Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eat, shop n a Bomb went off in KL!!

I had left Jaymes to make the travel arrangements. We plan to go backpacking in Europe after his GCE O levels. Booking hotel rooms and buying tickets online is nothing new to him, all he needs is a credit card. haha.....

We went up to KL in a 24-seater super coach. Jaymes' idea of a leisurely holiday. -_-"' Yes, he slept all through the journey while my old bones creaked and ached.

Upon arriving in Pasarakyat Bus Terminal, I realised he booked the wrong hotel. There were no cheap available hotel rooms in Bukit Bintang, I asked him to book Swiss Garden but he booked Swiss Inn, which is located right inside Chinatown. Well, actually it is very convenient to the LRT station and great food! :)

We tried the food at the roadside stalls. Something we don't get to do in Singapore. We had a very expensive bowl of Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup)! grrrr......

We watched the Fantastic Four movie at KLCC. Spent half a day there before proceeding to Bukit Bintang's Sungei Wang for Jaymes' comics and my magazines. On the way, we encountered some wild monkeys and tried feeding them. Had a delicious dinner at a popular Hong Kong cafe there.

We met up with some friends and tried lots of yummy food. The traffic was very bad in KL.

Read in the papers on Sunday that a bomb went off in Puduraya Bus terminal which was near to our hotel. A homemade bomb, the type you could make in your home by surfing some websites. yikes.
I thought the place would be heavily guarded or security would be quite tight, but when I kaypoh (busybody) went to look, it was as usual. I didn't see any policeman. Like this in Singapore, the whole place would be swarming with policemen. :)


  1. Better dun feed the wild monkeys. They can be "dangerous", especially when things are out of control :)

  2. Wow! Backpacking in Europe! So fun...

    BTW, I wasn't in Sg... we have a Cineleisure here in PJ, just beside The Curve, which is beside Ikea... ;)

  3. I see your pictures around KL...

    I want to balik kampung liao, to eat good food & meet friends ..

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  5. chen,
    Huh? Serious!? Oh, ok. I thought it was quite fun to see wildlife in the city. hehehe....
    Lucky come back in one piece.

  6. My Angel,
    Oh. I couldn't find The Curve. I had wanted to go look-see look-see.
    Next trip lah.

  7. Yes Hanneng,
    I was in KL for a few days. You going back?

  8. Wow! Wrong hotel, lol. Did you hear strange noises? Haha...

    I read about the bomb too but it was just a small-time explosion, just so happened to go off in a packed place like the bus terminal. Some fellar trying to be funny.

  9. narrowband,
    hahaha... no lah. Didn't hear anything. You mean got funny business there? So far see many families and ang-mohs staying there.

    I was surprised at the bomb. Luckily no one was hurt.

  10. Wah..Bernard was so nice hor..drop u bek to your hotel..I am surprised he can still remember the way wor..maklumlah..dah pindah ke SP..hehe..
    So you were here for how many days lar?

  11. I too can't wait to get my paws on some Bakuteh, and whatnots!! You are quite the traveler too, eh? Really good, to see beyond our own little horizons.. See ya!

  12. eve,
    Yes, he can remember his way quite well. So fast he got me back to my hotel, I was expecting him to go round and round. er... becos the roads in KL so confusing mah. And also so late already. And the road so dark mah. And... and... duh.

    I was in KL for 4 days nia. :)

  13. lb,
    Yes, I love travelling. It's just that I have to travel on my own most of the time. Jaymes has school and hubby is immobile.

    Some places I can go on my own but in some places it's better to have a companion, besides security reason, there's the romantic aspect. haha....

  14. How much did the bak kut teh cost you?
    I didn't go to that area for ages liao.

    Btw , I agree with chen. Wild monkeys are ... better left alone.

    p/s Regarding the trip on Bernard's car .... you have so many "and ... and ... and" ... it is so ... fishy ... ^-^

  15. I stayed in Swiss Inn before.. it's very very small! LOL.. somemore our room got no window somemore. But other than that I find that it's pretty 'wu zan ju quan'. And it's cheap too.

