Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bloggers' Meet In KL

Dr Bernard Chan told me earlier this month, he was going to Kuala Lumpur and would meet up with yenjai and eve. He invited me to go up to KL. I pretended to be busy but secretly checked my schedule and made plans for it. kekeke.... Then yenjai emailed and asked me to go for the Bloggers' Meet because Bernard ngam ngam (happens to be) in KL then. I told him I couldn't make it too. kekeke....

I think yenjai was caught off guard when I called him to ask for the directions to his clinic. I had even thought of playing a prank on Dr Yenjai by dropping in at his clinic first, then turn up at the cafe to shock surprise the rest, but I couldn't figure out the messy road names. So had to call for help. ish.

yenjai picked Jaymes and I up at Taman Paramount LRT station and sent us to the cafe. It is a Hong Kong style cafe located in Petaling Jaya where there were many Chinese eateries. I would never have come here if not for yenjai. I only know KLCC and Bukit Bintang... and Genting Highlands. hehehe....

There were 10 of them - eve and hubby, just me, george, bernard, yenjai, nyonyapenang, hijack queen, titoki and whatalulu. The rest were clueless at first as to who I am, but Bernard recognised me from my photo. hehehe......

Hijack Queen was the first to recover from her shock and greet me. Later she came to sit between titoki and I and we had a great time chatting and gossiping. The queen was very gracious to offer me a lift back after the meet. But Bernard jumped at the chance was kind to drive me back to the hotel. hehehe...... I get to sit in his new car wor. It still smelled very new.

With Dr Bernard Chan

For a moment, I couldn't pick out Dr Eve from the rest. And she didn't even bother to introduce herself. ish. When I finally got her attention, I wasn't interested in her anymore. I was drooling at her hubby. What a good-looking, muscular hunk!!! hahaha..... Eve, tidak bisa tidur lo!

nyonyapenang was not what I have expected. I was expecting an old bibik with her hair in a bun and wearing a nyonya kebaya. hehehe.... sorry lah, cannot post her picture, she is scared shy to show her beautiful face.

just me was seated too far away and we didn't have a chance to talk. ish. So was George, the surgeon and about-to-turn-professional-diver. This huge handsome guy was in a rush to go back, but not before I grabbed a picture with him.

Dr George, surgeon n diver.
yenjai was on a high. We didn't order liquor. He just potong jalan (snatched) titoki's drink and she had to wait a long time for another order. hehe..... Jaymes and I just ordered milk tea as we had taken our dinner before coming. Bernard paid the bill but he still owes me a dinner. This one not counted huh. I'll make him pay in July. :) Bernard, I have a way of making people pay orh! hehehe......

Many readers would be surprised at how comfortable I am meeting up with these Malaysian bloggers. I met them for the first time. I just began to read their blogs a few months only, for Hijackqueen's case, less than a month! I didn't read titoki's or whatalulu's blog before this meeting. Amazing, isn't it?! You make friends with beautiful people in blogs! I'm going to meet up with more blogger friends when I travel, as I have made friends from all over the world. Awesome.

So if you think writing and reading blogs is a silly thing to do, I can't change your mind. I enjoy blogging and making more friends.

Hurrah for blogs!!!!

Footnote : Doctors George and Bernard are single and available! :)


  1. Yay! I love blogging too! Good for making friends (and a few enemies too, unfortunately)! :D

  2. moby :)
    We make more friends than enemies.

    There will be the few who dislike us.
    *shrugs shoulders*
    In real life, there are also people who either like or dislike us, we cannot make everyone happy.

  3. Love thy enemies!

    Okkk... maybe not...

    We'll meet someday, ok? :)

  4. Hey, you're becoming a real true professional blog meeter liao! Haha... I takut already!

  5. Yes, blogging has brought so many new friends to me. Thankfully, no enemies yet and I hope it stays that way!

  6. I never read nyonyapenang's before I met her in person. Haha.

    Well, blogs and bloggers' meeting bring us all together and let us have more friends. It's fun to know you people. Perhaps it's the common fact we all share (blogging) that gives us the endless conversation topics. ;)

  7. So when you coming to Sunnyvale to meet? ;p

  8. Wow..!! you stylo-malo lah..!! go all the way to malaysia for the meet. ;) i salute you ..!

  9. Thanks again for coming.

    Hey, unfair. I have not sit in Bernard's car yet!

