Monday, April 09, 2007

Polygamy - get another wife

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! The man's the envy of many men sia! I really admire him for his bravery and envy his wives for having such a 'powerful' husband. Isn't he great? He was able to manage 10 wives! According to the kaypohs (busybodies), the wives do not quarrel or fight amongst themselves. They have a roster to serve him (oh my, only 3 times a month!), they share the chores and responsibilities. They bring home the bacon too.

Many of our men can't even control or manage one wife. So they can only envy this man and stick with their choice. hahaha.....

I am not against polygamy. In fact I encourage my husband to have another wife. Chris is a great husband. Too good that I would rather share him with another woman.

Many people thought that because Chris is gentle and good-tempered, he is being abused and ill-treated by me. That ... he is a hen-pecked husband. Hey, that is a misconception!

I am the bad-guy in the family. I'm the one who has to say 'No!' because Chris is too obliging and has too kind a heart. Given him the chance, he would give everything away. So we decided that when it comes to his decision-making, he tells the people to speak to me and I would be the one to deliver the verdict.

I told Chris he could have a concubine 8 years ago. I was busy with my business for almost 15 years and sort of neglected him. He deserves a good woman to keep him company, to take walks with and pamper him for a change. He loves children. He yearns for a daughter. I'm too obsessed with my good looks to have more children, so the other wife(-ves) can have his kids. I'll help to take care of them. He loves his family and you can see he doesn't want to court trouble.

So the rumours that I would put his dick in a blender is false! He is free to take another wife. So there is no reason for him to fool around in the quiet.

And the above news article has proven that, if managed properly, it is possible for a man to have many wives. In the olden days, it was common for men to have many wives. I have 3 uncles who have more than one wife. One even has 3 wives and numerous mistresses! And his 3 wives will visit and help one another, and go shopping together! Now, that is a great man!

Our Dragon Prince should commend me during the National Day Rally for helping to boost the country's population. I think he needs another wife too. And a statistics study shows that there are more women than men in Singapore. So this is a good way to get all the women married off.

Yeah, I know. I'm gonna get flak for this. So readers, give it to me! Give me your views.


  1. When you running for parliment? I'll move house to that GRC and vote for you and your ideas. :D

  2. Hey..ECL,
    Not everyone is like Chris. And not everyone can handle more than one woman.. some like my "Ah-Yah" father.. got 2nd wife.. and many mistresses as well.. and he didn't take care of me or my siblings at all. My mom turned out to be a very bitter woman.. when we were younger.. but who can blame her ya..?? I said "ah-yah" father.. because for the longest time.. ever since i could earn my own money..i've stopped acknowledging him.. nor talked to him.

  3. dk,
    ya... I'm considering running for the next General Election as an independant candidate.

    Let me think which constituency I want to go......

  4. Mamabok,
    So sorry to hear your side of the story. I'm aware there are many families which are affected by such practices. I do sympathise with the affected ladies.

    Men who cannot be fair to each and every one of their women should not be allowed to have more than one wife.

    We must acknowledge that they are men, as well as women, who have roving eyes. They cannot control themselves. I'm not saying we should tolerate such behaviour but we have to understand this is human nature and try to think of solutions to solve such problems.

    There are also two sides to a coin. I try not to be judgemental. Love is a funny thing.

    I don't blame your mother nor you for the way you feel about your Dad. I hope you could know him more.....

    My best wishes for you. *Many Big Hugs*

  5. Those were the days when men were men, & not mice.. I wonder if I could really cope with 48 concubines. Hmm...

  6. No way! Not for me.. I won't be able to imagine my hubby having another wife!

    Oh.. he can have another wife.. but I'll be out. So he'll still only have ONE WIFE!

    That's the old fashion me.

  7. lb
    In your dreams arh! 48 concubines? You will be like the tek ko (bamboo)! Your 'brudder' will become a needle! 铁棒磨成针!

    4 still ok lah! Dun be too greedy. Die shiok not die younger. hahaha...

