you will be healed and ready to kick some butts!

    Erm ... marathon I meant.

  96. wilfrid!
    You see me so up!!! Marathon!? *faints*
    Half or quarter, I also cannot lah! I very softie wan.

    I prefer to kick butts and rescue dicks! mwahahahahaha....

  97. You crack me up. Seriously.

    Ha ha ha ... call 1800-RESCUE-MY-DICK ...

    Okay, I won't give up till you run a half marathon with me (guess where I learn the power of persistence from) .. muahahaha. You better get well soon!

  98. wilfrid,
    Oooo.... You running the half marathon!!!

    Woot! I shall support you by preparing butter and WD40!!! You go, dude! I'll be pinching er... kicking the butts and checking the dicks of the other runners! ^-^

    I will get well!

  99. you are one gutsy woman! glad you got home safely. no horse or carriage can bring you down. *kudos*

  100. phew, sound really serious as injurec liao still travelled around seeking treatment!

    wish you a speedy recovery soon! ^-^

  101. so kesian u.... holiday ended up w a stay in a 5 stars "hospital"??? Luckily got good service, got so many great docs and friends attend to u.
    wish u speedy recovery.

    psstt... what kind girl u are looking for ur knight? got the criteria list from him ah.*straighten my hair and my dress, wink..wink..ahem :-)*

  102. misti,
    hahaha.... I'm not going to let anything get in my way! ho ho....

    Thanks, misti. *Hugs*
    Glad to be home!!!

  103. This is comment #111.

    Aiyoh! So poor thing. That sounds bad. Hope you are feeling better and get well soon ECL.

    Bernard is so wonderful.

  104. Leonard,
    bo pian! Not that I want to travel around, the hotel didn't want to take up responsibility for my accident in its premises!!! The staff brought me to a cheap little clinic instead of to a hospital.

    5-star hotel but low class treatment of an injured guest!

    Thanks for your concern. :)

  105. Hi jennlg,
    Yeah.... life is so unpredictable hor. I think it's God's way of telling me to take a rest and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. :)

    His criteria ar? I'll ask him to list, ok? :)

  106. Hi happysurfer,
    Your comment is way past No. #111. hehe....

    Thanks for your well-wishes.

    Yes, Bernard is a great guy. ;)

  107. So sorry to hear of your fall. But at least you have such excellent caretakers. Whoa!

    And how does the panty thingie work.

    But I do feel your pain. I am always injuring my legs. Hate crutches, I tell ya.

    Get better soon! *HUGS*

  108. Whoa simple american!
    News travel fast! They sent the owl? hehe...

    Being on crutches sux big time. :( Not being able to wear the panty standing up is really annoying! Having to wear the panty is just so maddening! mwahahahaha....

    I have to wear undie becos so many peeps are gonna gawk at my foot these days. I don't want them to see the wrong thing. mwahahaha...

    Yup, I have wonderful caretakers!

    Thanks for your well-wishes. *Hugs*

  109. Awe... Sounds like you've had quite an ordeal!!

    Hope you get better soon - and make sure to be very careful with your ankle. My boyfriend had to have surgery on his ankle - he tore some ligaments - so his foot is in a cast now :/
    Good thing you didn't tear any ligaments ;)

  110. Dizzy Dee,
    I sure did! :)

    Oh no, I hope I don't have to go for surgery. I didn't tear any ligaments though.

    Thanks for your well-wishes. :)

  111. wennnn,
    aiyahhhh.... it got worse. Seeing an orthopaedic tomorrow. Hope nothing's wrong. :P

  112. Aiya I so late come here, I hope your swelling gone down by now and you are feeling much better. Dr Bernard memang the best lokter with the best heart.

  113. Hi firehorse,
    You're back from holiday? :)

    The swelling just got worse. I'm seeing an orthopaedic tomorrow.

