Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 6 - Kimchi Making Session

After visiting Kyongbok Palace, we arrived at a Kimchi Showroom, not the Kimchi Museum.

We have to put on an apron for a hands-on session on Kimchi-making. Each member is given a 400g portion of Kimchi. There is the ready made sauce & ingredients and we have to coat the Korean cabbage with the ingredients.

Then it was sealed and given to us.

We have a photo session which we can put on Korean traditional clothings & pose. It was a mad rush because another two groups of tourists arrived. So we have time only for a couple of photos. And while we were taking pictures, one Taiwanese group was having the Kimchi-making session - in the same room. And outside the room, another tour group was putting on Korean traditional costumes, waiting to take photos. The showroom was doing a roaring business.

We also heard the Taiwanese tourists placing orders for tens of kilograms of Kimchi, to be packed into boxes & sent to the airport for collection. Some of our tour members also ordered a total of 5 kg of Kimchi to give away as gift. It cost 10, 000 won per kg of Kimchi.

Xiao Lian said the Taiwanese are big buyers of Korean Kimchi. They would buy a few kilograms or sometimes up to tens of kilograms per person. Wow! How to finish eating all that? So much!

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