Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of Kaya Toast & Teh-si

I have breakfast with Chris and his classmates at YY Kafe this morning. I have passed by this Hainanese coffee shop a few times and wanted to try its toast but didn't get to do so until today.

The place was packed and we had to wait for a table. Luckily we have time to spare so we waited patiently.

We finally have a table after 20 minutes of waiting. I just wanted to try its teh-si (tea with evaporated milk) and kaya (coconut & egg spread) toast. Chris and his classmates ordered coffee.

YY uses buns for their toast. Freshly baked, its oh-so-soft texture is a delight to eat. I love to drink tea and its teh-si is fabulous! Thick and flavourful, I would drink a few more cups if I could. I can't drink coffee but YY's coffee is aromatic and Chris said it tastes good too.

The cafe sells the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, Lemon Chicken and BBQ pork & Wanton Noodles too.

As we were walking back to our shop, I saw Hock Lam Street Famous Beef Noodle. One lawyer friend has recommended its delicious beef noodles so I bought one packet of Beef Kway Teow (S$5) for my lunch.

The soup tastes great. The beef was thinly sliced and tender. Its chilli sauce is awesome! The beef noodle is very good, just as my friend has recommended. I will try its dry version & beef balls another day.

YY Kafe
37 Beach Road

Hock Lam Street Famous Beef Noodle
oh my God! forgot to take down the address, dunno-what Street... hehehe


  1. Better than Ya Kun arh ? How come u no drink kopi ? I think I know this one too, at the corner one right ? But I ne'er tried b4.
    I tried the Hock Lam noodle not in Hock Lam b4 leh...that one is really dunno-what street lah!

  2. Better than Ya Kun!!!
    I can't drink coffee because stomach can't take it, I would throw out if I did.

    Heard Hock Lam Beef Noodles is popular. It's good.

  3. The beef noodle is in Purvis Street lah. Very easy to remember, especially for you - just remember pelvis.

  4. More good food. No one starves in Singapore? Looks impossible.

  5. Victor,
    what! Everything lin lao bei one arh? Lee Hsien Loong also dare not tok to me liddat arh!

    Pelvis? Remember for what? I got the V. You also have. hahaha... go figure it out.

  6. SA,
    NOBODY starves in Singapore!!! ya, you're right. hahaha.....

    Come on over, I bring you go makan round Singapore.

  7. Wacky Mum, how come ur comment board become more n more R-rated?
    Okie.. i shall censor away all the Ps & Vs n juz look at wat i want to see.
    U noe the moment i saw the toast bread pix, I onli hv one thot in mind 'I wanna go HOME'.
    My conclusion: homesick=foodsick.

  8. Huh? What R-rated? What Ps & Vs? Oh tat..... Pelvis & Victory ma.

  9. Here in Malaysia the "real" hainanese coffee shops serve thick pieces of bread in stead of bun. Further on also completely crowded, its a dying art...

    Quick Dinner Recipes

  10. I remember that I have commented and put up the address of the Hock Lam Beef Noodle here, but I wonder where it went to. anyway it is:

    Best Beef Noodle
    Popular Hock Lam (Purvis St)
    27 Purvis Street, #01-01
    Singapore 188604

  11. SkinnyCook,
    In Singapore, some coffee shops also serve thick slices of bread. This particular one is one of those that serves buns.

    I must hit the Hainanese coffee shops the next time I go to Malaysia.

  12. oceanskies!
    Thanks for the address. Let's have a meal there one day arh!

  13. Sure. My treat. But when? I only go to town on some of the weekends because my work is overloading me.....and I don't work near or in town....

  14. sure. Please don't get angry with me if I didn't pick up the phone when you call. It is likely that I am conducting counselling sessions, in meetings, listening to a concert or rehearsing.

  15. If you want the best Taiwnese beef noodle - go to Tan's Beef Noodle at Blk 44 Holland Dr Food Centre. The food centre is on the 1st floor. The Taiwanese beef noodle is the most authentic I've found so far. The beef is very tender and the soup is so fragrant - just like what you find in the night market in Taipei.

  16. Hi!!! I Googled for Teh Si and found your blog! I just tried making Teh Si but failed. The taste is there but not the presentation. The Teh Si in Melaka is a mixture of Gula Melaka, Evaporated Milk and Tea. I just can't get that nice layer of black (gula melaka), white (milk) and brown (tea).