Thursday, April 12, 2007

Does eastcoastlife irk you?

I published my blog under the pseudonym of eastcoastlife. And I have grown to love it. Very much. So much that I wanted Chris to change his practice to Eastcoastlife. And I was contemplating having T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas, bags embossed with it. hehehe......

Many bloggers now know eastcoastlife from Singapore. Many blogger friends know me as eastcoastlife and continue to call me eastcoastlife or ecl, even though they know my real name.

Do you have a problem with my pseudonym? One person has.

An over half-a-century old bloke has a problem respecting my wish of keeping my pseudonym in the blogosphere and in his posts. When he remarked that my pseudonym is a mouthful, I gave him my real name. Another reason was he uses his real name in his blog, so out of courtesy, since he has revealed his real name, I did too. Big mistake.

Because once I gave him my real name, he uses it frequently in his posts, and in the comments on both our blogs. The last straw that broke the camel's back was when he made a virtual medal with my real name glaringly obvious for everyone to see. I told him to take it down which he did with every comment I made, every mention of my name in his blog, and finally my link. Which I am more than happy to see.

And of course I wouldn't want to have anything to do with such a rotten character. So out goes his link on my side bar and I have been accused of being immature. So who is the childish one here?

And I did not remain anonymous, did I? My face is on my blog, MBL, Twitter...etc, smiling at you every time you see it. Unlike the old bloke who is faceless with just a name.

And I could go on. Like I sent him and some other male bloggers information I got from the web, sexy stuff. And he would mention it on his blog when he was told to specifically keep it to himself. The other guys have no problem keeping their mouths shut. I then wrote him off for his insensitivity and he later wrote a long email to apologise. I re-linked him.

He was adamant on knowing my age and other lady bloggers'. As if he was looking for a mistress. And as if he would qualify for one.

And when he came to my Bloggers' Popiah Party and declared (not request ok?) that he did not want himself or his family members exposed, I obliged. So where does his statement of me 'not being able to give and take' comes from?

And he being a civil servant in Mindef. I pity my son and those NS boys. This is the type of civil servants the gahmen wants, and is paying big bucks for. Obviously coming from a top school in Singapore does not mean a better human to the society. Shouldn't we taxpayers get mad?

There are certain things that do not require a reminder. I have hundreds of bloggers who read my blog and who correspond with me, they give me no problem. Those who know my real name, don't use it. It's simple courtesy.

It takes a whole village to get me really angry and to hit back. So if he wants a good fight, I'm always ready for battle. If you have read my posts, you won't want to mess with me. So one more post on me, I'll make sure your face will be beaming from every possible avenue. And I'll published the emails which we corresponded. I don't feel embarrassed. I'm ready to admit to what I wrote if I wrote it.

A story on my pseudonym
I was in Takashimaya Food Court on 7th February during lunch hour. I was standing in front of the Korean food stall, contemplating what to eat. Suddenly, "Excuse me, eastcoastlife!". I turned round to see a smiling young man in office attire holding a tray of hot soup noodles. I was in his way. Instinctively I stood aside and he walked pass me. I was dumbfounded. Did I hear wrongly?

If you are this guy at Takashimaya food court, and you are reading this post, please email me. I have a gift for you. You made me smile the whole day that day and even up to this day, whenever I think about it!

Do you have a problem with people who use a pseudonym?



  1. I'm sorry. I didn't know that 'Chio Chio De Aunty' is your real name and I didn't know that you want to keep it a secret.

    I shall stop using this name from now onwards. Sorry Sorry.... Don't hit my hand with ashtray.

  2. Haha. ECL.
    The world has all kind of characters.
    Deal with him anyway you like, ASAP, then forget about him.

    p/s Can I pretend to be that man in the food court? haha

  3. yenjai,
    How I deal with him will be posted on my blog.

    And you dun have to pretend to be the man in the food court lah! I can belanjar you any time, man!

  4. Eh, don't hug me leh. Wait your fans jealous and start an anti-DK blog. Then I die.

  5. aiyoooo dk,
    Hit you oso cannot, hug you oso cannot... then how?

    ei... want to go HK Tea House for tea? I belanjar.

  6. And all along I thought Eastcoastlife was your real name!

  7. i call u mamasan, i put on my blog mamasan and i know u wont hit me or get angry at me hehehehehe

    eh i also want gift

  8. but anyway, maybe I am old fashioned, and you can call me names for that, but I really thought asking for, or about, a woman's age is just really showing how immature the person is..