  8. zara's mama,
    Thanks for dropping by and your view. Great!

    Most women would not support such a practice. I respect that. To each his view.

    Love forever and happiness always, dear. *mouaaaah*

  9. Not me One wife is enough for me. Now I just need to find her and marry her :-)
    I like the biblical portrait of Marriage. In Genesis, God created Adam and his wife Eve and they had a perfect relationship.

  10. Hi jmr!
    Thanks for the visit.

    Good for you. You're one who is true to his love until the end.
    *a pat on the back!*

  11. Aiya, don't need to think already. You are the hottest Mama san, of cos is Geylang constituency. :D

  12. dk,
    hahaha.... cannot. I don't like chickens! I love ducks!!!

  13. Erm... I just saw ducks... where and how do I submit my application form?

    Anyway, 10 wives is really... oh my oh dear oh God! He has just deprived another 9 men from getting a good wife back then.

  14. hahaha....Ed!
    You a duck? You dun have to apply, I'll chope you first!

    Oh ya, he has a bunch of good wives, the lucky b******! He should not have such good women!

    Am I too selfish for wanting my hubby to have more wives? hmmmm....

  15. Hi Eastcoastlife, maybe you needn't worry about marrying off all the women in Singapore. Not every woman is dying to get married to Singapore men. *winks*

    As for you being willing to give Chris the permission to have a concubine, I suppose you love him enough to want him to have someone to keep him company, pamper him and have more children?

    I sense that you might be feeling guilty for not giving him as much as you think he deserves, or was I wrong?

    On the other hand, maybe his way of loving you is to have you as his one and only wife? This, you better check with him, ok?

    You have your views, but Chris has all the rights to have his too. Right, Chris?

  16. u really really really wanna share ur christ ah? my hubby wants more children, so i always tell him to get a mistress to bear him more child..but i don't really mean it. hehehe

  17. Either my Mom loves my Dad or she is trying to cover up something huh? hahaha.....

    She also allows me to marry more than one wife. But I will have only one wife .... and many girlfiends. Yeah!

  18. oceanskies,
    I know not every woman wants to get married, but a Singaporean husband is still a good catch. Many foreign ladies woud love them.

    You believe? Chris maybe secretly jumping up for joy. Oh, I bet he will share his view.

  19. miche,
    Of course you dun mean it! hahaha.... fun to tease him right? If he really do it, wat would you do? :)

  20. Jaymes,
    Too young to discuss this now. And please dun make wild guesses and ruin my reputation.

    You haven't taken your allowance, right?

  21. You know, it's not my cup of tea, but everyone has a right to live the way they want to. As long as no children (or farm animals) are hurt in the process, I say do your thing (an old saying that illustrates, again, just how old I am).

  22. Obviously, I am an idealist to some extent.

    Finding a second wife is easy, but finding a second wife who is able to have a good relationship with the first wife, the first's children and everyone else in the family would be the great challenge.

    I'm sure even if Chris is delighted to hear that he is given permission to get a second wife, he would be wise to make sure he find a suitable person to be his second wife. I think that may take some ages hor?

  23. By the way, how is your hand? Remember to take good care and may you heal soon.

    You type so much and you love blogging so much, I just hope that you are typing using your left hand only.

  24. Oh for 8 yrs, I dare not work on this, when I was given the freedom to get a mistress....I was really scared of the blender.

    I learnt from my father, never trust what a woman said, be careful what is her motive.

    But after reading the report of the one man with 10 wives, we discussed it together and felt that it is not a bad idea.

    I feel that 3 wives will be just nice, provided ECL can manage them and they are able to live harmorniously together. If not can get bad headache.

    Christopher Tan

  25. Bunny Beth,
    I assure you, no children or farm animals will be hurt in the process! hahaha....

  26. oceanskies,
    I'm sure he would get a good second wife because I would be the one choosing his other wives. :)

    Chris always wears the pants in the house, I control the zipper! muahahahahaha.......

