Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kwon Sang-woo in Taiwan & Philippines

Kwon was greeted by about 1,000 of his fans and 100 members of the press at the Taoyuan International Airport, and some 250 reporters crowded Kwon's press conference.

He was given star treatment in Taiwan, dining from a special menu at the most luxurious hotel in Taiwan built by the wife of the late Taiwanese leader Chiang Kai-shek. Kwon is the first entertainer to have dined at the hotel's banquet hall.

The following day approximately 2,000 fans took part in a fan meeting and an auction of Kwon's belongings. All the profit made at the auction was donated to an institution for disabled children in Taiwan.

Kwon then travelled to the Philippines on Sunday to participate in a Habitat for Humanity project together with Filipino NGO Gawad Kalinga. He carried bricks during the construction of housing in a poor neighborhood of the Philippines and donated five houses jointly with The Face Shop.

Kwon had visited Indonesia and Singapore last September for the first round of the Face Shop promotion tour.


  1. Hey there, this Kwon guy, and excuse my ignorance (hope you'll enlighten me) is famous for what over there?


  2. This Kwon guy is a Superstar from Korea! He's a great actor. The heartthrob of many Asian girls & women. Handsome, right? I have an earlier post on a short biography of him. Check him out. He's hot!!!!