Wednesday, October 11, 2006

East Coast Road - Katong

Take a step back in time as you enter the streets of East Coast Road and discover Singapore's most unusual terrace houses & a pre-World War II parish church along Chapel Road.

East Coast Road & Joo Chiat Road are significant roads in the Katong /Joo Chiat area where the buzz & activity lie. A melting pot of Peranakan (Straits Chinese), Eurasian, Malay, Indian & Chinese cultures, this area could well be 'Little Singapore'. It is a treasure trove of rich history, beautiful architecture & picture-perfect kopitiams, nonya food stalls & multi-ethnic eateries.

This is my neighbourhood. I choose to live in this particular area because of the array of food available within walking distance of my house. ha ha ha....

Well, living near the beach, shopping malls, live close to amenities are also some of my considerations.

I'll attempt to introduce my neighbourhood to all who are interested.


  1. hi, thx for stopping by my blog, too bad you dont know spanish hehe, the reason why i write it in spanish its becaus emost of the people that visits me are from my country or from latin america. Nice blog you have here, and it was nice to see that slideshow of the place where you live, looks interesing and pretty, i love the beach, you are lucky to live near :) i will visit you more often and maybe some day im gonna write a post in english in my blog about my country and the place i live in so you get to know it, i will keep visiting you, take care.

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