Friday, April 13, 2007

Godzilla Big Pao!

Recommended by ieat and his foodies, Chris and I simply have to get this giant-sized meat bun. It was on Chris' mind when he first heard of it at the ieat-makan session. He wanted to 'fly' down to the stall a few times had I not stop him. We had lots of food at home then, courtesy of our overseas Chinese friends.

This morning, finally after having given away and finished the food at home, we could go down to Elias Mall for the much touted Godzilla da pao. Ever kiasu, Chris called in advance to reserve 4 Godzilla buns. We also bought 10 coffee buns.

We couldn't wait to eat the giant buns. When I pried open the white fluffy skin, a nice aroma permeated my senses. It accelerates the production of saliva and the involuntary action of taking a huge bite of it. Oh my! The juicy fillings coupled with the sweet fluffy skin makes me purrrrr....

The huge bun was filled with nicely marinated pork, mushrooms, Chinese sausage, one hard-boiled egg and a salted egg yolk. It costs S$3.50 for one.

The Coffee-skin Red Bean bun is also yummy. It doesn't look good physically (where got such treasure like me wan, look good and taste good. muahahahaha....). The tau sar (red bean paste) filling is coffee-flavoured. It has a nice coffee taste and aroma. It costs S$0.50 for one.
Since ieat's review, many foodies from as far as Jurong and Woodlands have flocked there. So if you want to be one of the flock, go support this nice stallholder couple. You can packed the buns and dimsum (yes, they sell dimsum too), then go spend a day at the Pasir Ris Beach nearby.

But if you want to surprise me or tapao supper, come on Saturday nights when I'm at the seaside fishing :)

Godzilla Handmade Tim Sum & Pau
G C Food Court Blk 623 Elias Mall
Jn of Elias Rd & Pasir Ris Dr 3
7am to 7pm (or until sold out)
HP 97523815

Singapore residents who are interested to join my Food Hunters Club, please register in my comment box.


  1. those meat buns look and sound yummmy..wish I could find them in Boston!!!

  2. I remembered eating some huge pork-filled pao before but they tasted a little oily and not very tasty. Your version looks much better and yummier with varied ingredients like egg and sausage. Must go and try one day.


    Anyway, can you email me?

  4. yo Tom,
    I bet you have never seen such big meat buns! Taste real good!

    So what do you have in Boston?

  5. yes cool insider,
    Go get the pao and dimsum and go picnic at Pasir Ris Beach.

    Ethan would be thrilled. The pao is probably bigger than his head. hehehe....

  6. Hi Ev!!!
    Thanks so much for voting for me and pimping me on your blog!

    Love you, muacck...

  7. It sounds tempting, but I shall volunteer to give it a miss. My intuitive alarm is on red alert. I need more quiet company, rather than nice food. *winks*

  8. Hi oceanskies,
    Not feeling well again? Hope when you are better we can have our Katong walk.

    I shall buy the pao for you one day. :) It's good.

  9. waaaah! now I'm hungry because of those buns!!!

  10. Hi Chino!
    So happy to see you! Welcome.

    Nice buns though. hahaha....

  11. Meat Buns! Wow never heard of them they look and sound delicious. I could almost taste them now.

    Thank You

  12. Alamak, I want to eat the tua pua! If they opened many years ago, I could go during lunch time ;p
    And come you only allow Singapore residents to join only? S;pore citizens cannot join meh?! I very thiam jiak one ler... this will be my first food club to join if I eligible :P~~~

  13. BIG BUNS!

    3 tugs on the main line = supper

    Make sure you keep the bell on your rod tip! And don't sleep!

  14. Hi ECL. Those buns look delicious. None in England, sadly enough.

  15. none in this part of Italy either.. Makes me wonder why the world is so unfair!!! Oh nevermind! Soon, soon... be still... relax... don't cry...

  16. Hi Eastcoastlife, thank you for your kind and generous offer. I could get the bun on my own if I were in the mood to eat paos.

    I am now in need of solitude to recharge. The Food Hunters Club sounds overwhelming large for me as you have such a large base of blog-supporters.

    The good news is that your readership has increased. Here, I would like to congratulate you, your blog's worth has increased to $398000.70.

    Nevertheless, I am still keen on the Katong Walk. I think the beautiful sights of Katong needs to be documented for future generations to experience, and to attract more people to experience Katong. I think I should feel better soon.

    Have a good weekend. Are you going for German Brunch this Sunday? If you are, please remember to make reservations early.

  17. Morning Teacher Dave!
    Wish you could taste them. They are yummy! :)

  18. tigerfish,
    When you come back, there will be lots of things for you to eat.

    You are eligible lah! You can join first, then when you come back, you can join us on the Food Hunt. At the meantime, I'll just post what we eat in Singapore! hehehe.....

  19. hehehe Ed
    Right, supper would be ultra fresh fish porridge! slurp... slurp....

