Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Love at First Sight? My Foot!!!

I was with Henry, my Creative Director at Starbucks this morning, having our breakfast. This 33 yr-old overseas graduate and bachelor's attention was fully focused on a pretty lass, sitting across the room from us. Her laptop in front of her, she was facing the glass window, holding a cup of coffee and staring into space.

She has sleek black hair and what was very intriguing to the young man, was her pair of legs. Sexy, smooth, fair-skinned and it seemed to stretch forever into the short tight skirt that was barely covering her thighs. The type of legs a man would want to hold in his hands and plant kisses all the way from the toes to the spring of love. I silently observed him. I could hear the noises in his throat.... he was gulping. Breakfast was obviously wasted on him. I started picking at his salmon omelette.

"I think I'm in love!" he whispered after a moment. His eyes were glistening and he was on a high.

I rolled my eyes. He can't be in love. He's enthralled by those gorgeous legs. I used to have such legs too. And now they are hidden in long black pants. haiz.....

After breakfast, we proceeded to the advertising agency. At the reception, I asked for the person-in-charge. While waiting for the receptionist to make a call to the person, I heard the gulps again.

The receptionist was a big-eyed, pretty buxom Malay. Think Gong Li of The Curse of the Golden Flowers, that's how she was showing her ample assets. From the height where we were standing, you could see the rounded moulds of smooth firm flesh which seems to burst out any time. Imaginations could grow wild and I handed Henry some tissues. In case his nose decided to take a leak. He allowed himslef a wry smile and coughed to cover his embarrassment.

"I'm in love again!" he declared into the tissue, scrunched up around his mouth. I gave him a slight kick.

We were led to the conference room by Twin Peaks. Shortly after, the person-in-charge, Agnes walked in. She placed herself opposite us and started showing us the copies of artwork. Even before we could go on to the second piece of work, the familiar sounds came loud and clear.

"Oh, I forgot to get you some drinks. Coffee? Tea?" I was tempted to say "You!" on Henry's behalf.

The moment Agnes sashayed out of the room to get us tea, I swung round to face Henry who instinctively raised both his hands to defend his face. "Don't tell me you fell in love again? She has no great legs nor tits?"

"Hey! She has a sexy mouth. Look at her lips! Thick, sensuous, soft .... and the pout .... Wow! I would love to cover those with mine and suck the hell out of her."

I couldn't help pelting him with my file. Geezzzz...... men!

What makes you fall in love (some say lust) with an attractive opposite sex the first time you meet him/her?



  1. I... really don't know...... *wimpy grin*
    I used to think the face, at first, but I guess it must have been the eyes, actually..

    ps: Thanks so much for your votes!!! MUAKS!!

  2. I know lah! I know lah! Don't hem and hah with me ok?

    Geezzz..... men!

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  4. Please don't degrade the word LOVE.
    Love comes from our big head (which can think), not the other head (which only can react).

    p/s ECL, hope I didn't offend you

  5. Hi yenyong!
    You sure did and I'm gonna pelt you with stones!!! hahaha....

    huh? Did I sound like degrading love? Geezzzz.... it's Henry ok?

    Welcome, anyway.

  6. yenyong,
    You're still anonymous. No profile leh!

  7. haha the funniest damn thing i ever heard but alot of truth there!!

    coming from a guy, we do ogle. first impression counts, esp with great 'assets', haha

    but its not all that lah ... we guys do cherish ladies on the 'inside' too :-) .. personality shines thru after the initial drooling by us ...

    its the same with girls right, in sorts ... girls loves bad boy for kinky sex while good boy for lasting relationship

    uncle sha

  8. ECL, that's me leh. I dunno why Google change my display name.

    Ouch, ouch. Painful lar.

  9. Hi Grandpop Sha,
    Finally moved your old butt over huh? hehehe.... sorry for being rude.

    My post here is about 1st impression. A woman's assets - that's basically what you guys look at first, right?

    I know most guys would 'look deeper', when they are into the later part of the relationship lah! *snigger snigger*

    its the same with girls right, in sorts ... girls loves bad boy for kinky sex while good boy for lasting relationship

    I agree with you on this - 101%


  10. yenjai!!!
    For a moment I thought you 2-way plug. muahahaha....

    yenyong - 阴阳!?


  11. Hi Dear

    I think you fire Henry, I have some hours to spare in the morning.

    I can work well with this advertising agency.

    No pay or allowance required, just to ease your workload.

    Christopher Tan

  12. Yah... dream on!

    Since this post, I have 3 volunteers who sms me!!!

    Geezzz...... men!

  13. It should be Lust at First Sight instead.

    Btw, what's the name of the advertising agency? I may need to do some advertising stuffs too :P

  14. Hi unchartered waters,
    hahaha... one of the top agencies here. My, you should see the girls!

    Phewwww.... hot stuff.