    My hand's fine, dun worry. I'm using Voice Control and my left hand. yes.

  27. Dear ECL, hahaha, some of the comments are damn funny man! :) As for polygamy, I am not against it, as long as all parties are aware and prepared for it! And it shouldn't only be for me!! :)

  28. hahahaha shilpa....
    ya, shouldn't be only for men! Women can have more husbands too!

    World getting topsy-turvy liao!!!

  29. But are you sure the "another woman" thinks like you and can share your hubby with you? Buahahah...I don't think so the end, your hubby still needs to choose.

    Dragon Prince can easily change the policy if he wants to-to polygamy Anyway, that's another way to increase population...kekekeke
    and not surprised for all these rubber band polices...

  30. tigerfish,
    Neber mind, I can give him up. 很伟大呵!嘻嘻!

    Dragon Prince's father once thot of it wor! So they might bring it back. Good news for the guys.

  31. It's an interesting view; would a husband like his wife to have a lot of partners?

  32. Cannot lah.. One woman behind every men can liao. Later too complicated! Haha, I enjoy your postings.. Funny. PS: I stay east coast too :)

  33. Inspired by your reader, Jean-Luc Picard, I am also curious to know if you would allow yourself as a woman to practise polygamy.

    On the humourous side, I suppose you know that I affectionately refer to my double bass as my husband. In this respect, I would have practised polygamy.

    I also play on another double bass regularly and I affectionately refer to it as my boyfriend. And given that sometimes I have had used other double basses on (especially if I were to perform overseas), I also have quite a few one-night-stands and many ex-boy-friends from all the previous musical groups that I have played in. The good thing about these husband, boy-friends, ex-boy-friends is that in real life, they never protest or complain about my polygamous way of life. *winks*

    Ok, so I have given you my definition of polygamy, I shall await yours.

  34. Oh, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get my dream husband one day, then I would truly polygamous. ^_<

  35. Hello Captain Picard.
    Men being men, husbands or any man for that matter would never like his wife to have a lot of partners.

    They can have many partners but not their women.

  36. Hi moon!
    Thanks for your visit.

    You are the one-partner type arh. You live in east coast also huh. Maybe we have met before leh. Especially in Parkway Parde, I frequent that mall. :)

  37. oceanskies,
    aha.... you can be humourous oso arh! And you caught me by surprise. I like your definition of polygamy, hehe...

    I really thoought hard about this.
    Truth : No

    If I have found the right man, I would want to spend the rest of my life just with him.

    So Chris is not the right man.....

  38. wah.. u make me drops my glasses again. Oh man.. i couldnt accept this at all! if he loves me, he gotta loves me whole heartedly =( no 2nd thots on other women. And for me... i agree wif James - hehe.. i can hv many bfs.. but only one husband. Marriage is a sacred commitment to each other. One should be sure b4 making the decision and should remain loyal to your decision ever after. i dun believe in sharing when it comes to relationship, i cant love two person at the same time and i dun believe he can too. If he wanna hv a 2nd choice, can. i will look for a better man who only see me in his eyes.

  39. hahaha zeezee... so happy to see you lah! *Hugs*

    Not everybody can accept this type of thing lah! Especially girls & women. Only the guys can have an intimate relationship even without feelings or emotion involved.

    Right, have one husband and many boyfriends. hahaha.... Jaymes' thinking process is getting better these days. hmmm....

  40. Ahh.
    To have more than a wife.
    No. Not for me. One wife, one family is more than enough for myself.

    But... yes, if you are a man with great emotional depth (most man only has emotional depth as a paper), you can manage more than one wife, go ahead. But seriously, those men are the rare breed.

    Harder still, to find two women who can live harmoniously!

    Back to ECL. Hey girl, you just given me another reason to respect you!

    If I ever travel to 'eastcoast', can I pay you a visit?

  41. yenjai arh,
    From your posts arh, I doubt you would dare to think of 2nd wife lah! hahaha.....

