Friday, February 09, 2007

Not another SOB

P invited me to lunch to discuss a major business decision I have to make soon. We went to a coffee-house in Orchard Road. I'm not going to talk about the lunch because I couldn't remember the taste of anything now.

At first I talked about my plans, and he offered suggestions. He gave me many ideas. We were sipping tea after lunch when suddenly P looked very serious and said,"Jayne, I've fallen in love with you. I love you. I want you."

I put my cup of tea down and looked at him, no, stare at him. I can't believe my ears as he went on and on.

This man, was like an elder brother to me. His wife goes shopping with me and we have meals together regularly. And I tutored his two younger kids. What the Hell was he doing now?

I stood up and walked out of the coffee-house. I went straight home. To my room and cry.

I cry for his wife, who is a great lady. I would be very hurt if the husband I adore wants to f*** your friend and keep her in another home.

I don't look for trouble but trouble always looks for me. Is it wrong to be friendly with men? Whatever little belief I have in platonic relationships has diminished - now. Finish. kaput! Habis. It happens ever so often, to me.

The Fengshui Master says I 命带桃花 have a life fraught with affairs of the heart. sigh...... 没得救. He has no remedy for this. I just have to deal with it. And it happens, at least once or more a year.

I'm no beauty, just pleasant looking. A friend said I'm attractive. And I then learnt that attractive means at least one person wants to sleep with you. (roll my eyes) Oh, I'm flattered.

The Fengshui Master says I have killer-eyes. But my eyes are so small. Maybe they make me look humsup (lecherous? but that is a term for men).

I don't have many male-friends and those who are left, I have to keep a distance. Why do I want to have male friends? Because some women are so petty, jealous, scheming and bitchy, I prefer men who are more straightforward. They are easier to understand. oh ya, I thought so, look at what happened.

You guys think just because a woman is married, she would most willingly jump into another bed. And if a woman is confident of her body and open about sex topics, she is willing to have sex with any guy whom she's friemdly. Pui!

Go away, I'm in the mood for bashing men.


  1. i am speechless...
    i feel sad for the wife too
    but then ah...u do look attractive and sexy, i see also kenot tahan! kahkahkahkah

  2. The female term for 'lecherous' is 'lascivious', I think. Looks like you are still tender ginger like you claimed. I don't know about others but personally, I am put off by a woman who swears and spits during tender moments in bed. So no worries, I pose no threat.

  3. mama-san, yeah i feel sad for the guys wife. Sometimes people mistake an open mind with iaccepteverything attitude. sometimes people mistake appreciation with submission, get the drift?

  4. this is a sad, if not unusual tale. it seems an unfortunate by prodcut of the human condition is to seek out what we can't have, bringing pain upon ourselves and others (like the objects of our misplaced affections)...
    thank you for being strong and looking forward.
    stay strong.

  5. Being a married man and hitting on your Wife's best friend is immoral and inappropriate in so many ways.

    But I have to tell you...If a man is hanging around you and wants to be in your company - unless it's your Brother, Son or Father - it's because he wants to have sex with you. This is how we operate. We're not evil and it's not wrong. It's what we do.

    I don't believe that Men and Women can be more than casual friends if they can be friends at all. Sexual attraction always creeps in. It's natural in a way.

    Initmate friendships between Men and Women are for lovers and couples.


    Well I guess this is a bad time to share this...

    ECL I have to tell you:

    I've fallen in love with you...r BlogLog Visitor Wall!

    Okay. Bad joke.

    Gregg Scott

  6. u blog so much i have a hard time keeping up darling!!

  7. Jayne, go watch "When Harry Met Sally" and you would understand why men and women can never be juz friends.

    Why do men wanna ruin a beautiful friendship with sex? Well, simply because we men, more often than not, think with our dickhead. But getting involved with the wife's best friend is another story....

    Cry it out, hot mama..... who asked you to be so hot?

  8. I was reading an article, (I can't remember where) and it says that usually for men (at least 99% of them), they would only bother to befriend a female person if they have a liking for the person. To some extent, I realised that it could be true. I think it applies to this man.

    Men are certainly more straight forward. Not all women are petty and jealous, I hope? I certainly don't wish to be classified as such...

  9. Ew.. hitting on wife's gd friend, unforgivable. That man deserves some serious spanking.

    Poor thing, dun brood over it. Afterall its not ur fault, dun let others action defines ur mood. Next time, rem to open ur small eyes wide wide, dun ever mistake the wolf under the sheep skin as little lamb again.

    Not sure whether all men r like dat, not in the position to judge. however wat Gweggy said kinda put me in an alarmed mode. I do hv couple of male buddies. I guess ultimately it deps on one's character.

    And i do agree with dat article oceanskies79 mentioned. When we want to befriends wif someone, we certainly hv some likings twds that particular person, be it male or female. But the likings can be rather simple- pure adoration or admiration, not necessarily involves sophisticated feelings or the big 'S'.

    Hope u wake up to a better day and stay HOT despite all odds, wacky mum!

  10. PY - If men really bother to befriend a female person if they have a liking for the person, then I better stay away from this blog.

  11. You are pretty. Go ahead and bash me.

    Have to agree though. Last year I tried to play with a Platonic infatuation and discovered that does not work. Next thing I knew is my emotions are all broiled up.

