Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boat Quay - North Bridge Road

I went to Raffles Place to see my broker & then decided to walk to Chris' shop. I cut through Boat Quay to North Bridge Road.

Located at the heart of the business district & popular with expatriates, this riverfront area has alfresco restaurants, bars and pubs. It has good North Indian restaurants, jazz bars & English-themed pubs. I have never seen Boat Quay in the day. I usually come in the night. I'm amazed to see the place filled with people - lunch crowds. I made a great discovery! Some restaurants serve set lunches at great prices! Aha! ... another great place for lunches!

Notice that the shophouses vary in height. This is a sign of wealth - the higher the shophouse, the wealthier the owner.

Across the river is Empress Place where Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore. You can find the The Arts House, Victoria Theatre and waterfront dining here.

City hall

Parliament House

Supreme Court - The 8th Wonder of Singapore!

The Treasury Building.

Funan Digital Mall - Houses the most computer shops in the region & the best place to stock up on IT & electronic products!

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