Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally MOE admitted : False Declaration by foreigners

Due to my persistence, Yu Mei Balasingam-Chow bo bian had no choice but to make 'an investigation' again and came up with this lame reply.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has thoroughly investigated the incidents referred to in your earlier correspondence with us. In the case of Telok Kurau Primary School, MOE found that the school had mistakenly admitted Cindy Uy Tan due to a false declaration by Cindy's parents. The school issued a letter to Cindy's parents warning them of the consequences of providing incorrect information. The school allowed Cindy to remain in Primary 3 and she would be promoted only if she passed the year-end examinations.

MOE was informed about Cindy Uy Tan's case in April 2003, but it took soooo long for them to do such a simple investigation. When I received the letter, it was end of the year already lor. Cindy Uy Tan managed to pass her Primary 3 exams and is promoted to Primary 4 liao. I have a feeling MOE or the school principal purposely dragged this case.

Within the same family, this is the second case of false declaration. MOE should have taken a serious view of this case. Yet it still allowed a warning letter to be given, by the school.

Oh, Telok Kurau Primary School principal Ms Chew Lai Mun assured Christine, 'she would do everything to help them'. I'm sure she did. Good principal.

Looks like different people in MOE have their own different definition of its laws rules, Komathi's words carry no weight. :)

Just to reiterate the Foreign Students must complete the previous level before they can be considered for admission to the next level.

Why wasn't Attorney General's Chamber consulted on this case? MOE has the authority to decide whether to proceed to charge or not charge a person who is found to make a false declarartion meh? Why make empty threat printing 'False declaration is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted' on their application forms, when MOE doesn't have the intention to do that? Maybe selectively.

I thought it is an offence to give false information to civil servants. In this case, not only to one but a few. Happy ending for the Tan family though, because they have now blissfully emigrated to British Columbia, Canada. Now, the people who helped them have to face the music. hehe...... 该死的卖国贼!

DPM Lee Hsien Loong's episode will be next post ............


  1. Wah. Like ganna cheated like that leh. Thought will get to see PM Lee's episode last friday one. Until now still no show. :P

    But then, they very shiok leh. Leech already then migrate to Canada.

  2. dk,
    Blame hhdkk, he didn't publish my posts hor. I had no access to the internet becos I was in the mountains. :)

    Ya, got all our government subsidies and then proceed to the next country for more. Free education in Canada wor.

    This is where Singaporeans lose out. Don't know how to keng. We are taught to follow the law, but let others break all our rules to gain an advantage over us.

  3. Aisey..i tot this episode is the PM Lee one..kena conned liao..haha..

  4. hi, i think you're very brave to post about what happened with actual names and all! spore is still considered a decent country today thanks to people like u!

    it is precisely due to the unfairness in msia that i now call spore my home. it would be such a shame to see the same thing here (though less obvious).

    comparitively, i think the gov is very efficient already but from time to time they do need a reminder to do some weeding in an otherwise flourishing garden.

    good luck with your mission.

  5. eve,
    hehe.... blame my hubby for not putting up my posts lah. Now all lagging.

    You are gonna love my post on KL Bloggers' Meet. hehehe....

  6. cairo's mommy,
    Hi! Thanks for visiting.

    Yes, we have a pretty efficient government compared to many countries. Seriously, some of the civil service has been too comfy in their roles. And some are becoming huge monkeys with big heads, having been fed vitamin-enriched bananas. We need to pull them out by their roots!

  7. You're back! For a moment I thought you were being interviewed in a room next to the one housing the muslim lawyer :P

  8. miss loi,
    I sould be there quite soon. :)

    They should invite me properly because I'm not the accused wor.

    Better let them know now :
    I don't drink coffee.
    I like teh-si, teh tarik also can.
    Air-con not lower than 24 degrees, I'm scared of cold.
    Don't shine the light in my eyes, I can get violent.
    I sleep before 11pm, so don't drag the interview.

    I think I better print out the list and give to them lah. hehe...

