Monday, November 13, 2006

Heartwarming Food from Jakarta

Ibu Neni arrived in Singapore about nine in the night. I met up with her in her rented room in an apartment in Devonshire Road. This apartment is owned by an Indonesian who lets out the rooms in her apartment to Indonesian tourists for S$95 a night. There are 4 rooms. There is only a maid to take care of the apartment. Quite an enterprising lady!

I know of many such apartments in the city that are rented out to tourists. I saw one apartment in Lucky Plaza that had 4 rooms but were knocked down and partitioned into 10 rooms to rent out to tourists! This is not only illegal and I think the owners don't pay income tax.

Ibu Neni brought some food from Jakarta for me. There was my favourite, the famous Medan goreng pisang (deep fried banana fritters). I used to buy 100s of that to give away. It is really delicious. Many Indonesians buy them to give as gifts to friends or family members living overseas. They would have them half-cooked and then packed. You can keep them in the freezer and deep fry them whenever you crave for it.

There are many foreign brands of food in Jakarta. The famous Australian Apple Strudel, Corica from Perth has also set up shop here. Ibu Neni bought me one box of it. Chris loves Apple Strudel. He couldn't wait to eat it the moment we reached home.

The flaky pastry was a bit soggy but the custard was not too sweet and real yummy!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I saw it in Taipei and the queue was sooo long. People were buying boxes and boxes of them. I was told I have to wait more than half an hour in the cold for them then. I didn't queue for it as I only wanted to try one! Friends who tried them have been telling me how wonderfully they taste!

In Jakarta, it was the same thing. People have to queue to buy it. My student Jhonnatan queued for them in Jakarta. Awwww..... so sweet of him.

Last but not least, the Indonesian Harum Manis Mangoes! My diet plan is going to be postponed - yet again!


  1. OMG... *drools* It is almost dinner time and I am starving... *drools*

  2. I (and most of my friends) like J.CO Donuts MUCH better than Krispy Kremes. They also have an outlet in Batam, if you wanted to try :)