  16. It cost RM16 for a bowl! Singapore's one is cheaper!

    Oh, I thought the monkeys look cute mah. hehe...

    aiya... nothing happened lah, later Bernard nobody want. hehehe... Some more both of us got our kids in the car leh. duh.

  17. Oh yes, Kev.

    The bedroom of Swiss Inn is clean but got no windows. Small, tiny bathroom. Simple daily breakfast provided.

    Not cheap lor. Other hotels nearby cheaper leh.

  18. Like chen out for those wild monkeys!!

  19. Oops Tom, looks like I was wrong.

    I was putting myself and my son in danger.

  20. really? a homemade bomb? that would've been interesting! yea, everything goes back to normal like "tidak apa" most of the time, which kinda worries me when they take things like that so lightly...

  21. Wild careful, my friend. Great pictures.

  22. the teeny weeny bomb was planted on sunday? sunday no police one maaa........haaaaaaa they rather go man the road....can drink kopi maaaaaa......hahaha:P evil

  23. It is needless to say that you do not lead a boring life. I admire your style.

  24. what kind of bak kut is that? so ex one meh?

    I like the Bak Kut Teh in PJ Old Town.

    The Curve is far away from where you stay lor. It is Bandar Utama side..

    No need to visit Curve lah, pple all say very much like Singapore. :-) Even right to the shops!

  25. What magazines you looking for that there have but S'pore don't have? Wahahah!

    When going Europe? Wah....

  26. wow ur son is going to plan the europe trip for u two? :)

    it's quite alot of work! i just completed planning for my family's europe trip, singlehandedly. they are leaving this saturday.

    unfortunately i don't get to go because of my impending exams :(

  27. oh btw. in one of the comments u mentioned about travelling alone.

    actually i really like travelling alone. i don't mind one bit, and i'm not scared at all.

  28. yerrr i oso want bp in europe!!! bring me along!!! *puppy eyes*

    er the bomb and policemen thingy... this thing u know i know... proves the super "efficiency" of the police force in protecting the community. u gotta read the dailies here in order to know how "rotten" they r (of cos not all la)!

  29. Haha. Now only you know how "efficient" our police are?

    Malaysian monkeys - don't play play!! :D

    Why no food pictures? Hehe.

  30. Sounds scaring!

    Hey!: Backpacking in Europe - so when do you arrive Oslo, Norway then!?!

  31. I am thankful that you are back safe and sound. Keep safe.

  32. Rm16 for bak kut teh?

    Abalone inside?

  33. Yes, a homemade bomb, planted right in busy Puduraya Bus Terminal.

    I thought it would be swarming with policemen, but nope, not one seen. Scary.

  34. Bunny Beth,
    hehehe.... I will be careful. Thanks.

  35. winn,
    -_-"' No security wor.

    But on Sunday I saw some traffic policemen across Chinatown, catching jaywalkers. I kaypoh stand nearby to watch. Some got summon, some dun have. Sometimes, the policemen bring the people to a corner tok tok. :)

  36. Hi Teacher Dave,
    haha... My life is anything but boring. I decide to make it worth living while I'm alive. There are to many beautiful places and people to see. And too many things I have to do. :)

  37. keropok man,
    The Bak Kut Teh got no bak kut (pork ribs) wan! Only pork belly, beancurd skin (tau kee), and pig intestines. My son is writing on the food.

    I just want to take a look at The Curve becos it's new mah. Try again next time. hehe....

  38. tigerfish,
    Food magazines. hehehe.... cheaper if buy in Malaysia and this particular shop has back copies. So usually I buy many.

    My son finished his O levels, we go backpacking in Europe! :)

  39. Hi daphne,
    Yes, my project for my son, I let him plan the itinerary for our Europe trip. You plan for your family but cannot go arh, aiyooo...

