Saturday, December 16, 2006

Singapore Science Centre - iFuture Exhibition

I had two guests from Jakarta this morning. They were here to buy computer software, so I brought them to Funan Centre & later to Sim Lim Square.

Chris had to work alone for a good part of the day. I returned to the shop after 3pm. We served a few customers before closing early at 6pm. We were going to attend a preview of iFuture exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre.

When we arrived at 6.45pm, there was a huge crowd inside the centre. There was a dinner reception & when we approached the small buffet table, there was not much food left. We saw only Nasi Kunning (Malay yellow rice), Fried Vermicelli & bo-bo-cha-cha (sweet potato & sago dessert). The trays with few remnants of what looked like vegetables, fried chicken were wiped out. There were several buffet tables scattered through out the hall but most of the food had run out. We both have a plate of Fried Vermicelli.

This is an event organised by Singapore Science Centre, who has invited grassroot members & their families to a preview of their newly refurbished centre. Many of the invited guests have brought their whole families, from babies to children, to grandparents & maids as well.

The organiser has not anticipated the huge turnout despite asking all invited guests to give the name(s) of the people they are bringing. Thus the scarcity of food for the invited guests who came later. They were not late. Dinner reception was at 7pm, but by 6.50 pm, the food was gone. There was no replenishment.

Chris & I walked through the various themed galleries.

At the iFuture gallery, we get on a journey into the future to a state-of-the-art Infocomm technology exhibition occupying more than 4,000 sq metres.

Chris riding the cool Segway i2, costing S$20,000. It is a state-of-the-art personal transporter that moves according to your body movements.
Pick up an 'aerosal can' & spray paint to your heart's content on a virtual brickway. Indulge in Virtual Graffiti!

View office administration in a brand new light at the Minority Report Interface. Explore the office of the future where you can read video mails, open files & more simply by moving your hands. Wow! Awesome!

There is many exciting stuff that we get to try. We spent a good 2 hours checking them out. It was after 9pm when we emerged from the centre. We walked over to Jurong East Centre for a quick but late dinner before taking a bus home. We arrived home at 11 pm.

iFuture (10th Dec '06 to Mar '07)
Singapore Science Centre

I'm having lotsa problems with my computer, I'm unable to upload my photos, even blogger. arrrghhhh..... Looks like I have to wait for Jaymes to come back to solve my problems. I'm an IT idiot!

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed yourself at the Science Centre, and also at Korea! I suppose you must be a grassroot leader yourself? ;-)

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