Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wah! Very bold hor, lie to DPM Lee Hsien Loong!!!

A few days later, I received an email from DPM Lee's Principal Private Secretary, Mr Ong Ye Kung who said DPM had received my email and wanted more details. So I sent the details of my complaint. I had expected my case to be looked into seriously.

My letter was forwarded to MOE. Back to square one. hahaha........ So now you know how they conduct investigations. You can go to the very top, but they will still chuck it back to the Ministry involved. That's how dirty laundry will never be washed in public.

It involved high ranking officers in MOE, and I think such cases are so rampant in all the schools that these cases don't even deserve an investigation. I believe to prevent 'dirty laundry being aired in the public' and causing embarrassment, MOE chose to 'sweep the dirt under its carpet.' I would therefore say the matter was covered up. Happily they closed their file.

That's why MP Chan Soo Sen can tell me that I have the right to do anything I want. Go to the press? Go ahead. Go to the police? Go ahead. Go to see Minister? Go ahead. See Lee Hsien Loong? hahaha.... go ahead! See, they make us go on a Merry-go-round until we go dizzy and give up! :)

Should high-ranking civil servants be afraid? No, it seems they are protected. So all the more they become bolder.


Email to DPM Lee‎
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 11:37:07 PM

Dear Ms ,

I refer to your email of 26 Jan 04 to DPM Lee, which I have shown MOE and sought their clarifications. MOE told me that they had investigated the cases that you have cited. They wanted to assure you that there are no cover-ups. Where a mistake had been made and foreign students have been wrongly admitted, the schools have rectified the situation. MOE has also reminded the schools of the need to carefully check through the documents and information provided by foreign students applicants.

Thank you for letting us know your observations.


Ong Ye Kung
Principal Private Secretary to DPM Lee


I don't think then DPM Lee Hsien Loong read my email. My emails and letters tend to stop at certain level. And I believe whatever complaints to Ministries would always be stopped at certain levels if you go through the proper channel. So, since PM Lee Hsien Loong has closed my case, should I go see his father personally? I think I will ..................... :)

Am I gonna stop here? NO!!!


  1. i'm just trying to grasp what was the point of this whole exercise? Justice? Fairness? Persecuting some lying / corrupt / bribe-taking civil servant?

  2. UN Secretary next?! Bureaucracy is truly well and alive everywhere..

  3. miccheng,
    To show Singaporeans the other side of our educators and the MOE. Will they be brought to justice? Unlikely.

    Imagine our future generations being educated by such people of dubious characters. tsk tsk tsk....

  4. Yes, lb.
    They are everywhere. Ordinary citizens suffer.

    So make sure our next generations must fight hard to attain wealth and power.

  5. I guess you've made them "wake up their ideas" - someone's watching and they can't get away so easily. :)

  6. miccheng,
    I hope so.
    There will be a change, one day. I wonder which Minister or PM is gonna do that. :)

  7. wah go go! go see LKY! haaa... wat's gonna happen next? ;)

  8. Ha! I admired your guts, truely! But i dun think there will be any good response to this. Probably the school principals and the moe staff you approached are also wearing all white, haha.

  9. wah kyh,
    You really think you watching movie ar!

    hahaha..... Not so simple, must have strategy.

  10. bureaucracy... thats why DPM dint get to read it. haha.

    hope u can get there, tho.

  11. takeuaway,
    Thanks. :)

    It's ONE against so many. I know it's tough but it's not impossible. Just need the right time, the right person and the right place.

    They are Humpty-Dumptys now. :)

  12. daphne,
    Ya, it is. Not good for Boss to know too much, right? If the juniors can settle the complaints, they will do it by all means, cannot 惊动 the Boss. :)

  13. Aiyo..I can imagine the frustration they are having with you for exposing them and stirring things

  14. Hey..ECL,
    I salute your guts.. ! i myself am a wimp..and can never do what you are doing. But please know that i do not agree with some of the things that is going on for such a long time in singapore. Unfortunately, like most singaporean.. we donch seems to dare go against the "garmen" ..! my mom who used to work at KKH .. would warned us.. MUST vote for PAP .. !! otherwise she might kenna fired..! why leh..?? she will have this kinda idea..?? My mom isn't illiterate or uneducated.. so why .. does she have this kinda idea.?? does she know something that i donch..??
    I leave your readers and mine.. to ponder on it.

  15. eve,
    hahaha.... ya. They must hate me so much and curse me everyday.

    I hate them very much and curse them everyday too! hehehe....

    It's actually a small case. Do the correct thing and in a proper procedure, everything should be right.

    They wanted to cover thier backsides lah, cover also cannot cover properly. Make the hole bigger only. Now, how to cover?

    If they had apologised to me, I would have accepted, now, no talk. Die also I want to pursue, who is the bloody idiot who sent me the threatening note?

  16. mamabok,
    Fear. There is so much fear in us that we freeze at the thought of speaking out. They have instil so much fear in us that we dare not say anything, even if they make a mistake. They want us to be frightened. So they can do whatever they want without anyone questioning.

    PM Lee Hsien Loong wants to hear sweet words or the truth? I have a lot more cases for him to investigate.

    He tells us to love our country and serve our country but his subordinates are doing the opposite leh?


  17. Only the strong will survive, and I believe you are one of them. go go go!

  18. giddytigers,

    Wah! I need to be very strong leh. :)

  19. I have never believed in the "hierachy of authority" in my days of civil service. This is exactly what happens if I were to file a complaint against my own boss, end up I am not sitting down to speak to the boss of my boss, but get hurled up and end up speaking to the very boss I am complaining about. Duhzzzzzz...