  10. My Angel,
    We definitely have to meet. :)
    You are such a great gal!

  11. lb,
    hahaha.... I'm a professional blogger meeter.

    It feels great to meet blogger friends. It's intriguing.... the anticipation, the speculation, the imagination.... then the day came and Wham! The mystery person behind that interesting blog is before you.

    Appearance doesn't deter me. I've seen more ugly people. Bloggers are pretty sensitive and peace-loving people. :)

  12. narrowband,
    You are such a nice guy! Good-looking too. Who wants to be your enemy?

  13. day-dreamer,
    Oh, you have met nyonyapenang. Awesome lady huh. :)

    Hope to meet you one day. You are a sweet girl. :)

  14. mamabok,
    Hey hey! Kl so near mah! Used to go there once a month. :)

    If I go US, I'll make a trip to Canada to see you. Am I welcome? hehe....

  15. yenjai,
    Bernard said I'm the first blogger to sit in his new car wor. :)

    Maybe I will try to be the 1st blogger to drive his new gal! hahaha.... I have no driving license. First blogger to drive his new car through Penang bridge!

  16. OMG! You were here ? In KL ? Wahliao! I hope you had a super fun time! Hope to see you the next time you pop by though. Hehehehe...

  17. bloggers meet in sunnyvale would be fun! tigerfish can cook for us!!!

  18. Yenjai is a very nice guy. I've met Yenjai before, 2 years ago. Too bad, due to last minutes, I don't have chance to eat the famous duck rice near his clinic.

  19. yo dieselfire!
    haha.... yes, I was in KL. It was fun meeting the Malaysian bloggers.

    Next time I'll inform you when I'm going over. Would love to meet you. :)

  20. yes keropokman!
    Tigerfish will cook the dishes she posted on her blog for us. We will bring lots of Singapore goodies for her too! How about that, tiger? :)

    Sunnyvale, we are coming!!!

  21. how nice to be able to meet up. i jeles :(

  22. hanneng,
    Yes, yenjai is a very nice guy.

    Huh? How come he neber tell me got famous nice duck near his clinic!? I love ducks! hehehe.....

  23. sweetpea,
    No need to jeles lah. You will get a chance to meet up with your favourite bloggers too! :)

    It is fun! Yeah!!!

  24. ECL, the famous duck rice is for lunch.
    You have to come early, 12.30noon

    By 1pm, sold out liao

  25. Wah! So laku! Really famous arh. Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Next time I'll meet you for lunch.

    Quack! Quack! er... not you lah. hehehe.....

  26. Weiiiiiiiiiiiii..yuen wong arr....That day hor..I was trying to make eye contact with you to say Hi..but were not looking at me wor..and yeah lor..I was wondering how come after the Hi..nothing liao i know la..hmmphhh...kakakakaka....Aisey..must not tell him , or else , kembang sial...

  27. EVE,
    hahahaha.... I have eyes for your hubby only!

    aisey, now I understand that post about the nurses swarming round your hubby. Now I'm thinking of taking up a nursing course too. kekekeke.....

    Don't worry lah, you are a great catch yourself. And if he dares to bully you...., turn him to me! wahahahahaha........

  28. wah u came to kl! heeee....

    i was there behind the tree peeping.....din see me?

  29. Yo winn!
    Really arh?! Why neber come out and see me? My eyes were some where else lah! Din see you. :)

  30. I saw your pics at the Queen's blog a while back. Looks really fun! Hope to meet up with you someday! :D

  31. Hi giddy tigers,
    Yes, that was like a week ago, hahaha....

    Yes, it would be fun to see you in person. :)

  32. Yeah, I get to know many great ppl via blogging. Who says blogging is a waste of time? Must piak those people with such thought.


