Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Korea Trip - Day 7 - Good-bye Seoul

Jing Jing & I woke up late this morning. No breakfast is provided this morning. Mrs Yang & the Chuas went for a morning walk & bought back sandwiches & milk for us.

Xiao Lian came to pick us up at 10.30 am. She bought two big trays for of big, juicy Korean strawberries for us. We ate them on the bus. awww, the strawberries were very sweet. It's a pity I couldn't buy some back.

We were told to give a token of appreciation to the Korean bus-driver & guide by the travel agency before leaving on this trip. Each tour member has to pay 4,000 won a day. Which is 28,000 won (S$47 ) for these 7 days. Xiao Lian reminded us about it the night before, so this morning she received the money in white envelopes.

We were brought to this Duty-free shopping centre for lunch. It was Pork Bulgogi but it was too spicy. I couldn't even eat it, so how could the kids?

After lunch, it was more shopping. I bought a small box of sliced Honeyed Ginseng, two boxes of Korean Mochi and Korean pillows. Not ordinary pillows.

According to Xiao Lian (sweet talker, how much is true, yet to verify), many Koreans sleep on pillows filled with buckwheat husks or pine corns. It does not breed dust mites. We can wash the pillow covers & air in the sun once a week. They are good for people with asthma.

I bought a buckwheat husk pillow 荞麦枕头 (20,000 won, S$34) for Jaymes & a Pine Corn (18,000 won, S$32)) one for Chris. Sleeping on the pine corn pillow would improve the blood circulation to the brain. I'll blog about these pillows if it does what the Koreans claim.

It was a last-minute shopping to get rid of remaining Korean wons. The tour members made purchases again. Then at 1.30 pm, it was time to leave for the airport. Xiao Lian checked us in and we exchanged emails & said our good-byes.

There were two hours to kill before boarding, so more shopping inside the departure terminal. We discover another company who sells a different brand of Korean Ginseng but claims they are the official government body for Korean Ginseng. Ha, what about the 'official government body' where we bought our ginseng? So who is the liar?


  1. not surprised at all by such statements. it happened to a group of us in medan, indonesia. some malay colleague bought traditional medicines from a medical academy only to find that it's actually available publicly and at a cheaper price.

  2. Ya, I tell myself not to fall victim to such tricks. There's always black sheep in tourism in every country. People tend to get smarter when they get tricked once.