Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eastcoastlife Quits Blogging -- My Last Post

I was kinda expecting this day to come. I'm forced to closed down my blog. The blogosphere is disorganised and thus not as powerful as the real world. There is no rules nor laws governing it. And when bloggers only care for their own benefits (higher rankings, more traffic, more clicks on their Adsense) and want more for themselves, it is harder to bring it to a higher level or expand. Someone will lose out in the competition for survival.

I would like to thank my fans, fellow bloggers, loyal supporters and readers for stopping by eastcoastlife. You have brought me joy, anger, tears and laughter. I only have a string of 4-letter words to describe my feelings now. Don't tempt me say it.

The End of Blogsophere!

siwwypig was swift to retaliate with her meme after I tagged her on Tuesday. This is what to expect when you tag people, they would tag you back at the very first opportunity! So lazy smart people don't want to do tags.

Long overdued meme. My apology to siwwgpig. I didn't forget, it was in my mind and draft all this time.

hehehehe .... feeling cheated? Remember the story, 'The boy who cried wolf'?' Wonder if the next time my readers would ignore my posts or not. Everyone who reads this gets tag. What will your last post be like?

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. - Survivor Blogsphere!


  1. Forced to close down your blog? By who???

    Dont close down your blog!!!! Noooooooo

  2. Hi marina,
    sniff... sniff.... so touched.
    At least I know I'm wanted . :)

  3. CCDA don't like that lah!!

    I've experienced what you are feeling many times before, but... nothing beats sharing your heart and mind and soul to every loyal readers out there!

    I haven't had enough of east coast life!!

  4. Of course you're wanted! This is so sudden ... :\

    Who is this person(s) who is bothering you? Dont let them bully you lar.

  5. ok we are all cheated....

    let's write some nasty things....

  6. marina,
    Thanks for your concern, you're tagged. hehehe...

  7. mua ha ha...

    those kids kena bluffed.

    similar to the one on Chris website..

  8. Are joking bring your blog to private?

  9. Henry,
    I think I need to password-lock my blog. Only invited readers allowed.

  10. Remember to leave an invite to me if you go private :) and oh to Izel too.

  11. Oh dear.. sorry for making you do that tag dear... You didn't have to do it.. hehe Cause I didnt expect you too... but thanks anyway dear... :) *huggies for ECL*

  12. OMG .. I have just started to read your blog .. Oh wait ... Tell me this is not real.

  13. LilMrsT,
    This is a survey to see if my readers understand my English language.
    hehehe ......

  14. awwww, but I only got to know you! well... if it has to be, it has to be. best wishes for life without blogging! at least not to the public... ;-)

    *hugs* *waves*

  15. Hi May!
    hehe... thanks for understanding.

    You will be invited for my private blog, if I decide to have one. :)

  16. LOL, I am not fooled by this, again!!!
    See you in PG anyway!

  17. lb,
    hehehe... once bitten, twice shy hah.

    ya, see you in PG. We have lots to talk about. :)

  18. Well, from nothing to something, I'm learning from your blog. Be it real be it fake, I got the chance to look at things from another perspective so don't close it down for I haven't finished learning everything from your posts.

    Your presence on blogosphere is considered a blessing to many out there. Remember this, you will always be needed. =)

  19. awww.... colourful world.
    So sweet of you. Thanks for your encouragement.

  20. Good thing i read the comments before I made any :p

  21. well, it's not fair that you tag everyone that read your post. =p

    Well, to me, i will not quit from blogging. To me this is a lifetime enjoyment so why quit? Your tag has no effects on me.HAHAHA!!!

  22. colourful world,
    I don't expect everyone to do my tag lah. Wah! This post is giving me headache! hehehe....

  23. chillycraps,
    Try to outdo my post lor.

    What would you write if it is your last post?

  24. Aiyoh..!! you make my heart stop a beat or two.. :P

  25. Dear EastCoast,

    I too have been informed by the IBP (international blog police) that I will no longer be able to post to the net. They forced thier way into my computer screen and took away my cursor and the letter Q. I have been fined and sentenced to hard labor on a water raft in the Pacific Ocean. I hope to return to the world of blogger's through the black market and under an assumed idenity.

    But you my friend are a riot. You made me smile with this post.

  26. Wah! I thot you really closing down! Don't leh, still got friends blogging around what. See you next post lah.

  27. For one moment, I had thought you really mean what you wrote.

  28. aunty: aiya now everyone knows, no more impact for the next person liao...

  29. ECL, you are way to good to leave us.

    Please invite me to your private blog. Your style is a highlight in my blogvisits.

  30. BTW,

    E mail me using the address under 'secure channel' on my Journal.

