Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What do you do during boring meetings?

When I read Lis list of what she did during those long, boring meetings, I got a shock.

One of the items on her list was : She imagined her boss naked.

It freaked me out. What?! Would my male employees imagine me without my clothes on too? I have to know the answer, so after this morning's usual weekly meeting, I gave the whole group of 18 guys and 15 gals this survy sheet.

During the long, boring meetings conducted by Boss, I imagine
1. her without any clothes on.

2. her wearing a skimpy bikini.

3. having sex with her.

4. (write your own)

Votes for question number
1. 20

oh, so some of the gals do imagine me naked. Cool. My body must be something huh.

2. 9

ok, not so many of them are thrilled to see me in a bikini.

3. 20

What?! Some of the gals like me so much? ....... False alarm. Turns out all the girls wrote a 'YES' to frame the guys! cheh! In fact, only 5 guys answered YES.

Some of the guys were shocked that their colleagues would imagine having sex with me while I'm conducting a meeting. A few do admit to having this thought at some time during their work. I have to disappoint you guys. This is wrong and is not to be encouraged.

4. I was 'horrified' by the answers to this open question. I was equally flattered by what these gremlins imagine doing to me. These are no-holds barred answers, so it gets a little out of hand and I cannot post them here.

It was an unusal meeting today. But it was one meeting that I got their full attention for an hour and they were very spontaneous. They didn't even want to end it!

ya ..... I'm a wacky Mom, a wacky teacher, a wacky wife ... and a wacky Boss!!!

hmmm, I have to sign up for that gym class soon......... Hope to walk into the meeting one day in my bikini and thrill, er.... I mean shock the Hell out of them. hahaha........

What do you do during long boring meetings?


  1. One solution to avoid your subordinates straying that way is not to conduct boring meetings. Since you are the boss so you are in full control. But I have a strong feeling that you purposely conducted boring meetings.

  2. hahaha.... I'm so wacky, my meetings cannot be so boring right?
    My meetings cannot be always fun la. There are times when there are serious matters to discuss. And there are times when they get f***. That, I can tell you, is not fun.

  3. When I worked, I engaged in the following meeting (mis)behavior:

    -Whispered with other team members
    -Laughed at the MD when he told jokes (he was good at it, really sarcastic)
    -Wrote mental health evaluations
    -Drank coffee
    -Doodled on my paperwork
    -Pondered in-depth, probing questions, like what should I have for dinner tonight?

    And there's more, but I won't bore you with the details :)

  4. Bunny Beth,
    hahaha... I think most people do that, don't they. Giving your full attention during meetings is quite impossible.

  5. wacky lady! stay as wacky as you are, we love ya that way!

    I just conitnue my "to do" list instead of wasting my time with all the blah blah!


  6. WAT??!!!
    Cant believe u really did dat. *PENG*
    ha.. u win liao lor.. another 创举!

  7. Hot Tisha!
    Thanks for loving me despite my shortcomings!

  8. zeezee,
    I'm 'rediscovering' myself everyday! hahaha....

    创举? You think I do this for Guiness World of Records arh?

  9. Eh..during boring meetings, I would think of ways to make it end short and sweet, or find ways to make it more interesting for myself.

    But at times I may space out to just observe what others might be doing....

  10. I hope none of the staffs do that when I conduct meetings. But then again, those are seldom boring ones. Usually 'chop chop', go in 'bang' and wrap it up and move on :)

    No time for them to think otherwise.

  11. I think you would look much better in a bikini than I would. 0.0

  12. hmmmmm--I am sure there is some truth there--but I don't know if I totally belive ALL of the girls were just trying to frame the guys:)


  13. No horse run or "bo bei zao" as the hokkiens would say. I wonder how your staff view these warm and friendly overtures. With much joy and laughter or a tinge of fear?


  14. oceanskies
    I'm sure you have lots of meetings to attend, I am curious to know how you 'find ways to make it more interesting for yourself'. hehe...

  15. Wah Paddy,
    The 5-minute guy arh!
    Hope this boardroom style doesn't extend to bedroom.

  16. SA,
    ahem.... I think I look better in a bikini too.  :)

  17. becky C,
    You think the girls have a thing for me too?! oh my!

  18. Fear?
    I didn't think of that?

    The staff try to get as far away from me as possible when I get angry, but I don't think they should fear me because I have always been a very caring, open, understanding, generous Boss.

    Note : Any of my gremlins want to comment otherwise will have their salaries cut and bonus confiscated!

  19. I hate meeting, boring or not. But your meeting very interesting leh!
    During boring meetings, I complete switch off loh...you know like a fish? Eyes open big big but actually sleeping....LOL!! Buahahahhaha

  20. tigerfish,
    hahaha.... ok, so now I'm going to catch those who are 'eyes big big' during my meetings. muahahaha.......

  21. I participate, and add some of my most controversial ideas....

  22. Bedroom? Oi! We talking about meetings here leh, you tiko leh. hahah!

  23. hahaha... sometimes meeting can go to bedroom, you dunno meh? You need a mentor, NOT referring to ME!

  24. Huh? Did I give you an answer that you have expected?

  25. hahaha..... oceanskies.
    You so cute huh! I pulling your leg la!

  26. If I'm really bored, my mind would flash back to some porn movies I've seen before.... and I would try to enact them with the SYTs in the room lor, not necessary with the boss. But if I my boss is anything like you, I'd definitely do the unmentionables one. This is a compliment to ya, hot mama!

    Dun blame me, I'm just juz human wat. LOL

  27. Chris!
    hahaha.... porn in the meeting room! Ok, not surprised by your honesty now.

  28. I'm glad to know my little list has uhm... motivated you to start those gym sessions. Heh.

    I'm not sure I want to imagine my middle-aged male boss in a bikini...

  29. hahaha.... Lis, you didn't mention that your boss was middle-aged in your post :(