Friday, December 15, 2006

Jaymes fell sick

At midnight, the phone rang. It showed 'overseas' on my caller ID. I sensed something must have happened.

It was Jaymes on the other line. He informed me that he was sent to a hospital for high fever. He arrived in Osaka on Tuesday. His original Osaka host family is not able to host him because the father has to go away on an urgent business trip. So he has arranged for Jaymes to stay with another Lions' Club member.

The weather is cold in Japan, it is winter. Jaymes might have caught a chill. He's alright now. He was given 3 injections. He doesn't understand what the doctor said in Japanese so he wasn't able to tell me what's wrong.

Anyway, the second host family is very kind & considerate. They let him call me to keep me informed. I asked Jaymes to ask for the receipts for the medical fees so we could send them the money. We have bought travel insurance for Jaymes. The family told Jaymes not to worry about the fees as it has been taken care of.

Jaymes has been updating us on his Japan trip. He's very well taken care of. His first host family treated him like their own son and spared no expenses in showing him around their city. Jaymes has also received many gifts from his Japanese family & friends. The extra two luggage he brought was full & his host father had to pack & ship one box of gifts home for him.

I am truly indebted to these wonderful people. I am looking forward to reading Jaymes' diary on his experience in Japan.

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