    Thanks for your concern. I'll get well and open my stall soon. :)

  114. what did the orthopaedic say? hope it's not too serious and will heal by itself without further procedures. maybe have to lay off movement for a short while ya? take care. *hugz*

  115. Wah, the swelling is really bad huh. Good thing you still have good friends to be there for you in foreign land.

  116. Hello misti!
    Tyre puncture...... :(

    You're right, out of action for a while! sigh.....

    Physically.... but gonna kick butts furiously on my blog! ^-^

  117. yo HijackQueen!
    hehe.... swelling's not gonna come down any time soon. But I hope my blogger friends from the North are!

  118. Oh dear... swollen got worse? I hope you don't hv to go for any ops... really teruk if liddat...

    LOL @ "swelling's not gonna come down any time soon. But I hope my blogger friends from the North are!"

    To ECL's ankle, please be a good ankle and unswell yourself soon... she needs to pom chak chak...


    *sending more hugs & kisses*

  119. Sorry to hear about your injuries. Looks pretty bad (from Chen's blog). Get well soon ya! (^_^)

  120. My angel,
    You bet I need to pom chak chak! I'm practising on my wheelchair! hehehe....

    Dun worry, I'm gonna get well.... 2 weeks' time! hahaha.... the orthopaedic said tat. ;P

  121. you be a good gal and don't 'run' here and there hor. must let the ligaments heal properly or else next time 'mar-fann'. you are in good care so don't worry. just do your part and lay off that foot! cannot play play since swell came back okay? sorry i naggy. but it's important at this point of healing not to complicate things. so kuai kuai sit at home/bed. *pat pat ECL good gal* :)

  122. wah. betul betul teruk. :X get well sooon!!

  123. Please do rest well... I injured my ankle badly once and it didnt recover till yearssssss later :(

  124. Oh dear, that is really a bad fall. I can understand how you feel, I had been through that too. How are you now? You back to your home? I hope you are feeling better. Cheers to your recovery!

  125. hehehe... misti.
    Thanks for your nagging. *snigger*

    I know it would be mar fann (troublesome) if it doesn't heal properly, so I will listen to Miss misti and don't anyhow run about. ^-^

    I'm a good girl. Bernard also called me that. :)

  126. Hi ehon!
    ya, teruk sekali! Saya mesti dengar orang chakap, tunggal itu sembul.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  127. Hi cloudywind!
    Thanks for your concern. ^-^

    :P Hope your injury's not giving you problem. I'll let it heal well.

  128. Hi real!
    Thanks for your concern.

    I just saw the orthopaedic this morning. No moving around for 2 weeks. duh.

    sigh.... suffer a while more.... then prison break! hehehe....

  129. I am sorry to hear about the fall.

    But then again, you have lotsa people who care for you so dun worry being stuck in the room.

    Just enjoy being pampered by your caring friends :-)

  130. lilMrsT,

    I really have to thank these friends for their care and love. :)

  131. Oh Goodness, I hope you are recovering well. Should have sued the hotel!

  132. immomsdaughter,
    Thanks. shhhh.....seeking legal advice.

  133. I had a good laugh when i came at the end of your post and read the last two lines! And I kid you not!

    Inspite of all the pain and boredome of staying in your room, you still manage to squeeze in a joke, my friend! And a good one, too!


  134. AnitoKid,
    hahaha... thanks for your visit. Glad you like my writing. ^-^

  135. hmmm, so now you feet's still swollen?

    Well irony it may seemed, having pork legs DOES helps you heal faster since it's so rich in tissues and protein. your top priority should be resting alot and take extra portions of protiens such as eggs, lean white meat and soya bean milk.

    Yeah may I add you into my blog?

  136. Angel_X,
    Yes, my leg is still swollen.

    hahaha... my pork leg is rich in tissues and proteins but cannot eat it leh!

    Thanks for your advice. I'm taking good care of myself. I want to get well too.

    Thanks for the add then. ^-^