Friday, January 05, 2007

Lions Club Central Dinner

Jaymes' 25 peeps was over in a day! hahaha...... he was pushed off the site with only 59 clicks.

I arranged for Fengshui Master Tong to come down to the shop this evening. It was raining heavily and he was held up by traffic jams.
I left the office earlier as I have to bring Jaymes to Hotel Royal @Queens for the Lions Club dinner. He has to give a report on his Japan Youth Exchange Trip. Dinner was held at Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant. Chris came to join us after his session with Master Tong.

We were served a 9-course dinner, dimsum was the first course. There was fried raddish cake, crispy wanton, steam prawn & meat dumplings. They were delicious. The other dishes were just as good. The restaurant has just changed a new management.

The members of Leo Club who went on youth exchanges to Japan and Taiwan gave reports on their trips. Then the President of Leo Club informed all Lions Club members of their projects for year 2007. The Leos with President of Lions Club Central Ricky.

Dinner was over at 10.30pm. It was difficult to get a cab, even outside the hotel due to the rain. In the end we took a bus back home.


  1. Amazing, isn't it, that we are so far apart, yet share the same experience of rain :) Take care and thanks for all of your nice comments.

  2. wow. so ur son went to Japan? I wished I have been there too.

  3. mamabok
    Master Tong is good, see him when you're back in Singapore.

  4. Hi Cinta!
    Apa kabar! Terima kasih datang ke blog saya. Kamu suka Jepun? Saya juga.

    Have time, can go Japan anytime lah.... hehe