Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 6 - Kyongbok Palace 景福宮

Kyongbok Palace 景福宮
The massive 340, 000 square-metres palace complex was built in 1395, the fourth year of the reign of King Taejo,becoming the largest & most important of the kingdom's 5 grand palaces.

However, the palace’s history is a troubled one. Left in ruins following the Japanese invasion in 1592, Kyongbok Palace not was rebuilt until 1865, under the reign of Prince Regent Taewonkun.

Less than 40 years later, though, part of the complex was again demolished as Japan took control of the Korean Peninsula and built its colonial government on the site.

In the 1990s, the South Korean government launched a huge project to restore the ancient palace to its original glory.

Kyongbok Palace or the "Palace of Shining Happiness" was beautifully restored and many buildings had just been painted, with some yet to receive their new facelift. Quite an excellent opportunity to see some of Korea's best, restored history. It cost 3000 won (S$5) to enter.

The palace is actually a series of main buildings within a huge compound within Seoul's city limits. Its considered the biggest and most beautiful palace in Seoul. Set amidst the vast walled grounds are lotus ponds, ancient stone pagodas and elegant pavilions.

Within the palace complex, the main hall, Kunjongjon, is an imposing structure, where many kings conducted official business and received foreign guests. The structure is beautifully crafted and has many colorful eaves.

Sajongjon is another beautifully crafted and decorat ed building. It is near the centre of the complex and served as a kind of office for the king. It was also a conveniently short distance from the king's bed chamber.

Kyonghoeru is the attractive two story pavilion which appears on many post cards. It is almost surrounded by a scenic lotus pond and it is the largest elevated pavilion in Korea. This facility hosted many royal parties and banquets in its time, and is sometimes used even today on very special occasions.

參观始建於公元1395年由朝鲜王国创始者李成桂建造的正宫 【景福宮】, 共佔地12万6千坪,內有举行君王即位大典及文武百宮朝礼仪式的勤政殿, 摆设国宴的庆会楼等建筑,雄伟而富丽的殿閣,烘托出极尽荣华富貴的气派,祥瑞之喜鵲飞翔於宮內,那份宁靜令人心 旷神怡,有如置身於世外桃 源。在韩国当属历史悠久、气派雄伟的古建筑。但在战乱中已有众多建筑被毁,现存的仅有勤政殿、庆会楼、康宁殿等10余处建筑,气势与中国故宫相比,可谓是小巫见大巫了。

续专车參观南韩 总统府-【青瓦台】。

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