Friday, December 15, 2006

National Skin Centre of Singapore

I had to see a doctor the next day I returned from Seoul. I was given a week's antibiotic, cough medicine & flu tablets. I also obtained a referral letter to the National Skin Centre to see a consultant. I rested for a day before going down to help out in Chris' shop.

After lunch, I took the train to Novena. It was a short 10 minutes' walk to National Skin Centre. My appointment was 1.40 pm & there were only 3 patients before me.

I had also booked an appointment for a friend who would be meeting me later.

I got to see Dr Mark Tang after 40 minutes of waiting. There was a medical student who was sitting in to observe his consultation session.

Dr Tang asked for all details of the purpose of my visit before giving his advice. He asked the medical student for her view on my case. I have a minor skin problem which Dr Tang advised me not to worry too much over it. He gave me a night cream to use.

My friend was seeing Dr Audrey Tan for her acne problem. I accompanied her. She was given steroids to consume & medication for her acne problem.

I later asked Dr Tan to recommend a doctor who could do a good Botox job. She gave me three. I am going to need this miracle jab one day. When my friend sees her again in February, I'm gonna ask her for a good cosmetic surgeon. hehehe.....

I noticed that both doctors I saw have flawless facial skin. They weren't wearing make-up! Naked face! Wow! For a man, I have never seen such good complexion. I guess being skin specialists, they have better knowledge to good skin care & convenient access to a flawless complexion. Even the staff at the Skin Centre have good facial complexions too. I should get a job here.

We went down to the Pharmacy to collect our medications & saw several brands of skin care products. I bought a set of skin care products for Jaymes & some toiletries for myself. I presume it is safe to buy beauty products from here because if they are not good, they would not be allowed to sell in a government owned medical centre. The products are recommended by the doctors. The prices are very reasonable.

My friend was very happy with the service & prices here. She had to pay hundreds of dollars every time she sees her doctor at a Orchard Road Shopping Centre. She saved a tidy sum today so she treated me to lunch at Waraku Japanese Restaurant. I would need liposuction if I help her anymore.

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