  31. Don't do it !! We all get frustrated by the get rich quick pages, I'll miss your writing, your stories and most of all YOU!!

  32. Oh No!!
    Whats going on?? I just started reading(and loving) your blog when i stumbled across it in march 07 and now you're ending it..

    Still dont really understand or want to understand why you want to end your blog here, youre such a great blogger with a singaporean sense of humour,and the way you put singlish down and puts the explanation next to it makes me laugh..

    Well, Thanks for all your posts and hai, your blog is always a great read and hai..lost for words..

    all the best in your future endeavours


  33. oh man ... another blogger 'quitting'?

    hmm well cant force u to stay ECL

    all e best in ur future endeavors

    another one bites the dust

    uncle sha

  34. Tell me you're doing the silly end of the blog meme. Please! It seemed blatant. But after reading other comments maybe my England is not so good to understand what's happening.

    *hugs* No matter what!

  35. Hahahaha... thankfully I came across this trick in someone else's blog. I'M NOT CHEATED! LOL!

  36. Boohoohoo! Sure will miss reading your blog and your adventures. But dont disappear forever. Must appear again, OK?

  37. I'm gonna kill you! Hahahahaha! Great thing to do though! Lol!

    Yes, I read siwwypig's entry. Hahaha! What a super fantabulous idea!

  38. Teacher Dave!
    International Blog Police! The IBP. hehehe...

  39. oceanskies,
    Is my Engrish so bad?
    *scratch my head*

  40. Captain Picard,
    Thanks for your kind remarks.
    *I'm on cloud 9!*

    Will add you in my email.

  41. Hah..nasib baik I have read the tag from someone else's that I dun really wanna close down ur was just a tag..phew....

  42. Hi jon!
    And shall I also add,'Bye, jon!' :)

    Thanks for your support and finally making your first comment. hehe... This post drew you out from the dark. *grin*

  43. uncle sha,
    Seems like quite a number of people quit blogging huh. I'm a copycat. :)

  44. Simple American,
    Thanks for your support all this while. It was great knowing you. Reading your blog posts and comments makes me smile all the time! You make me look young with your humour. :)

  45. Ed!
    Getting smarter these days huh. hehehe ......

  46. stay-at-home mum,
    awww.... dun cry. I'll be back! hahaha.....

  47. Hello
    East coast life,

    Since you want to stop writing your life(blog) about life in east coast, maybe I got to write about my adventures at the east coast park?

    It will be long stories since it started enjoyed my self there and had many fond memories since when I was a few years old.

  48. dieselfire,
    Don't kill me!!! Alamak, cannot joke with you next time! Dangerous.

  49. eve dear,
    Ok, lou yao kwai kwai, cannot bluff you.
    Smart girl. :)

  50. Asking you to stop blogging is like cutting a piece of flesh from you lor. :P

  51. henry,
    You want to take over my blog?
    It costs US$398,000. :)

    You can write about your East Coast Park adventures even when my blog was on wat? I dun own East Coast Park leh.

  52. dk,
    stop blogging is like cutting a piece of flesh from you

    Not really lah! Can quit any time if I want. But now after reading the comments of my readers, I feel so bad. I owe them an explanation if I really want to quit. :P

  53. You har.
    Need like that meh.
    YOu scared me lar.
    If I cannot sleep tonight, how leh?

    I might sit in a dark corner sob sob sob....

  54. Wah!
    yenjai, so serious.

    Must give you my HP number.
    Don't sit in a corner.
    Please do remember,
    My Emergency Number.

  55. Hahaha... I've seen this tag before so I'm not fooled.

    *pretends not to see the tag everyone part*

  56. aiyaaah rinnah!
    Dun pretend pretend lah. No need to do this tag lor.

  57. eh i abit slow ... ok i get it now

    a meme ... cheh!!!

    uncle sha

  58. Your English is good. As such, I was tricked into believing that you are really going to quit blogging when I read the first two paragraphs of this post.

    Maybe I am gullible?

  59. My last post...maybe I won't write an official last post. I don't have plans to stop blogging, so if anything ends up being my last post. It could be because I have left this world.

  60. uncle sha,
    alamak! You really think I'm quitting! aiyaaah...

  61. oceanskies,
    ok, hehe... you have no problem understanding my English. That's good enough for me. :)

  62. I sense something fishy liao when i read the first line..
    cos Wenn had a similar posting too in the past..
    heheehhehe :D

    cham loh u
    judging from the comments,
    so many ppl kena "tipu-ed" & thought u r quiting now :P

  63. Hi chen,
    cham cham cham ..... I'm really forced to quit blogging!

    hehehe .... hooray! Can go holiday liao! Where shall I go? Europe for a year? hmmm......