Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gift from oceanskies

I met oceanskies at Hong Kong Tea House this morning to pass her some sandpaper. And she gave me a box of chocolates from Chocz. awww.... so sweet of her!
Consider that an early Valentine's Day gift then!
Thanks PY, the chocs are good!
6 different flavours,
picked by her.


  1. You are most welcome.

    One of it has a durian flavour core...I keep my fingers crossed that you do take durian...

  2. Oh PY,
    So it really is durian! I was telling my hubby, the choc got durian taste wan and he said it must be because I ate a durian mousse just now. hahaha..... I love durians.

    Last night I bought durians at Carrefour. D24, very good.

    Oooo, the chocs are good. The liquor ones are not too strong. Pleasant taste.

  3. Not bad what. Sandpaper exchange for chocolates.

  4. You got that 24-K gold necklace as a gift too and you chose to focus your attention on just the sinful chocolates?

  5. hahaha... see how great my trading skills is.

    Hey, let's see what I can trade for my chocolates. Any offer? I want to eventually get a house.

    What 24K gold necklace?

  6. chocolate--pretty to look at--what could be better?

  7. Isn't that a thick 24K gold necklace encircling the word 'Chocz' in the photo?

  8. It's alright. You don't have to make so harsh on yourself. I can't catch jokes sometimes too, haha.

  9. That was nice. But then oceanskies is such a sweet girl.

  10. ocaenskies,
    Thanks. I really enjoy the chocolates. Hope Chris gets the hints I've been dropping him :)

  11. I don't know if you realised that one of the white colour one has a mango-like favour, because I remember some kind of mango-puree was used to make that chocolate.

    Anyway, hint hint that Valentine's Day is coming. One more week.

  12. Err.. I meant to say: Hint to Chris that V-Day's coming...

  13. I can't really remember the colour but there was a mango-flavoured one. All the chocolates beri nice la.

    Everyday I sing love songs to remind him. hehehe........ if he still forgets, then God bless him.