Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vote for my Valentine's Day Story

AsiaOne has a Valentine's Day Contest. Tell your story of the special someone who you love and win a 2D1N stay in Bintan Resort. 5 lucky voters get a S$100 Kooshi voucher.

I have entered my story and you can also do so through here.

Please vote for me. My story is number 0085. Contest closes on 9th February.

As the ruling party in the house, I have always enjoyed obedience, loyalty & unanimous votes for all my decisions. To the weak (hubby Chris) & the nobody (son Jaymes), for your undying devotion & commitment to my ruling, I promise, you will not be left behind. Thank you for 'holding your tongues' so that we can enjoy peace, prosperity & harmony for our family. My loves, Happy Valentine's Day!

If I win, I'll blog about my raunchy Valentine's costume & my Valentine's night. hahaha ...........


  1. Alamak, love by power and overpowering, you think can win? I think submit the story on your first gigolo got better chance.

  2. hahahahaha .......... it's just for the fun of it, must always want to win wan meh?

  3. ah hahahaha... Mamabok!
    You want to read my raunchy Valentine's night, is it?

  4. Mine is IN too! Must vote yours since you ruling party mah...if not kena "blackmarked/blacklisted"...haha
    But really enjoyed that humorous snippet coz I read btw the lines :)
    If you win, pls cash in your prize/vouchers...then I can be entitled to some kind of non-baby bonus packages...some kind of progressive package can hor? Those that put $ in my a/c one....buahahahahhaa

  5. oh, b4 i forget, can i get your email address so that i can make a claim from you ? everything must be on paper right, with the ruling party? hahahahaha...

    (on a serious note:you dun have to publish this if you don't wish to. coz i dun even know ur real name yet...just in case i meet u along east coast rd one day, i don't want to be shouting out "eastcoastlife"...heehee
    u can find my email in my blog profile).
    But if you scared i make claims from you, dun give email address also can lah!

  6. zeezee,
    死了!I thought everybody would send in their story & nobody would vote for me. Looks like I painted myself into a spot.

    You all really want to hear my dirty sex meh?

  7. tigerfish,
    walau! another one.

    See, 姜还是老的辣!Can read between the lines wor!

    That's what I thought ma, my post is so witty. 为甚么没有人欣赏了呢?哈哈

    Now is think how to 'keep this tragic end'. 收拾残局

  8. Boss,
    Everyone at the office is voting for you. And we also call our friends and families to vote for you.

    We waiting for your Valentine's night story huh!!!!

  9. WHO'S That??????

    I got prize, you all first ones to die! Know I scared oredi still purposely do it.