  33. Yes Chen,
    piak them for saying such things!

    I'm dreaming of the coming Penang trip oredi. Got some interesting things to do. :)

  34. aisey, I jeles! wish I was back in KL for that meet too. would've been pretty cool meeting all of you, and listen to nyonya's stories!

  35. Yup, it is a bonus to be able to meet new friends through blogging. I just met up with Carcar this evening.

    Footnote: Are you trying to play the matchmaker here for Doctors George and Bernard? Anyway, I am married to a double bass. ;)

  36. May,
    Oh yes. You should have been there. Next time I should bring a webcam and beam the meet ups live. :)

    Maybe Singapore and Malaysia bloggers can get together and organise a bigger Bloggers' Meet.

  37. oceanskies,
    You met up with Carcar!? Misti, Carcar, You and I should have a dinner soon. :)

    Yeah, I'm matchmaking for the two diamond bachelors. :)

  38. Uahhhh, ECL! I was really surprised to see you there. And I thought Yenjai was privy to the trick actually. Haha. Kesian.

    It was great having you there. I should have walked you to your room, ahem! Haha.

    Dinner... yes.. come to Penang and we'll have our private party. Haha.

    And the last line... woohoo... wanna be our match-maker ka? And oceanskies too, apparently :-)

    Uahh.. my comment is full of "haha"s. Too many liao.

  39. Bernard,
    Yes, you were surprised! haha.... yenjai too. A pity I couldn't see his facial expression when I contacted him. Should have tried to find my way to his clinic and played the prank on him. ish.

    I'm helping to marry both you and George off. Both of you turning mouldy already. Hope not passed expiry date ar. wahahahaha.....

  40. yalorr, when you coming to LA ? I need to put on my hot pom poms and please give me heads up before you come, I need to loose some 20lbs b4 I meet the beautiful and young momma ECL hehehe :) Glad you guys had a blast. I hope I'll have time to go SG on my coming trip to MY in Sept. So, u did not meet up any MY food bloggers ?

  41. meltingwok,
    Why need to lose weight for me? I'm fat too. hehe....

    You going back to Malaysia in September? Come to Singapore leh. I bring you around.... er, if I'm not arrested then. :)

  42. KL meet...aiya... should have been there.!

  43. Wahhh... I also want to meet bloggers, but not brave enough to show my face... for now. Hehehe.

    When I got enough guts I will come to Singapore and look for you, eastcoastlife! Hopefully you will still have your freedom then. ;-P

  44. Well...the idea is nice, but I fear committing to it. Ok, maybe it is because I am experiencing system overload like Emily. :P

  45. rinnah,
    I don't know about others but I don't care how you look like. From your blog, I know you to be a great person to be friends with.

    I'll be happy to meet you when you come to Singapore. :)

  46. oceanskies,
    Concentrate on your practice. You are doing too many things at one time. hehe....

    Take time to smell the roses sometimes.

  47. Cheers to all the friendships forged through blogging!

    Actually, I didn't think it was you because you said you couldn't make it ( in your blog) and I thought you were yenjai's wife!( wife who looks like Eastcoast, haha)since you came into the cafe together

  48. just me dear,
    Yes!!! Cheers to friendship through blogging!

    hahaha... I like the look on your face when I walked in.

  49. I so think a blog meet is the coolest thing that can happen. I am a blog meet virgin. So wanna pop this cherry and meet some folks. LIKE YOU!!! LOL

    So excited I had to shout. Sorry. :)

  50. Thank you for understanding.

    I shall smell the roses, and I do it by playing the double bass.... I've been feel overwhelmed more often these days. Cos, it is not just that I have to have time to practise, I have a mountain load of work at the office to do...etc...

  51. Yeah simple american
    Blog Meet is so cool! It's really addictive. hahaha....

    I would love to meet you in person. Either one of us have to make that a reality. :)

  52. oceanskies,
    Yes, work is forever taking up most of our life. We need it too in order to smell roses. haha....