  9. Ohh.. run away already. What about the people who received the "donation"?

  10. aiyo, waited so many days then got this instalment to read..

    you got something like mobtv or not? can watch the whole episode if subscriber, before others does. hahaha...

  11. bernrad,
    Those people who helped the foreigners would probably be helped by their own people lah.

    It's gonna be big sh*t if they let them be prosecuted. Almost 80% of our Singapore principals are helping foreign students. I got the figures and the list of schools!

  12. keropok man,
    hahaha..... No mobtv leh!

    I got the book!
    Details will be out by this week. Cross my heart. :)

  13. Justice had to be served someday. Good job! It shows that we should never undermine the strength of a woman :)

  14. giddy tigers,
    Yes, justice is coming.

    For those people who think the lone voice of a WOMAN could not do much, think harder. Watch me.

  15. Read... read a little more... read some more...


  16. Ed,
    You laughing at me? I'm naive huh. I want to prove that a lone voice also can get things done, get people convicted.

  17. I'm laughing because I guessed that some peeps would be gripping their chair handles so tight that they might consider resigning from their public officer post and migrate somewhere else.


  18. WOW, Super ECL saves the day!!! Gosh, it's so dramatic, you can really try to compose "1001 Singaporean Nights"... =)

  19. Ed,

    I heard the staff in Prime Minister's Office is seized by panic about what I'm going to write. They have been on tenterhooks since .... hehe

  20. colourful world,
    Yes, I should do that. 1001 Singaporean Nights For the insomniacs. hehehe....

  21. Some are so comfy with whatever that they are doing they become so self-centered as if the entire world rotate around them. They just do what is needed and to the minimum and that itself is enough for them to move on.

    The MP should have done more and not just some paperwork and that's it. Where the hell is integrity and the need to serve? Put it in a more crude way, the salaries of MP are from the pocket of the taxpayers.

    While we dont ask them to do crazy stuff (but some idiots do), the least he should have done is to work closely and really put in the action behind those words and push thru.

    Also what's wrong with these other people, suddenly everyone turning a blind eyes? Kinda a big kelong (setup), a big joke that it needs to drag for so long.

  22. Paddy,
    I guess dancing the hip-hop and in this case, playing taichi is easier than shaping up his Ministry.

    As you can see, the staff in MOE are lidat. Tidak apa. Got problem, they push it around and drag their feet until the complainant give up. Well, they thought I did, but I persisted. And I'M BACK!!! hahaha....

  23. Aiyak! I thot DPM Lee was coming out already in this post...

    You mean that family got away with it and left the country to try their same tricks on another country? That is so unfair!

  24. rinnah,
    DPM's one tomorrow lah. Promise.

    Ya, they went away, to another country for free education this time. They got their PR in Canada.

  25. ya lor...wait so long then got continuation...almost forgot the story liow leh!

  26. And the plot thickens! Can turn this into a novel. I'll call ... errr ... who u want as the author? John Grisham? hehehe! :D

  27. Well done, ECL! It just goes to show that persistance wins!

  28. this thing happened a few yrs back dy? cos lee hsien loong is still DPM...

    *waiting for the PM Lee, then DPM post*

  29. I've just read up your MOE series, and was shocked to learn of the double standard! Don't know what to say, you know... ;)

    I'm keen to know what the then DPM says.

  30. moby,
    haha... yes. There is lots of twists and turns. The ending is yet to be seen. It would be an exciting novel with punters betting if the heroine will DIE or NOT DIE. hahaha.....

  31. Captain Picard,
    Thanks. Victory is not in sight yet. :(

  32. kyh,
    Yes, it happened during Lee Hsien Loong's DPM time. Now PM, I don't think it makes any difference.

  33. earthember,
    Aren't you glad you're out of here? haiz... the poor left-behinds.....

  34. Oh.... so HHDU is the cause....

    OEI!! Bo Zuo Gang ah! hahaha....

  35. I support u woman! I'm beginning to feel the way like u do..