Sunday, December 17, 2006

Korean Snack Food

When I was in Jeju Island and Seoul, I saw many of these street stalls selling piping hot Korean snack food. The kids in our tour group couldn't help buying them at almost every stop of our trip. It was great to eat them on cold wintry days.

By night, the streets of Korea becomes a paradise of pojangmachas. These are the popular wheeled street stalls selling Korea’s all-time favorite snack foods, tteokbokki and sundae. Dozens of pojangmachas line the streets, the rising white smoke from their griddles lures hungry customers. Interestingly, pojangmachas offer an assortment of snacks as one menu offering. For example, the gim-Tteok-sun menu is an assortment of gimbap (rice rolls), tteokbokki (rice-cake morsels in red pepper sauce) and sundae (Korean sausage in hot sauce). A two-selection serving is 2,000 won and a three-selection serving, 3,000 won.

Two-selection dish (egg roll + tteokbokki) 2,000 won Three-selection dish (tteokbokki + sundae + pan-fried green onions and seafood) 3,000 won

Tteokbokki (2,000 won per serving) Pan-fried Kimchi (2,000 won per serving) Sundae in hot sauce (2,000 won per serving)

Fries (2,000 won per serving) Fish cake skewers (500 won each) Green onions and seafood pancake (2,000 won per serving)

Prices are similar at most street stalls. The tteokbokki and sundae are extremely spicy, so if you are not accustomed to hot food, try just one of the two and then choose a scallion- seafood pancake, egg roll, fritter, dumpling, or gimbap. Help yourself to some hot broth from the odeng (simmered fish cake on a skewer), which is free of charge.

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