    You so young and pretty, you are not afraid of travelling alone. Be careful hor. I old Aunty can feel scared wan leh. hehehe.....

  40. kyh,
    I would love to bring you leh, but you have to study wor. How leh? Some more just got into University. Must study smart. :)

    Ok, I heard and read so much about the police in Malaysia, also encountered a few myself. I pay school fees also lor. :(

  41. day-dreamer,
    :( Lidat people don't feel safe. I also very scared when I have to take cab back to my hotel, late at night.

    I didn't know about the Malaysian monkeys. Singapore monkeys also cannot play play. :)

    Photos of food in my son's blog. :)

  42. Hi Rennyba!
    Yeah, Bomb. Scary.

    Ooooo.... it would be nice to meet up with you and your lovely wife in Norway. Must try both your cooking. :)

    *Note to Jaymes, include Oslo, Norway.*

  43. oceanskies,
    hehe.... yes, I'm back in one piece and breathing.

    Some people are setting up altars at home, praying that I don't die before them. Or else their bad deeds would be released to the whole world! :)

  44. yenjai,
    Yes. RM16 for a bowl of bak kut teh, no abalone. Just 2 pieces of pork belly, some pig intestines, lettuce, mushroom and beancurd skin. -_-'"

    this time I kena 'chop'. :) He put on his sign, 'one bowl RM8' but after the food is in my tummy, he charged RM16. He said it was for two people. One person, use that bowl size. Two people, also use same bowl. duh.

  45. "...all he needs is a credit card."

    I'm sure he agrees :-)

  46. "...all he needs is a credit card."

    I'm sure he agrees too :-)

    "I asked him to book Swiss Garden but he booked Swiss Inn.."

    Hahaha... I was going to ask, but kept quiet. Hehe.

  47. Bernard,
    hehe... to a child, a credit card does wonders. It's a magic card! :)

    Something's wrong with Swiss Inn? How come when I tell my Malaysian friends I stayed at Swiss Inn, they raised their eye brows? Do I hear strange noises? hmmmm.......

  48. Sure is scary isn't it? Its like the other time when my family and I were in Bangkok during New Year's Eve and a few bombs went off at places which we were going to visit.

    Looks like you guys do travel quite a bit.

  49. eastcoastlife, if you happen to be in London or Kent, feel free to email me if you want to meet up. I am on holidays from 25/7 to 1/9. Have a great holiday.

  50. cool insider,
    Yes, scary to us Singaporeans who live in a peaceful country.

    I like your post on Krabi, I will visit it too. :)

  51. Hi dr ve thru,
    Yes, I'll meet up with you should I be in UK.

    And contact me too if you're coming to Singapore. :)

    Have a great holiday!

  52. Nothing wrong with it.. i stayed there before :-)

    But the neighbourhood worried me.

  53. Wow ... backpacking in Europe!!!! One of my dreams. Now must wait for kids to grow up first. Sigh.

    I see that you treat Jaymes real nice and give him hands on experience. U r a role model for good mom!!! :-)

  54. Bernard,
    There were many families with young kids staying at this hotel though. Well, it's a change for us. I dressed like an Aunty to blend in. hahaha....

  55. Hi LilMrsT
    You still have many more years to wait until your kids grow up. :)

    Jaymes needs to learn life skills and young people learn fast. Have to let him make some mistakes too.

    He's so savvy with the computer. :)

  56. Who would do a bomb in Kay El? How scarey!

    Fantastic Four!!! Whoot! I wanna see that so much. What comics is Jaymes reading?

  57. simple american,
    Yes, a bomb sounds scary. I don't think they have found the bomber yet.

    Fantastic Four is fantastic! Fun movie to watch with your kids.

    Jaymes is reading Japanese anime. He bought the whole set of Death Note which sells cheaper in Malaysia.