  20. Captain Picard,
    You would find the smaller version of these meat buns in Chinatown's dimsum restaurants.

    So you live in England :)

  21. lb
    See what you are gonna eat when you come to Singapore! So make plans or not?

    Oh, I have to show the red light district, right? hahaha.....

  22. I'm pimping you on my blog!! You are too funny my sweet friend. You make me laugh so hard. I love to come and visit you! Are you going to do the meme? You did see that I tagged you didn't you????

  23. oceanskies,
    I'll wait for you until you are ready. Katong is a beautiful place with a rich history and has lots of interesting stories for us to appreciate.

    yes, my readership has gone up, thanks to the support of readers. How I wish the money is not virtual! :(

    I'm not going to the German Brunch, I'm going to Bollywood Farm!

  24. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    Bollywood Farm? Where is this place?

  25. LB, if you are keen on the red-light district, you may be pleased to know that I have blogged about a night walk to Chinatown right on my blog.

    But I am sorry that my post did not focus much on the red-light district part, but according to the historical records, in 1887, brothels proliferated in the Chinatown area of Singapore. Yah, 1887.

  26. one wacky mom!
    ya I saw the tag, and I was going to put it up next week.

    I would love to see you in person and with your hubby and your boys! My, that would be fun, wouldn't it?

    I love reading your blog too. You are so wacky. hahaha....

    Please come visit me soon! Love xoxox

  27. oceanskies,
    Bollywood farm is in the North, Lim Chu Kang Agrotech Park. Owned by former Netball Association's President Ivy Singh. Heard it's a nice place.

    oceanskies, you did a post on the red-light district? You actually went to check it out... alone? Geeezzz.....

  28. Err..I went with a tour group, onboard my favourite Original Singapore Walks. But I went for the tour alone, and then joined the rest of the tour group.

  29. oceanskies,
    oh I see. hehehe... For a moment, I couldn't believe you would go to such a place.

  30. I register ... so you can show me where to buy it, should I go to Singapore.

  31. yenjai,
    Lunch time now ah?

    You always come Singapore meh? Show you also you dun come often wat? hahaha... can lah! Bring you jalan-jalan and cari makan. I can bring to Malaysia for you wor!

    But I heard Malaysia oso have this big pao called 叶子媚大包!In Ipoh or where. When I go to Malaysia, I want to find it! hehehe...

  32. Indeed a huge & gigantic pao
    wonder if i can finish the pao all by myself or not? :P

  33. chen,
    Unless you are a big eater lah! Quite big you know. It's about 2 rice bowl of ingredients. You have to share lor.

  34. my goodness..
    2 rice bowls of ingredients???
    so huge :D

  35. ya... hehehe

    tats why say you must be a big-eater to finish one big pao liddat!

  36. Hey when you pop over to Bollywood Veggies do blog about it too. I have always been curious how its like and can then consider whether to bring Ethan there or not.

    I just did a Botanic Gardens with lots of photos. If I am up to it later tonight, will blog about it. ;)

  37. Oh cool insider,
    Of course I would blog about it, if not go all the way there to feed mosquitoes? hahahaha.....

    Look forward to your Botanic Gardens post!

  38. Woa... this tua bao... is it for human consumption one arh? Goodness. But it sure looks yummy. And how nice and thotful of you to throw in the map to show us the whereabout of this stall. Thanks! Pasir Ris not very far from my house. Gonna go buy the ta bao one day!

  39. I figure that I should learn more about alternative lifestyles in Singapore. Some of my potential clients could be member of those in lifestyles different from mine.

    I would be keen if there would be a Geylang walking tour.

  40. gosh, thanks for the review man, gonna visit asap and try it!!!

  41. The meat bun looks so juicy and it must have tasted yummy.

    I dont really like coffee, but the coffee skin red bean bun looked interesting to me.

    I will check this one of these days.

    Glad that I have visited your blog.

  42. chris,
    Big hor! F-cup! hehehe.... It's really yummy. Oh ya, near your house hor, good for you. Go get for your parents and family :)

  43. oceanskies,
    yes, that's right... learn more about the lifestyles of others.

    Let's do the Geylang tour together!

  44. pink hippo,
    Thanks for dropping in. Welcome.

    The buns are delicious. Try the coffee-skin buns lah, I find it unique. A nice combination. I would eat it again.....

  45. I will be keen on the Geylang tour. However, I shall now be careful about saying "Yes" to it. There are so many things that I wish to do, and there's only 24 hours a day. I shall learn not to bite more than I can chew.

  46. oceanskies,
    yes, there are so many things we want to do but time is a factor.

  47. I want one of those baos. Just don't give me too. Might not survive. hehe

    I wanna join your food club. Darn lake is in the way.

  48. simple american,
    You will get to eat this when you come to Singapore. haha... I doubt you can finish one.

    haha... I'll bring you to all my favourite eateries and restaurants when you come to Singapore.