Thursday, December 21, 2006

Korean products

I bought quite a bit of stuff, mainly food on my recent trip to Korea. I have tried all of the food that I bought & there are some of them that I would buy again.

Sliced Citroen Tea (10,000 won, S$16.70). I have been drinking it almost everyday since my return from Korea, until Chris stopped me yesterday. It aggravates my cough & my incessant coughing keeps him awake at night.

I like its sweet & tangy taste. There are chopped slices of tangerine rinds which I love to chew. You can buy this tea in Singapore. I think it costs less in Singapore.

Chocolate Mochi Pie (4,500 won, S$7.50 ) & Red Ginseng Mochi Pie (5,000 won, S$8.35). It's glutinous rice cakes with peanut filling & coated with chocolate. I like the sweet chocolate & the savoury peanut filling. The glutinous rice skin is soft & chewy.

I bought these boxes of Tangerine- & Cactus fruit chocolates (10,000 won, S$17) & rice crispy snacks from Jeju Island. These are the local products of Jeju. There is a cactus fruit candy too.

The rice crispy (10,000 won, S$17) is tasty but very expensive. There are only 12 pieces per box. The kids love it.

This is the expensive Ginseng tablets (US$761) that I bought for Chris. He took two tablets a day & lost his voice after a week. Korean Ginseng is too heaty for our climate. American ginseng is more suitable for us.

The Korean salesgirl said I could also crushed a ginseng tablet, mixed it with a little honey & milk & apply to my face for 15 minutes. Good for the complexion but expensive for my pocket.

I bought this sliced honeyed ginseng (38,000 won, S$63.40) on the last day of my trip at a duty-free shop. It doesn't taste as good as the one I tried in Seoul city. there are less than 10 12 slices in a packet. It is too expensive.

I bought 2 tubes of Ginseng overnight cream (10,000 won each) & was given a Ginseng mud mask (12,000 won, S$20) to try. I tried the Ginseng overnight cream. When I apply it, the whole bedroom was filled with the fragrance of Ginseng. I left it on overnight & the next morning, when I rinsed it off, my face feels smoothier. I have yet to try the ginseng mud mask.

The things are really expensive in Korea. I wasn't thinking when I was paying for my purchases. Chris was surprised I bought these, knowing how calculative I am. I was shocked when I converted the prices into Singapore currency. I must be thinking Indonesian rupiah then when I was paying!!


  1. Looks yummy! We bought quite a lot of foodstuff from Hokkaido too, which are mostly dried scallops, shell-fish, crab meat, squids and of course, their world famous white chocolates. Gives me an idea to blog about a specific thing about my hols...


  2. Wow! dried scallops, squids, crab meat, white chocolates!!! These are the things I would buy too!