    Is this story telling us, that if I "accidentaly" omit certain taxes and when caught, as long as I rectify the missing taxes, I will be released from all tax evasion charges and escape punishment?

  20. this was a quite an amusing post even though I'm politically adverse. maybe you should call on his mother too, while you're at it... ;-)

  21. Ed,
    Ahhhh.... see, complaints are intercepted and handled at certain levels. The Big Boss knows nothing?

    Big Boss might have asked the person kena complained to handle and watch the two fight it out. It's a no-brainer who will be the loser.

    They teach you - Whistle blower comes to no good end. Don't ever complain.

    This story tells you there are double standards when dealing with certain people.

    When it comes to me, definitely they will nail me into the coffin. hahaha.....

  22. May,
    hahahaha ha ha ..... ya, I should call his mother too! :)

  23. all the way ECL, all the way! no point stopping here once started!

    Odysseys of George

  24. George,
    Yes, that's what I thought too. All the way.

  25. Wow ... you are my heroine! You have fought up and down left right and center until readers like me got lost in the whole thing. But I think what you have done is for the good of Singapore.

    Have you tried talking to the oppositions? I would have thought they are pretty well positioned to do something like that ... infiltrating the govenment loopholes left right and center to get themselves heard?

    Other than that ... don't think talking to his dad will work. You may wish to either visit my GRC during some important occasions when our PM will appear (AMK lor!) or .. how about ..

    There is one more thing you can do. After seeing that "chopper-in-handbag" act, how about camping outside one of our PM's home and get yourself heard face-to-face with him? You are certainly someone I can imagine to carry out such an impossible mission!

  26. Hi Wilfrid,
    Opposition is out of the question. I don't want my issues to be politicised. I just want my grievances heard, seek for redress and set the civil service system correct.

    Ya, I can carry out impossible missions. I have a plan in mind liao. Waiting to execute at the right time. :)

  27. My experience was different. I got to meet up with Mr Ong and he helped me solved most of the problems in my letter directly.

  28. Things seem to be such a message with the justice system there.

  29. Aiyo...they famous for playing passing the parcels wan dunno meh?!

  30. jupilier,
    Lucky you.

    Mr Ong seems a nice man, but he trusted the wrong people. :)

  31. Captain Picard,
    Our justice system has no problem if the CIVIL SERVANTS behave themselves.

    Being in the public service, they are accountable for their mistakes. By denying to the end and pushing blame to ordinary citizens does not solve problems.

  32. tigerfish,
    I know small fries like to play passing the parcels, sharks also!? tzk.

  33. Wahh... i read the previous post and up to here... man, this is getting interesting. more please. Don't stop. fight for it. but minus the "parang" ok ;)

  34. Yo papajoneh!
    Thanks for dropping in.

    Parang too blunt lah, changing to another weapon. hahaha....

    Not stopping.

  35. All "important" people have many fences to filter out stuff before it reaches them... as a secretary, I do the same sort of filtering for my boss!

    *waiting for LKY to appear*

  36. When I was cold-calling in the past, I dreaded calling on the bosses. I dislike all their secretaries. Now I'm very thankful for my secretary. :)
    I still don't like other people's secretaries lah. hahaha.....

    LKY will take some time to appear.

  37. Hi Eastcoastlife, I can sense your perseverance abnd persistence in fighting for justice to be done.

    By the way, I have decided to spend less time blogging to have more time to practise, to write programme notes for my music exams, to study music theory etc. Please pardon me if you don't see me commenting much here in the near future. Take care please meantime.

  38. How come this time the press didn't pick this article up and publish on the Wan Bao like they did last now. Probably this is something serious and they only go around on juicy news.

  39. oceanskies,
    Yes, I understand. You must place more emphasis on more important things in your life first.

    Thanks for your support. Wish you all the best.

  40. veri rude leh,
    Wan Bao did contact me but I didn't want to give them any interview. It's actually a waste of my time because they won't dare to publish it. I have approached the papers in the past, they all rejected me.

    They lose out lor because this is the truth that cannot be hidden for long. PM Lee Hsien Loong will have to do something about it or else more trash will come out. :)

  41. Wow.. Father also going to very bold woh..

  42. zara's mama,
    What to do? I'm only an ordinary citizen, can't win the generals and the jagas.

    I'm sure Papa doesn't know what is happening below. So time for someone to tell him the truth.

  43. I am sorry if my comments have made it sound as if you and my other blog friends were unimportant...that was not intended. I am just trying to get out of being addicted to blogging, and to stay more focused. Living matters, blogging enhances.

    We can still meet up where our schedule meets.

  44. oceanskies,
    Oops. I understand what you mean. Of course we are going to keep in touch and meet up for a drink or meals.

    With your exams and your performances, I would understand how busy you are. Don't worry about me, oceanskies, I'm going to be fine.

  45. I can sneak time here and there for you still, so long as there isn't clashes. I also need time to take a breather. That is why there are rests and pauses used in music. To breathe.

  46. hahaha... oceanskies,
    You can be so witty at times. Wish you would have more of these times, you looked too serious. :)

  47. Eastcoastlife, you aren't the first to tell me that I looked serious. Maybe that's an asset to have? At least people would think twice if they want to be funny with me. *winks*

  48. haha oceanskies,
    That's true. I didn't dare to joke with you at first. :)