  9. ..unless it is a threat to National Security..

  10. lb,
    very farnee!!!

    That's why I'm pissed off when he keeps wanting to know how old I am. I'm over 40, so? Can guess 41 to 49,I dun care.

    How can I be a threat to National Security? Geezzz....

  11. munaks,
    I won't be angry over such thing lah!

    If you come to Singapore, I treat you dinner!

  12. We all use pseudonyms. "Son, Dad, Mom, Honey, Love etc etc.
    A name is just a string of letters that we use to identify ourselves or others. The real idenity is inside of us. If someone does not respect us enough to use a name that is requested then we have to disassoctiate from that person and live without their input. I use my pseudonym now "Friend"

  13. I love ya like a sister, and I don't have a problem with calling you "eastcoastlife." Your blog, your choice.

  14. EastCoastLife is a unique name ;)

    If tat person dunno how to respect others, then he doesn't deserve to be respected..

  15. For people who use a pseudonym on blogs and if I ever have a chance to meet them in personal, I would prefer to check with them how they prefer to be addressed in real-life.

    I would practice to using their pseudonyms when commenting or replying to them on blogs, unless their real name is obviously revealed in their profile.

  16. Gosh, whoever this young man is, I think he must have been quite a fan of yours!

    Please pardon me, I don't think I can recognise you with confidence on the streets if I had only seen a small-sized photo of you on your blog. So this young man sure deserves your gift.

  17. Teacher Dave,
    Thank you for being so supportive and a great friend. I am always so inspired by your thoughts.

  18. Hi Eastcoastlife, Me? I love mysterious women. So keep being icognito, more fun.
    Love the way you goreng and bungkus whoever that was re your name.
    Wow! Never knew you got a 3rd Dan in Karate? Ha ha.
    I better not drop my pencil near you.
    You have a nice day, ECL. UL.
    ps, ya la, SIA still fully booked!

  19. chen,
    You like the name too. Thanks.

    If tat person dunno how to respect others, then he doesn't deserve to be respected..


  20. oceanskies,
    Thank you for using my pseudonym when commenting and refering to me in your posts. I respect you very much for that.

    You know my real name and is able to address me by it when you call me personally. So it's not a problem.

    Regarding that young man, I was really surprised he could recognise me from my photo in the blog. It is really amazing, so that's why I'm giving him a gift. Hope he is still reading my blog :)

  21. yoyo Uncle Lee,

    haha... me mysterious? There's lots more to know about me. I'm a person who's full of surprises! Nobody would get bored in my presence. hahaha....

    You better not use that pencil trick you know, my long legs have no eyes!!! hahaha....

    aiyoyo... dun take SIA lah, change to other airlines lah!

  22. I don't have a problem with them... but it could be because I'm just LAZY! ~ jb///

  23. awwww....lz blogger,
    Welcome. And so kind of you to leave a comment. Not feeling lazy today huh! :)

  24. OK I shall call you A-List Blogger.... ;) Speaking of which you do seem to be a lot more prolific in blogging lately (what I would call a terabyte terror) and giving many many others a run for their money.

    For me, while I do have a pseudonym, it is also fine to call me by name. However, different strokes for different folks. What I do have on my blog is also a disclaimer because of what I do at work.

  25. Right, cool insider,
    You noticed huh!

    My ranking is even much higher than most top SEOs. And I dun sell any product! I have fun and am meeting top bloggers from all over the world. How hip is that?

    I do understand your job, so I try not to disturb you too much.

    Remember once I rant abt MOE's PR Dept and told u not to response, becos I noe u hv your difficulty. Not tat I'm a tyrant & dun wan u to response on your own blog. We have to be a considerate & sensitive blogger.

  26. You came across a weirdo there, ECL. The sort we don't want in the internet.

    Anonymity does provide a lot of comfort, though there are many that know my name and appearance. I always use a person's pseudonym when I talk to them even if I know their name, like I would with you if I knew your name.

  27. I have a big problem with it. wakakakaka! NOT!

    Pseudonyms are a personal choice ECL. Every blogger draws a line and readers should respect that line. If they cannot play by the rules then they need to go away.

    Waulau! You no sayang me. I got no humsap emails or IM from you. *snif snif*

  28. Speaking of military men, especially COMMISSIONED OFFICERS! makes my blood boil. I shall stop short of saying anymore.

    I guess for some people, they simply can't understand the gesture of respect and netiqutte. Afterall, our blogs are own space and we decide how we would like to be identified.

