Thursday, February 08, 2007

How to reply to a dissatisfied customer

Some people, like me also la, just cannot live and let die. Even after the bank has sent a reply (Of course cut & paste, what do you expect? How old are you? Live in Singapore so long, don't know what to expect if you want to complain?) and the staff concerned has apologised, he still can 碎碎念 (grumble).

Cannot tahan (tolerate) him, so I gave him my version of what-he-deserve reply. And probably what the PR officer want to give to him too.


Mr Koo, Maybe you would like my reply.

Dear Mr Koo,
Thank you for your email dated 03/02/07.

Sorry my staff is so kurang ajar la. Dun worry ok, I f#*@ him oredi la. How can be so no big no small! Although your deposit is not so fantastic huh, but we cannot look down on small people aso ma.

The quality of our service if I say we are number 2, nobody dare admit they are number 1. Sure customer satisfied wan. We very appreciate you take time to complain. However, we cannot do anything about your loan. The bank is not my lao bei's one.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Direct Banging

Another email after reading your blog.

Walau Mr Koo,
You still buay song arh. I say solly oredi leh. Wat you want?

You dun respect wine u dun drink, drink punish wine ok. Dun play play.

You want to come out and one-to-one? simi lc.

lin lao bei

This is what eastcoastlife do to people like you. Complain some more.

And cool insider, don't you sometimes want to write such replies. hahaha........


  1. Waaah... How come you also know ah? Shhhhhh don't call my bluff! Must nominate you for asian blogger next man! BTW, I am sure Straits Times or The New Paper will be keen to do a feature on you like mothers that blog for example. Maybe Zaobao too. How... interested or not?

  2. No thanks, cool insider. I don't want such attention.

    I'm chor loh lang (uncouth person), later make my son & husband malu (embarrassed).

  3. lol @ your reply to cool insider.

    Must be cheaper to gripe than compliment others? Seems that way sometimes.

  4. Walau eh, didn't visit your blog for one day only and you got 4 new posts up! Slow down woman, I can't keep up reading your posts, not to mention commenting.

    Can write 2 so stinking and stinging emails, you last time PRO (Public Relations Officer) ah? Or is it GRO (Guest Relations Officer)? Which nightclub?

  5. Huh? SA,
    I dumb woman, catch no ball。

    I don't understand what you say, so profound.

  6. Victor,
    You no need to be so kind to me. I sound more than a pimp writing to her customer leh. muahahaha....

    Wah, your skin so thick, can feel the sting meh?

    As I write, I laugh until I stomachache. I don't know how I can write such a classic 经典。

    Wah, buay tahan arh. I reread it so many times. 我沾沾自喜! 哈哈哈!

  7. Hehehe.... Jayne... walau eh... I aso laugh until i peng. I think, you, being at the front line of this thingy called customer service, must have seen the like of people such as Victor countless time hor. But pls have mercy on him lah. Nasty mama! But I like .... wahahahaha...

  8. hahaha....Chris. Victor never ask for mercy wat why ask on behalf of him. I think he enjoys it.

    S9ometimes when I meet such people, I just want to 鸟 them! 哈哈哈

  9. It seems like this chap could not let it go. Unless I misunderstood. So he continued to complain long after the complaint was necessary. So cheaper to gripe than say thanks for looking into this matter.

  10. Hi SA, 'this chap' speaking here. What are you saying? It's not that I could not let go or it's cheaper for me to gripe.

    I thought what I went through was bad enough until I saw Vincent Ferrari trying to cancel his AOL account. BTW, I think it happened in America where you live, I suppose.

  11. I cant stop laughing reading your post! Should it be lin lao bu? ;p :`D

  12. wokking mum,
    hahaha.... I dun want to be his lao bu, man!