Friday, October 13, 2006

Want to go into business?

We had dinner at a newly opened Hainanese Chicken Rice stall near Chris' office. It was run by several young people. We tried their food because the pictures of their menu posted on the outside of their shop looked inviting.

The chicken rice was cold & bland. The steam chicken was overcooked. I ordered Chicken Feet & Thai Tofu too. The Thai Tofu tasted good but the the other side dish was forgettable.

This shop is located in the city area. Rental does not come cheap. It's encouraging to see young people going into business, but if they don't have a good product, then it does not make sense to pour money into something that is not going to work.

There are so many chicken rice stalls in Singapore, a dime a dozen. And there are many good chicken rice stalls. Customers would flock to a good chicken rice stall no matter where it is located. And such stalls make good money.

Chris' father sold Chicken Rice for nearly 40 years. He cooks very good Hainanese chicken rice and makes a kick-ass chilli sauce. He was the consultant for a few of the now popular chicken rice stalls after his retirement. Chris didn't want to take over his father's business because the business requires him to work long hours. And it is tough.

I hope those young stall owners would improve on their dishes. I do not wish to see them fail.

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