    Sidetracking a little, I was shocked to know your name after the mail. Same exact name as my ex-gf, with that additional Y. I guess it's for the same reason as being too plain without the Y. Is God trying to play a trick on me or what? *shrugs*

  29. You had an interesting blog and you put your face there.

  30. Captain Picard,
    Yes, I respect people if they want to be anonymous. Even if they have given me their real names in email, I still use their pseudonym in their blogs or in my comment box.

    Of course there are bloggers who swear me into secrecy when they share their real name or personal stuff with me. My lips are sealed.

  31. wahahahaha SA,
    Right, people who cannot play by the rules, please go away!

    You want humsap emails and IM? I shall bombard you with them! hahahaha.....

  32. ED,
    You seem to dislike quite a lot of civil servants. Same here, just can't stand their stupidity sometimes! And mostly, what irks me is their kiasism and their cowardly act to protect themselves whenever something goes wrong.

    Oh, you can see I'm not plain... whether physically or mentally. hahahaha... that's why the extra Y. And another reason is, Y also represents the middle finger, I won't be afraid to show to anyone who pisses me.

  33. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for stopping by. Welcome.

    Wah, you have so many blogs ah! kia si lang... how to maintain?

    You put your real name down. :)

  34. Why use your real name when you can have fun online calling yourself by whatever name you want that puts a smile on your face and others? Real names are used only in legal documentation related to money. In fact I've not filled out those forms for so long I kinda forget how to spell my real name sometimes... LOL

  35. fida baby,
    Yeah! It's fun to have a pseudonym, right? You can call yourself whatever you want, away from the boring real names!

    Pseudonym to me is fun. But when someone calls me by my real name, I have a warm feeling in my heart.

    Especially if a guy who has a manly voice calls my real name, my legs go weak!!! hahaha.....

  36. Hi ECL

    You did not check on the man background Lah.

    He must be from the anti-terrorism squad. he has to check everything on u lah.

    Who ask u to be so hot, want to wear white & worst still yr blogger ask you to seek election in Geylang, the chicks must sent in their complain hahaha...LOL

  37. wei anon nia,
    I have decided not to wear white, I'm changing to all black.... my new party colour!

    Check all they want, I'm gonna thrash some butts the next election!

    Eastcoastlife for 1st Woman Prime Minister of Singapore!


  38. Haha sounds like one of those 不打不相识 episodes where after a misunderstanding, the gal and the guy hate each other to the guts but still fall in love with each other at the end.

    Just joking ... please don't hump thump me!

  39. walau miss loi,
    This joke too far liao lah! You watch too much Korean dramas izzit?

    hump thump? Bash u wif my baseball bat! muahahahaha....

  40. time i go singapore i contact u ar?..i think the last time i went was in 2003 when i sat for my dermatology exam in NSC and i was staying with my uncle..Can't remember the place but i remember the MRT at bueno vista , i think..

  41. IF you run for elections, can I ask for a job from you? Making coffee for you considered as civil servant too right? LOL!

  42. Eve,
    sure, no problem! Contact me, let me know where I can help.

    Wah year 2003, so long oredi, time to come back for a visit! Liddat Singapore, cannot naik!

    You are also a dermatolgist? ho seh liao! I need to see you!

  43. Ed!
    Pleazzz lah! Get you to make kopi, wasted leh! Make my bed... er... ahem... cough... cough...

    Alamak, haven't even send in nomination form, oredi the 'coloured heart'(色心又起!) is showing! tsk tsk tsk....

    But here I inform my potential voters hor : I am honest! I am transparent! I will not lie to you! This is for the good of Singapore! You have to believe me! And I will donate my salary to all my charities! Vote eastcoastlife!!!

  44. ECL does not irk me (in fact I can relate to that :p ) ...and me no problem with pple who use pseudonym. I'm worse right, pseudonym PLUS "faceless"...or rather no real face other than that pink icon. Heh heh!
    Worse still, I use pink icon does not mean I like pink, HA!

  45. 1st Woman Prime Minister of Singapore???

    Not possible unless ur surname is Goh or Lee. Else you go play Goh-lee :P

  46. heh heh tigerfish,
    You oso live in the east coast of Singapore mah! - ok... used to.

    ya ... you're worse - no real name, no photo on your blog! But I dun care. You're a great person to be friend with, although we have never met.

    You dun like pink meh? I thot it's your favourite colour! See, I discover new things about you everyday.

    Friendship is like that. Drips of water become a flowing river....