  15. My hubby definitely will go for legs first lar..he is not much of a 'twinpeak' man..Me?..I..err...I...*cabuts*

  16. Hahaha, make me laugh like hell only this "Henry"! :)

    As for what makes me "fall in love", it has to do with smell - the right choice of cologne, wow, nothing beats that, man!

  17. ECL, hoi. Not 阴阳,Ok?
    Just that my surname is --> Yong

  18. Hello eve.
    haha.... so you have nice legs arh!

    wei!you haven't finished...

  19. shilpa....
    oh... you will get to meet him when you come to Singapore!

    oh.. cologne. Liddat blind also can choose!

    You closed your eyes wan arh! How come neber look at the man's ..... body parts? hehehe....

  20. yenjai
    So it is 阴勇 or 英勇? hehehe....

    English written version: Yen Yong
    Chinese written version: Yong Yen


    Either way still sounds feminine.

  21. 33 years old already still cannot tell the difference between love and lust. Haiz.... What a disgrace.

  22. wei dk,
    Dun anyhow criticise or judge people lah!

    We were fooling around. He cannot say "I'm in lust!" or "I'm horny!" to me, right.

    fyi, I'm his boss.

  23. I think most guys (if not all) think with the other head.... sadly.

  24. hahaha .... chillycraps.
    Thanks for your honesty!

  25. Alamak ECL, so many people to meet, how can?

    Aiyah, smell first then come and "inspect" the other parts mah! Hahaha!! What for body swee-swee but then got BO?!?! Hahaha!!

  26. Wow! Love your post. Like reading Harold Robbin's book.
    And he was lusting after her (them) with YOU around? Hmmmm.
    He didn't try that old trick of dropping a pencil or tying his shoe lace for better view, ha ha.
    I love your thoughts, especially 'planting kisses from toes up...".
    "SIA..? What? You still fully booked"? UL.

  27. I will be attracted to someone who has a personality that shines through.

    I get drawn more easily to gentlemen who are sensitive, mature, deep-thinking, humorous and has a radiating sense of integrity. If possible, he should have a deep, resonating,soothing voice. But whether such attractions develop further, that is another story.

    I have a Husband double bass that I am committed to already.

    But quite hard to find the kind of people I have described above in Singapore, would you think?

  28. I know who can tame him!


    Are Singapore guys really this bad? My goodness...

  29. Hey eastcoastlife, about this story, was it really happened? I just can't believe him. I don't think he is really 'fall in love' but thinking of something else... (Oops, I'm not being too explicit, am I?)

  30. shilpa,
    ya hor! Long queue leh, you would be so busy meeting people! :(

    hahaha... I cannot understand how you smell first, man! Usually ang moh guys would wear cologne, Asian guys seldom.

    You macam like dog, sniff first then eat. hahaha.... Oops!

  31. Uncle Lee,
    Young men liddat wan lah! Prefer young, sexy chicks, they overlooked the matured, enriching type! LOL.

    Henry is not so low-class lah! He's not the look-look type, he's the action type. If it was in a pub, the girl would be 'makaned' oredi. With me around, he has to give some respect mah!

    Uncle Lee, SIA still full arh? Alamak!

  32. oceanskies,
    No lah! Not that difficult. Usually guys liddat hide at home, playing or surfing the net, or listening to classical music.

    Your description of the guy is somewhat like your double-bass leh? hahaha....

  33. aiyoo Ed!
    You so bad lah! Ruhua!

    Not all Singapore guys lah! Most of them!!! hahaha....

    Henry is a nice guy. He just couldn't help feeling that way, the women are too hot!!!

    Damned! My smses and emails are all asking for the Agency's name! LOL....

  34. windy,
    yes, it happened. Henry is my employee. He's a great guy. Educated, fun, good-looking (haha... bet you all think he's ugly leh!), great physique.... he's hot himself! But men being men, they show their colours when off-guard.

    Of course he was thinking of SEX, do you think he is that innocent? Love? OMG!

  35. Oh, so I must blog more often about classical music, heritage to win myself a chance to come into contact with those charming guys with radiating personality right?

    You now know why I am attracted to the double bass.

  36. oceanskies,
    yes, tats right! They read your blog, will know you better mah!

    So must write more, ok?

  37. I've heard tat some men have got fetish on certain parts of the body, e.g. my brother in law fell in love with my sis cos she has got beautiful legs (of course, my sis was a ballet dancer).

    Mr Henry here has a huge appetite.

  38. hahaha... ya pinkie.

    Henry loves every part! Greedy man! hahaha....

