Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NKF scandal shouldn't happen in Singapore!

At least 30 lawyers representing the nine parties involved in the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) trial turned up in court on Monday morning.

More documents were brought by the lawyers, to add to the over 900 volumes that were already moved to the courtroom over the weekend.

The trial is expected to last for at least seven weeks, after which the criminal cases will begin. This trial will no doubt continue to attract public attention, as more details of the case are revealed.

The National Kidney Foundation civil trial highlighted how former CEO TT Durai paid staff salaries and bonuses based on his own decision and how he travelled overseas luxuriously.

NKF's lawyer K Shanmugam said TT Durai did not consult the executive committee on these matters, so favoured employees received high and unauthorised payouts because there was no proper remuneration policy.

For example, former board member Matilda Chua, was given a six months bonus of about $75,000, on top of the six months she was already getting, even though Durai knew she was about to resign.

Durai also removed any employees who disagreed with his decisions to implement certain policies.

Another example that Durai had absolute control of the charity, with no oversight - he made extensive travels and exorbitant expenses, all approved by himself. Durai travelled first class and stayed in luxurious hotels, even through he was then the CEO of a charity organisation.

Over a seven and a half year period, Durai charged more than $1m for hotel stays for himself and possibly for other NKF staff like Matilda Chua. What Durai did on those trips and how it benefitted NKF, no one knows.

What caused the most gasps was how Mr Durai had 'sat through the night' destroying computer files and documents after NKF withdrew its defamation suit on July 13, 2005. A few days later, the tax authorities moved into the NKF building in Kim Keat to sequester all its files.

The old NKF allegedly lost sight of its charitable objective by concentrating on fund-raising activities, instead of patients' welfare. From 2001 to 2003, funds raised grew from about $59m to some $68m, but during the same period, the net amount spent on patients' dialysis and transplantation fell by nearly half from $12m to around $7m. - CNA

Durai said to have given out contracts to companies he had interests in

I just cannot believe that TT Durai is so bold. And he's good I tell you! So good that Ministers and even their wives believe in him!!! PM's wife wrote this letter. And Durai's own daughter, where is she going to hide her face?

There are some people who, just because of a few photos with MPs, Ministers, SM or even PM can become so arrogant. (I also have, even autographed but I dare not anyhow show them.)

These are the people (狐假虎威) who think they can 'cover the sky with one hand' (只手遮天)! I have met many, I have complained and they do get away with it. But I will complain again. I don't believe you can hide your evil deeds for long. As long as I am alive, I will tell. Oh, even if I'm dead, I can still tell because I am almost finished with my book..... hahaha........

You reap what you sow.


  1. I don't know anything a bout the case, so excuse me for not commenting.
    Just wanted you to know that less fat food is served :-)

  2. i still feel irritated by Durai on this issue. he has misused the trust of many individuals and meeee...

    I believe NKF still deserves support, but he has to be punished. period.

  3. Oh you are writing a book! Great! Must remember to give this paparazzi a complimentary copy when it is published okay? BTW, when will that be?

    I am co-authoring one too, but not on those who do evil. (Though a non-believer, I trust that God will take care of them, hehe.) But my book will probably be suitable for your young nephews, nieces and grandchildren (next time). If all goes well, it can be out by as early as this year. Will definitely give you a free copy (in exchange for yours).

    As for this guy, he can successfully sue 2 people for saying he flew first class some more. Personally, I would very much love to see him made a bankrupt jailbird, if not hanged. But no, I know God will take good care of him. Wahahaha.

  4. I work in the social service as a social worker, and when the NKF scandal happened, we were all following it, to be aware how it may affect the rest of us in the social service. Good thing that the organisation that I work in has good procedures and measures to ensure accountability.

    By the way, thank you very much for taking up the invitation to come for tonight's concert. I am greatly appreciative. Knowing that there will be one person coming for the concert will mean that we have made one small but sure step ahead in playing to a full-house audience.

