Friday, January 05, 2007

Photo shoot

Jaymes received a Casio Exilim EX-Z600 digital camera from the Sennan Chuo Lions Club in Osaka. So we tried taking some photos with it. Jaymes wanted to send some photos to his host families in Japan, so he put on his YE jacket.

The Christmas tree at Swissotel Hotel is still up, so we went there just to take photos. We spent a long time at it, trying the various modes and making adjustments. Many tourists were amused and stopped to watch. Some even snapping away at us posing in front of the Christmas tree.
Mother & son, I look different in this picture.

We went to the Parliament House. When he took off his red jacket, the policemen who were walking about, suddenly stood at attention. Jaymes looked like a party member in his white attire. hahaha....

And he took some photos of me too. I like the second one best.

So now you know why I have to hide behind those ugly glasses. hahaha....


  1. Wow..! so pretty.. and so young looking..!! why need to hide leh..??? Wow.. ! if my mum looked like that.. i would be so proud lor..! hahha.. :) You are too modest lor..!

  2. >Jaymes looked like a party member in his white attire.

    And when Jaymes wears the red jacket, he looked like a Simex dealer.

    Ah, at last we all know how the mystery woman looks like now. And I should say this - for a woman "who married Chris 16 years ago when Papa was already 78 and more than half a century older than her", she looks quite okay mah. (BTW, that's a compliment just in case it may not look like one to some people. And since my maths is not so good, I still don't know your exact age, except that you are below 44. Hahaha.)

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're adorable. Sorry about Jaymes' brief tenure on 25peeps. It's not easy to compete. I have a young friend, mijcookie at Wordpress from Singapore. Do you know her blog?

  4. woa... you look pretty hip as a mum....Jaymes should show you off to all his friends. And Chris, my namesake, is a lucky man. No need a concubine leow lah!

  5. mamabok - 就是太漂亮了, 才要低调!-cough cough - hahaha.....

    Vic - I'm definitely below 44, ok!
    Thanks for the compliments! First time orh!

    Thanks for your compliments too! Now can make another poetry about me leow!
    Jaymes doesn't like to show me off to his friends, he thinks I'm vain and should act my age! hahaha....

  6. Hi David Hodges,
    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Jaymes is unhappy with my choice of his photo. I do admit it is the reason for his being knocked off though. It's just a fun thing to do anyway.

    I would like to read mijcookie's blog. Care to share?

  7. Below 44? Don't tell me you're a Dragon Lady. Great! Let's join forces and spit fire into the Monkey's, aka Victor, butt! ROTFLVL.

  8. Very cute pictures! I can't believe you have a teenage son. I am afraid I won't (and already don't) look the same. :P

  9. Ah, a photo of you. Such a pretty looking mother. What are your secrets?

    If you do come for my concert on 10 Jan 07, I hope I could recognise you. Gosh, I would be resting my mind before my item so as to prime my concentration level that I think I would only be able to look around for you after the end of the concert.

  10. I was born with such beauty... hahaha...

    No lah! Use make-up only.

    In person, I'm not that pretty.

    OK, I will be the one holding a rose.

  11. Eastcoastlife - That was what I said. You are below 44, according to the challenging maths problem that you gave me. But how much below, that is the question. :)

    Oceanskies79/PY - What concert are you holding? How come never invite me? If you do, I will not only be holding a rose but I will be presenting it to you. Wahahaha.

  12. Ah Victor, Eastcoastlife happened to visit my main blog, that is why she came across the invitation.

    I appreciate the thoughts, but you needn't hold and present a rose to me.... Your presence will be good enough.

  13. Victor!
    I hold the rose first, later present to her when I meet her, can or not?

    Come to the concert, then you can meet me also. No, come to my shop. Treat you coffee.

  14. See lah Victor!
    I want to surprise her, you must spell it out!

  15. Alamak oceanskies,
    我不请自来, thick-skinned leh!

  16. No lah, eastcoastlife, I greatly appreciate your presence and support. I have been worried that I would be playing to an empty hall that day...

  17. Eastcoastlife and Oceanskies79, you're taking me a little bit too seriously. (Rule of the thumb is - when there's a "Wahahaha" attached to a comment, it's not to be taken seriously. Wahahaha.)

    Thanks for the invitation, Oceanskies79 but I can't make it on 10 Jan leh. Anyway, I saw your rehearsal video already. Great performance. I'm sure the audience will not be disappointed.

    Eastcoastlife - Now that I can recognise you, I'll call you when I bump into you in East Coast area. For now, I'm just glad that I've never fought with you before over a restaurant table or a car park lot. May pay a surprise visit to your shop one day by posing as as a customer. Wahahaha.

    (This comment is replicated in my blog.)