Monday, June 25, 2007

Eastcoastlife's Book - The List 名册

In case I don't make it alive out of these scandals, this is my gift to for any one who cares to know more. My book. It took me more than 3 years. It contains my blood, sweat and tears during those years. At the beginning, I was spending my days and nights labouring over it. Stalking my subjects, taking photos, talking to people. The chief of CID would be very impressed by it. :)

It's not completed yet, I still have a few stories to verify. At the same time, I'm also receiving more new stories but I'll try my best to include them. 682 756 pages and still adding .......

The List 名册 by Eastcoastlife

A glimpse of the chapters :

Ministry Of Education
Bedok North Secondary School
Chai Chee Secondary School
CHIJ Katong Convent
MacPherson Secondary School
Bedok Town Secondary School
Telok Kurau Primary School
Tanjong Katong Primary School
Victoria Junior College
Bedok South Secondary School
Broadrick Secondary School
Nanyany Academy of Arts
MDIS ...... and many more.

It pays to join PSG (Parents Support Group)

Foreign Parents & Students from Hell

Association of Management Corporations in Singapore (AMCIS)

Economic & Development Board (EDB)

National Environment Agency (NEA)

Academy of Principals Singapore (PAI)

Singapore Police Force (SPF )
Gambling Suppression Branch

Singapore Tourism Board (STB )

Housing and Development Board (HDB )

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

Parliament House

Ministry of Defence

just to name a few.........

**Exclusive 超级爆料

How much donation is each school asking?

Civil servants who took bribes

Which schools do our Ministers, MPs, top civil servants and their children go to? A glimpse of their results.
(From 1976 until current year)

MPs who are incompetent

personal particulars, photos
of all the subjects and their family members

Die also I cannot keep my mouth shut

To sign up for my free book. Send an email to the following address.
You will receive details on how to get my book once something happens to me.

hornedrattler at hotmail dot com

The truth must be told.


  1. 1982 - 2007 LOL

    Wah, contents look very juicy wor!

  2. Very brave! I'm in support of you. May I suggest that you park your money in Swiss bank or foreign bank accounts( I can suggest Australia since LKY called Australians "white trash"). Cos if the PAP take action against you, they'll firstly freeze your bank accounts. Secondly, check PR eligibility status in Australia or Canada and process your application asap.The PAP's second move might be to detain you in Singapore

  3. wokking mum
    I'm like Alan Tam. always 25! hahaha....

  4. CCDA: U took picture of other people grave ah? This one confirm not yours lah. How can it be 1982?!?!?!

  5. poison,
    I don't intend to run. I'm gonna face them, see what they want to do. If they are in the wrong, why persecute me? I am prepared to die.
    Come what may.

  6. eastcoastlife.
    you make me weep for you remind me of revolutionaries in China (Think Dr Sun Yat Sen) and the peasant uprising in France in the 17th century.

    If there's any way i can help in kind, do let me know.

    You will be remembered if it comes down to that and i hope it wont.

    It won't I believe because right now, Singapore is so eager to prove itself on the international platform - with IR and Grand Prix.

    They had better manage this welll. Foreign news outlets will pick this up (i can assure you that the australian media will be tipped off well) And if foreign news don't pick this up, yours truly will be able to help with video/audio news releases and such.


  7. dk,
    Of course it's not mine lah! But I have started digging mine already. hahaha....

    I can show you it can be done, that 1982 can appear on my documents as year of birth. :)

  8. poison,

    I still harbour hope that PM Lee will deal with this fairly. I'm not asking for much, just rectify the wrongs and treat ordinary citizens with respect. We ordinary folks should not be brush aside and treated like idiots.

    People in power should not abuse it.

  9. Stone is too short and too plain... the crown is too small... AND NO PICTURE!!!

    simi 1982? You look like 1986 lor... *eyes roll* LOL!

  10. Don't worry. The government won't send someone to shoot you just to cover up. Watch too much prison break maybe..

    At most they will sue you till you go bankrupt and discredit your reputation totally.

