Monday, October 02, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival @Tanjong Rhu

The kids went swimming & were caught in a traffic jam, so Chris & I went to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations without them. I went early to watch the Lion Dance which would commence at 7.08 pm, an auspicious hour. The garden was teeming with people. It was gaily decorated with lanterns. I went to take a look at the various stalls set up around it. The free candy floss & popcorn stalls were the most popular, with two long queues.

There were many hand-made lanterns hanging at a corner of the garden. They were the entries for a Lantern Making competition. Some of the lanterns were rather unique.

There were several performers on stilts. The children love them. They love the lion dance too. It was such a fun night for them. They get to 'play with fire' for this night. Many of them walked around the garden, carrying lanterns lighted with candles. Some parents bought sparklers for their kids. It was fun watching these kids & their parents enjoy themselves.

MP Lim Biouw Chuan arrived at 7.30 pm with his family. The Lion dance troup welcomed him. He went to the fountain for a ribbon-cutting ceremony & walked under the 'dragon's belly'. There was a spectacular dragon dance performance.

Then the worst fear of a photographer happened. I ran out of battery for my camera. I felt like kicking myself for being such an ass. I had forgotten to charge my battery & had left the spare battery at home!

There were many stage performances lined up for the residents. There's going to be magic show, singing, dancing, games,...........etc.

Well, I just sat on one of the many chairs placed around the garden & watched the performances. It was a cool evening. The sky was clear, no stars. And the bright, round moon beaming happily in the dark sky. Peace & joy in Singapore.

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