Saturday, October 14, 2006

Business was slow today

I was in the shop today. Business has been bad for Chris these two weeks, due to the Final Year Examinations of all the schools in Singapore & the haze. Oh, today is Friday the 13th! Does it have anything to do with this? hmmm.....probably.

Today was a very quiet day for the business.

Chris & I had gone to Chinatown in the morning to buy BBQ sliced Pork, at the request of our Filipino friend. On the way, we bought some desserts from the popular Mei Heong Yuan Dessert. It's very popular for its selection of desserts and peanuts!

Walnut paste, Mango with Pomelo

..............awww, the super delicious Pumpkin cakes..

The shopping mall was all quiet. Many shop-keepers were either chatting with their neighbours or dozing off in their shops. I surfed the internet while Chris read the papers.

I went to get coffee & tea. It was raining. Hooray!!

Iced blended Mocha Latte (S$6.30) for Chris, teh-si (S$1.30) for me.

I left early at 5.30pm to buy dinner for the boys. They wanted Kentucky's.

What a boring day!


  1. i love coffee! wow look at all those food! yum!

    oh btw, pinoy dream academy is indeed in tagalog. do you understand it?

  2. Hey Eastcoastlife! Thanks for leaving me such a nice message in my guestbook.

    Well, it couldn't have been a too boring day, you saw some interesting things!

    you're bookmarked.
    take care, heza

  3. Hi Suburbanlad! Thanks for visiting.
    I don't understand Tagalog. Hope my Filipino friend can translate it for me. hehehe.....

    Hello Heza! Welcome!
    Oh yes, you're right! Come to think of it, I had a good time. Chris & I spent more time together! he he...