  5. Hey, if your book is out, let me know, I want to read and if it is good, I can share with others news about it.

  6. Hi Renny!
    Back in Norway?
    Love your dinners! You lucky man!

  7. Etel dear,
    Many people are crying for his blood! Looks like they're focusing on him, those who have supported him in the earlier days have scooted. Actually, many heads should roll.......

  8. Victor,
    You writing children's book? You sure? Don't corrupt their little minds you know! Chris & I will volunteer to proofread it! wahaha.....

    My book will open another Pandora's box, maybe boxes. Tell you in private.

  9. Haha, but you are already doing the same (I mean corrupt little minds, not writing a book). If not, how come Elaine, who only just reached 23 barely 2 weeks ago, can think of becoming 'ruling party' at home? She was very innocent when I first knew her.

  10. Oceanskies,
    Oh, so you are a social worker. All of you must be shocked that such things can happen in Singapore.

    See you tonight, dear. I'm all dressed for it!

  11. Vic!
    This one call corrupt little minds? Elaine is already 21, she is not so easily corrupted wan lah!

    You should speak with my son and uncover the amount of 'corruption' I did to him. wahahaha......

  12. Hi Eastcoastlife (or you would prefer me to address you by your real name), thank you very much for coming.

    I am so sorry that I didn't have much time to speak with you even after the concert. Had to wish my tutor happy birthday, before transporting the double basses back to the studios.

    A short post here that I have dedicated to you. Thanks a million.

  13. Please remember to tell me about your book, if you have finished writing it, and have sent it for publishing.

  14. a similar to barings bank in UK few years back. many people shld be blamed instead of 1 person only.

  15. You go, girl! If I wasn't worried about being fired I'd tell you about... well, I'm not writting a book so I'll stay among the meek.

  16. Hi Wendell!
    hahaha.... having problems at work?

    I will not only lose my job, I'll lose my life. It's not easy being a whistle-blower, but they have made my life hell so I just decided to tell all and make it known globally.

  17. I think the revelations which came out were not really surprising considering that signs of largesse were already evident in the earlier NKF versus SPH debacle. I am just glad that this case has come to a just end and that the swindling has stopped. Hopefully, this will raise the flag that one needs to be morally responsible and righteous in dispensing one's duties.

    My take on the ethics of PR in NKF is here for those interested:


  18. Much as I feel disgust for Durai and his "cronies", I find the whole saga a wee bit tiresome. Ya, that man is no god, but let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. After all, he's conceded the arguement put forth by NKF's lawyer. Nope, I'm not speaking in defence of him. What he's done is absolutely inexcusable. Greed simply got the better of him ...

    BTW, has anyone noticed the smirk on that lawyer Shanmugam's face? Let's learn to live and let live....

  19. Excuse me! This guy squandered away money meant for the kidney patients!!!
    He has seen the sufferings and the hardships of these people and yet he has the audacity to do such things. He exploited them to the fullest by showing their pitiful lives on national TV.
    He has no heart. He is downright cruel, despicable and he deserved to be sent to the lowest level of Hell. I may have my sins but I would not build my happiness on people's sorrows.

  20. You're excused, Jayne! Hee..

    Juz as you thought the public is slowly recovering from this unfortunate episode... and juz as the people are begining to donate to the NEW NKF. And .... the saga of the old NKF continues ..... more dirt, and more lies ....Everyone, it seems, is looking for blood ..... The real victims, the way I look at it, are the beneficiaries of the NEW NKF. These are the kidney patients who are in need of the donation, which, I'm sure would be affected by the latest development. Sad.

  21. Only after the culprits have been brought to justice then ppl would continue to support NKF.

    Many are amazed that MOH (the government) did not check on it. Singaporeans trust that the government is efficient and clean, and this is happening right under their noses.

    What the ppl cannot tahan is the support the big shots are giving Durai. Ministers, MPs, their wives,.... the elites supporting one of their kind.

    Most of the money donated comes from the men in the street.

    Damn them to Hell!!!