    Hey, you're always welcome to Singapore! Drop me a line and I'll give you my contact. You need any help or anything in Singapore, let me know. I have a wide network and I can mobilise my people.

    You dun forget, you have to pick up the fountain. hahahaha......

  42. Dare or not dare, the question doesn't arise.
    I am ... too tired even to manage what is around me.

    Ok. I need actually... to open an account in any bank in Singapore. (for the purpose of Paypal)
    Got any lubang? I just send the money. I don't have time to go to Singapore to open the account, obviously.

    Wah. Like I am very sui hor. Straight away take up your offer.

  43. yenjai,
    right... it's very tiring & stressful nowadays, I understand.

    You need to come personally lor, unless you use my account... hahaha... I oso scared leh, wat if you money laundering, then how?:)

    I tok to my bank and let you know.

    Come to Singapore lah, relax relax a bit. I live near the beach, 5 minutes walk. Can stay in my house if you dun mind. My son and other kids can take care & play with your kids.

    oh, dun worri, the 'bodies' are not lying around the house. Dun open the cold room, they won't fall out. hahaha....

  44. Hi ECL,

    My first time here and my jaw almost dropped to the floor reading this post :D

    I'm a wifey who refuses to share my other half with another. If I find out that he has a mistress, I'll...I'll...I'll......*leave it to your imagination*

  45. Oooo.... hehehe

    Hi immomsdaughter!
    I understand, dear. Most women won't share.

    You said you want to leave it to my imagination? I have a vivid imagination and I can think of lots of things to do to a cheating man! hohoho.........

  46. Gosh, I caught you by surprise?

    Right or not-right man for you, I suppose only time can tell.

    My friend, Mystic, reminded me at the Sushi Teh restaurant (while I was at looking the food on the sushi conveyor belt) that while looking for something good for myself, I need to treasure what I have on hand.

    Then who knows years later, you may take back your words?

  47. Right or not right, each one of us has a measuring tape in our heart. I myself know what I want.

    Maybe because I am financially secured, I tend to look more for a meeting of the minds.

    What Mystic said is correct. But I have my own thoughts about my life.

  48. Meeting of minds. I will love to be friends with people who meet my mind. But I felt it has been quite a challenge to find men who meet my mind.

    So my husband proved a better choice. He understood how music opens my mind.^_<

  49. Of course such men are rare, so easy to find, I could have got one earlier.

    You have a good choice there, dear.

    I'm still trying to find my challenge. hehe.....

  50. gila!

    but reading in the papers how they are so organised, its so facinating!, their organisation skills!

  51. Thats what I admire about the man.

    He can gao dim 10 women!!! Needs great skills you know!

  52. Aiyah! I am so late to the conversation. Really hot under the collar reading the post and then all of the comments.

    Ten wives, but does he love any of them. You have to wonder. With a scheduled routine is it more object oriented than passion related.

    Of course I am happy to settle for an online harem. No STDs and the even dealier PMS. My missus jokes about all of my blogger "girl friends". But I try not to think of it in those terms. Once I become passionate about something it becomes difficult not to want to follow through.

  53. SA,
    I'm sure such a topic thrills the hair off a man! hahaha.....

    For this particular man, I doubt he loves his wives. He has ulterior motives for having so many women. And it turned tragic. But he must have lots of charm to be able to make 10 women submit to him. This is very fascinating to me? How does he do it?

    hahaha... you do have more lady blogger friends. They are more interesting and fun... like me. hehe....

  54. Oh My Dear,
    I didnt know that I am a Left Man hah?

    Since, you are choosing my 2nd & 3rd wife, I would like to request for one exclusion, the sweet girl should not be a smoker, or at least stop smoking for 6 months.

    I was....looking at scenery while driving earlier on...just happen a sweet young girl caught my eyes, was appreciating her, but the next moment I saw her holding a cigarette, I just psssss...

    Christopher Tan