Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 6 - Lotte World 爱宝乐园

There was an hour to spare before dinner, so Xiao Lian brought us shopping at a underground mall of a MRT station. The train station is so huge and there are many unique shops. It was fun checking out the shops.

It's fun to shop in Korea because the mixture of shops at the few malls I visited was different. And you can find some unique shops own by young entrepreneurs. My main grouse was the steep prices. In Singapore, every mall looks the same because you see the same shops in each mall.

Dinner was Pork Hot Pot again. My throat was hurting terribly so I requested for noodle soup for my dinner. They gave me instant noodle to add to the soup. The kids saw me eating noodle & all wanted it too.

The last 'highlight' for the day is Lotte World Adventure Park 爱宝乐园. The filming site for Korean TV drama, Stairways to Heaven (天堂的阶梯), starring Kwon Sang-woo (权相宇) & Choi Ji Woo (崔志友). It's a really beautiful fairy land! Too bad I wasn't in the mood to enjoy it because of the cold waether & my being sick.

It's a fairy land for the young & young at heart. We each have 5 free rides & only two hours before the theme park closed. Xiao Lian brought us on two rides. One was the underground boat ride of the Adventures of Sinbad. I screamed when the boat dashed down from a high point. Then we took a tour across Lotte World on the World Monorail.

Yang Fan, Jing Jing & their mother rode on the Merry-go-round while I took pictures for them. Jing Jing & I tried to locate the painting shown on Stairways to Heaven, but it was gone. Xiao Lian said it was there a week ago when she came. grrrr............

We then went to watch a show display of water & fire at the Fantastic Odyssey.

At 9.30 pm, there was a boring laser show. zzzz..... the end, back to the hotel.

We reached our hotel at 10.30pm. We are staying at the 5-star Seoul Ritz Carlton Hotel tonight. It is a truly grand hotel. I tried to order some food later in the night. A platter of seasonal fruits cost 50,000 won (S$84) & a cup of hot chocolate cost 9,500 won! Forget it, better go to sleep early!

前往世界第七大遊乐 场-【爱宝乐园】,是一个 结合了休闲、娱乐、教育与文化的 国际性渡假圣地,具有二十四年历史的欢乐世 界;在美洲探险地区中有龙捲风、彩虹之旅、天旋地转、禿鷹要塞、幻想特级、惊魂鲨鱼等遊乐设施;在欧洲探险区中有玫瑰花园、野外舞台、宇宙探险、雪橇场、 遊乐场等遊乐设施与表演节目;在魔幻世界地区中有挑战急湍、疯狂弹簧椅、松鼠遊戏、空中狂舞、海盜船、汽车王国、宇宙战斗机等遊乐设施;在伊克托利亞太探 险地区中有熊貓、四不像、北极熊、企鵝等珍奇动物及猩猩、紅鶴、海狗、孔雀等精采表演节目,而地球购物中心能让您亲身体验到在世界各地购物的快乐,令您彷如置身於奇幻世界,带給您终生难忘的回憶。

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