    And really that is what happens. A man gets his chemistry all worked and starts thinking with the wrong head. If men would use the correct noggin they would always be loyal to the woman that deserves it. Wife/finace'/girl friend.

    There is no excuse for thinking with the wrong head. But realize that not every man does this. But when one does, like this one did you need to do what you did this time. Just get out of there.

  12. Does his wife know you keep a blog?
    ...don't ask me go away and bash me up leh...coz' I'm not men (them), and I'm totally with you.
    I thought of this song -天下的妈妈(no...男人)都是一样的, oh oh oh...天下的妈妈(no...男人)都是一样的

  13. All men hamsub lah, what to do? Just to have a married good friend is not really a friend.

    Which shows when he wants to lie to his wife, he also lies to u. Men are simple and therefore straightforward :-)

  14. heck yeah HOT MAMA and they say we are "complicated" jeez!

    most of my friends are male and for the same reasons you stated and it isn't always easy to manage - this P guy obviously needs attention no offense to his wife


  15. >I'm in the mood for bashing men.

    Are you sure you're not in the mood for banging them? Muahahaha.

  16. hey you... what a pickle you're in. always do the right thing... treasure your friendship with his wife. he's just being a jerk

    anyway i disagree that asian will never win BOTB. I'm an asian and there are times when I did won the battles. FYI i always vote for you :P

  17. miche arh!
    Still can joke! 我是红颜祸水!

  18. Victor,


    Alarm bells are ringing!!!!!

  19. Gweggy,
    I know men well, this was so unexpected.

    Don't worry , despite this, I still love men. Yeah!!!

    Oh, not only do I love your BlogLog Visitor Wall, my readers love it too!!! Thanks!

  20. simplyetel,
    bo bian leh! My life is so exciting huh?

  21. Chris,
    Thanks for your honesty.

    I know that :
    1. men and women can never be juz friends,

    2. men think with their dickheads,

    3. I'm too hot.

    That's why I stay far away from you two. Understand?

  22. oceanskies,
    You will never fall under those classifications. You're too sweet!

    99% huh? whew!

  23. zeezee arh!
    I'm only acting humble, I said I got small eyes, you go rub salt into my wound some more. no big no small!

    I wonder how a guy will re-act when I do this to him leh? hmmm..... probably can't wait to take off his pants!

  24. Aaahhhh Simple American,
    I thought I saw a hint of such an incident in your blog. There was no elaboration though.

    Such a big man, being controlled by the little head... tsk tsk tsk...

  25. tigerfish,
    I won't bash you.... I want to squeeze you! hahaha.....

    Now I know why you dun want to meet me, give excuse that you only stay 5 days. Scared I seduce your husband la! muahahaha.........

    天下的老婆都是自私的 ooh... 天下的老婆都是自私的 !

  26. hainan,
    thanks for dropping by and joining in the fun.

    ya hor, most men are humsup hor....but I like. Or else who wants to look at us women, especially me? muahahaha....

  27. Hot babe Tisha,
    ya baby, we face the same problems with men, dun we?

    I'm complicated alright...., simple man was thinking I was probably simple like him. hmmmm.....

  28. Victor,
    Are you hoping I would bang you? Maybe... if I grow a 6 inch rod. muahahaha.......

  29. Fida,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I hope to keep my gf's friendship but the ball(s) is in the other court. hahaha....

    Hey I always vote for you too! I'm feeling sore from all those loses. Hope you have better luck at BOTB.

  30. You dunno how glad Victor and I were to see your responses to all the people who've commented on your post. For a moment, we tot you've done something foolish! Phew!

    Why stay away from us? I won't bite one lah. But I'm not sure about Victor, though. Hahahaha...

    Now that your're past your men-bashing mood, wanna have lunch? We won't make you cry one lah. Let's debunk the myth that man and woman can't be close friends. Once and for all. LOL.

  31. Chris,
    Thanks for your concern.

    I'm not worried about your teeth, I'm wary of your tongue. hahaha....

    Walau! Want to prove that men and woman can be close friends. yao siew oh!!! 夭寿哦! Two men leh, you two drag me to the jungle, how? One time also cannot! You think I so cheap arh? Orgy for one lunch. siao! muahahaha........

  32. 隔壁老猴不曾偷。

    喂Chris, you wanna flirt with the hot mama, you go ahead lah. Why mention whether I can bite or cannot bite? Of course can bite what. If not how to take free lunch? Muahahaha.

  33. haha... the Paddy I know now is a hardworking entrepreneur and a loving husband, a rare guy in today's society. 20 years down the road, I dunno.

  34. You are pretty inside and out, and therein lies the attraction. I feel so sorry for this guy's wife. Good for you, for walking out on this SOB!

  35. Bunny Beth,
    Oooo (blush blush).

    My girlfriends's very hurt, confronted me becos the SOB said I seduced him. Forunately many of my gfs know what type of person I am and they vouch for me.

    Latest news, they are separated.

  36. If P looked like Leon Lai, I really doubt you can resist the temptation a second time around. Remember, you admit that you are getting older and if opportunity knocks twice...

  37. oh, so sorry to disappoint you, P looks like Leon Lai's grandfather!