Monday, November 13, 2006

What will Wee Siew KIm speak on?

We were having breakfast with friends and the conversation mainly centred on the Parliamentary Meeting and what the MPs spoke on. We are concerned about the future of Singapore.

In fact many people are curious to know what MP Wee Siew Kim would speak on. I guess many are waiting to criticise his speech whether it is good or bad. It is interesting to note that the common people already has a dislike for him and would shot him down no matter what he said. It is a case of damn if he does or damn if he doesn't.

Would he even be allowed to speak? Maybe he would only sit in this time and speak at the next one.

There are people who feel that some of new MPs 'wasted' their precious chance to speak on the various issues or policies on Singapore in Parliament. It is never enough for only one or two MPs to speak on the usual issues. I myself felt that it is silly to speak to SM, PM and the more senior colleagues about 'Being Happy'.

Who are you to tell them how to be happy? Say this at a Toastmasters' meeting lah.

There are more important issues like the Study Mama policy, the illegal prostitutes issues, our Education system, the rising costs of living etc that need to be addressed .... how could any commoner in Singapore be happy when there are so many worries on one's mind? I myself have a lot to say if given a chance to speak in Parliament.

People who are earning a good salary, hold a good job and have enough disposable money might be happy. The MPs and Ministers looked happy, they don't complain, they don't whine like us, ordinary citizens. Whatever.

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