    Thanks for being my friend.

  47. dk,

    My surname is GOH!!!

    yahooo.... 1st Woman Prime Minister of SIngapore!

  48. yeah i think everyone has pseudonym. easier to remember for 'old folks' like us. :-p

    your pseudonym reminds me of my NS days lah, haha. alot of physical ns stuff at NS

    ECL sounds better to me. BTW i've liked you up ECL at my blog

    good luck on the 'hottest mummy blogger around'! woohooo you go gurlfren


    uncle sha

  49. oh Gosh.. BEWARE!!

    Look out for DK, may be the accomplice of the hate man or also member of the A-T Squad.

    Trying to get your surname.

    Your Potential Minister of Security

  50. hey sha,
    Thanks for the link, you like me so much arh! Good for you, when I become PM, I'll remember you and give you a place in my cabinet. hehehe...

    wei... got vote for me in Hottest Mommy Blogger or not?

  51. anon neh,
    You dun leave your name, how I appoint you Minister of Security?

    For all I noe, u might be tat monkey!

    The Ministers know who I am whether I put ecl or linlaobu as my pseudonym. They know me.

  52. To be 1st woman PM in Sg, you need change surname to LEE, sori lah, but it's liddat wan!

    In fact, I hate pink! Only started to accept pink lately (coz getting old liow, so cannot everything black, gray, brown and blue...)...Buahahahh!

  53. tigerfish,
    Liddat easy, I go to my lawyer, do a deed poll tomorrow.

    Any Lee out there want to get married to the potential 1st Woman PM of Singapore? Must accept polygamy hor!

    Then surname become Ms Goh-Tan-Lee!

    hahaha... later will accept ang! Getting older liao....

  54. Lucky I am not that monkey. if not dunno what treatment I will received.

    I will email my detail to you. As long as u are safe every month, deposist my pay to bank a/c.

    Evry year got 50% pay increment & performance bonus or not.

    anon neh

  55. hahaha... I have an idea who u are :)

    Set ... now show yourself!

    Every year 50% pay increment & performance bonus ... haiz.. verrrry hard to convince the ppl leh! k...k... I try to take from GLCs. Wahahahaha.....

  56. hey, the Taka guy not reading ah?! Aiyah! Would be so fun if he identified himself! :)

  57. shilpa!
    I'm still waiting. ya... it would be fun :)

    I'm still waiting.......

  58. I think I will never accept ang kong kong stuff !:O

  59. tiger... hahahaha, too early to say that now! ;)

  60. Just read your blog on this .. kinda sad that the trust got abused so carefulessly. :(

  61. Hi sweetie, I just read this whole thing and I am appalled that some guy would do this. Eliminate him from your life. Done. OUT. Over. And if he doesn't respond appropriately..blast him on your blog...blast him everywhere..and ask all your friends to blast him as well. I'll stand by bet...THIS KIND OF STUFF IS INEXCUSABLE. Don't take any of this crap.

  62. yes paddy,
    I din expect this type of treatment from an educated person. It happened over a period of 2 months and I endured it. So silly!

  63. yes wackymom,
    That's what I would do. Thanks for your advice.

  64. Hi sweetie, me again, I couldn't help but think about. Did you know that you can a delete comment? If he's using your name up here? I just figured that out...but you've been doing this longer than me. But did you know you can literally delete an entire comment? Also, when you said over century old know that's me?

  65. wackymom,
    I thought a bloke means a guy? hahaha...

    I'm going to be over half a century old soon too, darling!:(

    I know about the comment deleting, ya. I can do it.

  66. No worries, you still got people like Izel and I ;)

  67. I meant in a good way not like a pest! hahaha..

    I bought some tarts but that's all cos really last min running here and there doing meetings in Macau. Crashed the bed only like 5am and then meetings start at 11am. Torture. haha!

  68. paddy,
    Thanks so much! And Izel too! You two are so lovable!

    The famous local product mah, so must buy some to try. Next time I go, I buy more for you all to try.

    er... provided I dun lose money until I have to pawn my pants. muahahahahaha......

  69. Hahah! Nah, I doubt you will lose any money. I won like 500HK only and it was not even me that is playing the game.

    I passed it to my friend and said go have fun, if you lost it it is okay. If you win, lets share. He placed 2000HK together with mine and won 5000HK in total. So share share lor :)

  70. Wow! Still manage to win money! That's a good sign man! Good luck wor!

  71. Is this half a century immature person at ?