Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mountbatten Mooncake Festival

After visiting Jaymes' school event, we proceeded to Mountbatten Community Centre for its Mooncake Festival celebration.

MP Mr Lim had just arrived & he was greeted by the Lion & Dragon Dance troupe.

There were traditional Chinese Opera performances by the various dialect groups on stage. Many elderly in the audience enjoyed it. The younger audience didn't understand opera but there were other activities to keep them interested enough.

There were the Chinese riddles to solve. There was a Lantern Making contest & a Mooncake-making Competition. Chris was asked to be a judge for the Lantern Making Contest. Lorentz became his assistant.

My family thinks the lantern made by a Malay lady should get a prize. We observed her as she was making her lantern. Meticulously she matched the patterns of the red packets spread out before her. Then she joined them together. She even put in the candle holder. Seeing that she had some time left, she did some simple decoration. Her lantern was simple & practical.

Chris gave her high marks. But the two other judges had different views. They gave their marks to the old & young. What the winners did was to staple the red packets together & their lanterns could not be lighted, either they did not put in the candle holder or it was too small to put in a candle.

When the winners were announced, I couldn't help but notice the disappointment on the Malay lady's face. She stood against the wall, quietly holding her lantern, looking so sad. My heart went out to her.

Soon it was time to go home.

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