  39. Hmmm... so you hire a creative director too? I am just wondering how that fits into your business or maybe you do have your fingers in more than one pie. Do you need a marketing communications director then? He he... ;0

  40. cool insider,
    I have other businesses :)

    I do need a Corporate Relations Director in the near future. Would you be interested to relocate to China? The person would be dealing with the Westerners.

  41. Hey .. ECL,
    I've asked PB .. your question.. since he is a man.. and it would prolly be a more accurate answer.. ;) This is what he said.. "I donch know..!!" can die or not..!!! I know why he said that though.. hahhaha!! so he doesn't get into trouble .. with me.. hahahha!!
    As for me.. it's his personality.. and his character.. integrity is very important to me too. Can't be with someone.. who has no integrity at all. Looks ain't important to me.. because they donch do a thing for me.

  42. Boss!!!!!!!

    You're absolutely horrendous and detestable! How could you put my story up for the whole world to read? I can't face the chicks anymore. Please don't take me off the project, I need the stimulation.

    Geez... I hate you.

  43. What makes me fall in lust (why lie)? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 7. Okay 6 too even though she is not in the picture.

    Though I like to look at smile then bums. Cannot have good legs without nice bum. Bosom is bonus.

    How come no pictures of the ladies in question? Just want to better understand the situation. ;)

  44. commenting now at 2:19am on thursday.. thats mean i was late like 12 hours OMG.

    the best sentence from u,
    "I used to have such legs too."
    Hahaha... u funnylah...

    U indeed deserve the "hottest Mommy blog". Wife said, she agreed. Hahahaha.
    so when is your 1st comment in the blog.. so sad... yet so true...

  45. The idea of the chase and what we may win in through our efforts is the the excitement. 99.9% of all of this stays in our brain and another part of our body. We do not fall in love. We are like the tiger or lion waiting to pounce and eat a little then run off to find another victim.
    Love on the other hand stays in our heart and nutures the soul. It is love that we need it is lust we want. We are no different then the males in another species.

  46. With your well written description, I think I was falling in love with the girl myself!

    Seriously, she has to have good intelligence and personality. That counts big time.


    I'm curious-33 yr old overseas graduate, bachelor, Creative Director...must have many gerfrenS ranging from A's Hair, to B's C's lips, and D's "peaks" Z's toes!

    He can go piece up a jigsaw puzzle with those lusted bodyparts!

  48. Hey at it's not his fault we were created so sublimely Hot Mama! LOL xox

  49. I guess Henry only fall in love with the body he was looking at.
    Anyway I dont believe in Love at First Sight, I don't think I will ever in love with any stranger.

  50. I first fell in love with my boyfriend more than 10 years ago when I saw him sitting on a bench in college. He wasn't studying at the same college but I was drawn to him.

    It might have been teenage lust but I know now that I saw something there that I've come to love and cherish today.

  51. mamabok,
    How can you ask papabok? Sure won't get the answer wan wat? You must let him personally comment mah!

    1st impression very difficult to see so many things leh!:)

  52. Henry
    HAHAHAHAHA..... your story has generated the most comments. I'm gonna dig out all the dirt from office next.......

  53. SA,
    Thanks for your honesty.

    Confirms what I think the men would like too! :) hehe....

  54. papajoneh!
    You're up so late? No husband duty tonight arh? hehe....

    Thanks to your wifey for her kind thoughts. I want to win the Hottest Mommy Blogger award too! Seeing that so many people are supporting me. :)

  55. Captain Picard,
    Ah... this thing called Love. Not even the great Captain can escape from it.... hehe....

  56. tigerfish,
    argh! With his good looks and abilities, Henry definitely has many girlfriends. Girls just flew to him like bees to honey, yet he's still lusting after more choicer ones. hehe....


  57. Tisha,
    haha... of course it is not Henry's fault! The girls were too hot. hehe.....

  58. Pauline,
    Henry wasn't falling in love with those babes. He was in lust. hahaha....

  59. Oooo .... etel,
    Had a bad experience? Guys are cute though.... :)

  60. Wah dieselfire!
    10 years ago and still together as -friends? Time to do something lor! :)

  61. 我们男人就这样落在女人手里 lor... Heheh.

  62. haha Chris,


    告诉所有男人: 不要急!芳草多的是, 慢慢挑!

  63. Yeah, love vs lust at first sight! That's what most people mistake for chemistry too...

    But this Henry, well, he is obviously compartmentalising women! Gosh!

  64. Hi love coach sg,
    Thanks for dropping in.

    hahaha... Henry has gotten his balls 'kicked' this morning. The whole office is having a ball teasing him.

    Let's be gentle to animals. Oops.

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  66. if lidat, he can "falls in love" hundred times a month :P

  67. hahaha.... ya, tats right. Common among the younger generation now.