Monday, November 13, 2006

I shot SM Goh & 5 MPs!

Ya, I 'shot' SM Goh Chok Tong today, along with Marine Parade GRC MPs Mr Seah Kian Peng, Dr Ong Seh Hong, Mr Lim Biow Chuan, Dr Muhammud Faishal Ibrahim and South-east CDC Mayor Matthias Yeo. hahaha.....

Carnival 2006 at Block 61, Chai Chee Road.

Chris needed to report there at 8 am. So we got the kids & Tun up early. They put on red T-shirts provided by Marine Parade Town Council. I didn't want to put on the T-shirt because it looked awful.

The place was teeming with residents of Marine Parade GRC. Buses were chartered to fetch those living within the GRC. Residents and their MP from each constituency was given a different-coloured T-shirt and a goody bag.

There was an Early Bird Draw and winners got a S$30-NTUC voucher.

There was a Children's Colouring Contest.
Young kids had fun jumping up & down on inflatables.
Pingyi Secondary School Band gave a lively & stunning performance.

There were two stilt-walkers. One of them was dressed as 'God of Fortune' and he 'gave' a lot of handshakes because the people wanted to have some good fortune 'transferred' to them.

There were several games stalls. Many residents, old and young, were seen queuing to try their hands at the stalls. There were long queues for popcorn, candy floss & balloons.

My kids queued 50 minutes for a cup of popcorn each & they complained about the 'old aunties' who jumped queue. They didn't have time to play at the game stalls nor watch any performance. SM Goh Chok Tong arrived in his Mercedes. There was the usual Lion Dance troupe to welcome SM Goh and the other MPs. Some of the elderly residents approached me, asking me to help them see the car licence plate. Today is Sunday, so they need some inspiration to buy 4D (lottery).
The Mountbatten team waiting to welcome SM Goh.

It was very hot & humid. Due to the huge turnout of residents, it was difficult to walk without knocking into anyone. I had to stand in the sun, waiting for more than an hour just to get some shots of the VIPs.

The security people and staff on duty didn't help at all. They stood in the path of my photo taking. While standing near the garden plot, waiting to take pictures of the Tree-planting event by the VIPs, a security personnel warned me and another resident against crossing the line by stepping onto the grass. All passerbys were shooed or stopped from walking on the turf.
When SM Goh started to hoe the soil onto the little sapling, the press photographers & TV crew turned wild. They blocked my view entirely. I had to move forward for my pictures too. The security guy bellowed,"I'll have to pull you all out of here if you continue to step over the line!" Oops!

Oh, take a look at SM Goh's bodyguards. Those Oakley sunglasses don't suit the faces of bodyguards. They should visit our shop for a more suitable pair of shades!


  1. Oh boy..! i used to avoid this kinda events .. like a plague..!! hahahahhaha!!!

  2. Hi, great photos I always enjoy checking out your blog posts. Have a good one and take care. Bill

  3. Hi mamabok!
    Understand what you mean.... it's a part of my 'work', so I try not to avoid. I have more Singaporean readers emailing me that my posts about such events let them know about the activities organised to promote neighbourliness, to get all races to come together.

    Hello Bill!
    Thanks again for your encouragement. I enjoy reading your blog posts too. Your blog is informative and well-illustrated. I can see you really spend time on it.