    There are examples around in the news. Google it.

  11. Ed,
    hahaha... thanks for the compliment leh! 1983 would be better! :D

    I should be happy to have a tombstone to mark my grave lah. ko ai hiam!? Maybe cannot find my corpse leh....

  12. 杰,
    hahaha... ya, I know.

    I did my homework before doing this. This is MASS DESTRUCTION.

    I die, they die. They know who they are.

  13. Aiyo..all this are making me..a bit..worried..Now you are making me want to hug you even more...*HUGSSSSSSSSSS*..

  14. eve,
    See lah, you all! When I stand right in front of you all, don't want to hug, paiseh to hug, now maybe got no chance to hug liao. :(

    Anyway, so glad at least got meet some of you in person. :)

    You saw me wat!? Don't look 1982 meh? hehehe......

  15. So roughly when will your book be out? Will try to get one copy then.

    Another thing: Maybe you can label all related posts. Easier for new readers to follow your stories.

  16. the unchartered waters,
    Thanks. Will give you one lah. Doubt can sell here, probably ban.

    Oh, how to label related posts?

  17. OMG!! Tell me quick, what your favourite flowers are! Oh dear... *touch wood*

  18. I don't want to send it to your email.
    I don't want anything to happen to you.
    (Eyes also red liao)
    I want you to come here, bring the book along.

  19. lb,
    I like red roses best.
    *blush blush*

    chey! Die oredi, don't waste money lah! White chrysanthemums can liao. argh, chin chai lah!

  20. aiyo, aiyo yenjai.
    By the time I bring you the book, I'll be dressed in flowing white robe and floating towards you. Anyway, you doctor wat, not scared wan mah. :)

  21. chillycraps,
    Ya, probably. gahmen cannot have people running them down mah.

    ei... where have you been lately arh? Shoutbox so funny without you.

  22. This blog becoming Singaporean Must Read blog liao..

    So many scandals!!

  23. Hi zara's mama,
    haha.... I hope so. Singaporeans should know what sh*t is happening behind their backs. :)

  24. wei wei.. all your stories fiction or nonfiction ah?

    I read a few of your posts.. but was just wondering

  25. huh? zara's mama,
    What posts you reading ar? Got fiction here meh? This is not Harry Potter. :)

  26. ECL, it is not because I am doctor.
    I know you are good friend.
    Dead or alive, you are still good friend, you mean no harm, so why scared?

  27. yenjai,
    Wahhhhh! kum tong.

    Thanks for your support and belief in me.


  28. Hi Lis,
    Why everybody find my date of birth so funny leh? :)

  29. hornedrattler? What does it mean?

    If I have been asking about the book ages ago, do I still have to email to the given address?

  30. I was given a tip that there is this Raffles College of Music just a short distance ride from your home next to TKGS. If you happen to be eating food nearby, could you please help me find out what those music students there do?

    So strange, I am sure that they don't play double bass.

  31. oceanskies,
    I don't know what hornrattler means, a type of snake ba. The email doesn't belong to me. I'll give you a copy.

    Raffles College of Music - I'll check it up for you.

  32. Erm, are you sure you are born in 1982?? My sis was born in 1982, I was born in 1980..!

    I am evil... muahahaha!

  33. Iris!!!
    Wahhh! Don't like that leh. hehehe....

  34. Hmm, so that could be your publisher's email? No wonder it doesn't look Eastcoastlife. *Winks*

    Ok, I better start refraining myself. Just taking a break from practising.

    Thanks for checking. Maybe you may make a major discovery there.

  35. auntie: yah lately busy with work, so can't stay in shoutbox. Only the usual morning call at 6:30am and 8:30am lor.

  36. What an extremely interesting list of contents! You certainly have done your homework well, eastcoastlife. *clap clap clap*

    Now I understand what you meant when you said you wrote a book about it. It's not just one incident in isolation, it's many.

  37. choi choi choi... that grave marker creeps me out! eeee...

  38. Actually, I'm worried about you... I will keep you in my prayers that everything will be alright.

  39. I was looking out if my school is inside. Hee hee....

  40. oceanskies,
    Let's just say I have helpers. I don't want to 'disappear without a trace' nor be locked up for no reason. It's a battlefield out there, so I need strategies and lots of backup plans.

    Most important, I don't want my son nor myself to be sacrificed in vain.

  41. chillycraps,
    Miss your craps on the shoutbox. :)

    Will try to catch you on those times if I can. Take care of yourself.

  42. rinnah,
    YES. :)

    I'm amazed by myself. Only when you get pushed over the edge, then you can understand the feelings.

    I'm not being pushed around once, but many times. I think there are many people who get this sort of treatment too, but they just keep quiet. Because, really, there's not much an ordinary person can do.

  43. May,

    I have to keep that picture constantly in mind, because of the threatening note I received. One wrong move and that's where my son or I will end up.

  44. tigerfish,
    It might be in the list. I didn't list them all out. Many schools are in......


  45. haiz. this is singapore not america hor. please take care. sometimes it's just easier to just retire and take life easy. but i understand what you are going through, the emotional aspect.
    please please take care. if you back off now, there's still time, probably. nobody here will blame you. *hugs*

  46. misti,
    *Hugs* Thanks. Thanks so much.

    I waited more than 3 years. I plan for this. Those people thought I cannot do anything because they are the law. Can you feel the helplessness, the frustrations, the hopelessness I felt?

    I'm sure many people who have been in my shoes feel it. Above our heads there is God. If they are fearless when doing such wicked things to other human beings, why should I be afraid of them when I have not done wrong?

    BACKOFF!?! No way. It's over my dead body.

  47. dun put a grave market there lah.. :(
    KFC, hopefully nothing sinister will happen

  48. Hi chen,
    Thanks for your conern.

    Just to show how serious and important this matter is to me. People think I'm blogging for fame. Whatever.

    It's my battle. And I'm going to show them what one determined woman can do if she puts her heart and soul to it.

  49. *weep weep*

    come out of all these alive ya! *shines u strength*

    sg is better than here la... if u did this here, die terus. *shudders*

  50. kyh,
    Thanks lah. kum tong*sniff sniff*

    Over there so bad meh? I heartache when I saw and heard how some of our race live there. haizzz....

    tong yan bhak tong men...

  51. Uahh.. I sapot you ECL! I'm sending an email now. :-)

  52. Nice tombstone. I wouldn't mind something like that. :-)

    (x-25) to x, where x = year of expiry. Hehe.

  53. Bernard,
    Thanks for your support.

    lol....this tombstone not suitable for you lah.

  54. chillycraps,
    Thanks. Aunty knows what to do. Dun learn this arh, Aunty got practise wan. :)

  55. Signed. Just sent an email to the address provided.

    Looking at the table of content, I salute you.

    Way to go!

  56. Hi Wilfrid,
    Thanks. Maybe when you read the articles, you would drop to your knees and bow. muahahaha....

  57. Sent an email to the address too... Hope things will turn out well for you. Will be praying for your safety.. :)

    All the best!

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. hahahaha you crack me up :PP Aiyoo..did you leave out a certain popular words before the word eastcoastlife ? Anyway, best wishes with the book, and don't forget us if you ever make it to LA for autograph or something. I'll sign up as your rep hehehe, cheers !:)

  60. meltingwok,
    kl eastcoastlife? hahaha....

    Yeah, I'll inform you if I'm going to LA. :)

  61. This could be the biggest scoop in the history of Singapore. Anything to do with the greed of the Singapore Government, I'm in!

  62. Your email is hornedrattler does not exist!

  63. iwanttobelieve,
    You must be joking. Try again. It's still receiving emails.

  64. You should not complain about the government. They have to manage a whole country, mistakes do happen.