Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chinatown Lights Up!

After dinner, Chris drove me to Chinatown to take photos of the lighted-up streets.

There were quite a number of people but not as many as the stallholders expect. Well, it's a weekday night & probably many parents are home revising with their kids as Final Year exams are here. Ya, this week!

Chris & I strolled along the various streets. By 9.30 pm, many stalls were packing up for the night.

We stopped by this Austrian's Hot Dog stall. A Caucasian selling hot dogs in Chinatown! Right, he's an icon here. And he makes pretty decent hot dogs.

We bought some Indonesian Steamed Rice Cakes. Oh, these are the best rice cakes I have ever eaten! You have to eat it while it's hot! There's gula melaka (coconut sugar) for filling & lots of shreddd coconut! 4 for S$2.

There's a nightly Variety Show at Sago Street. It will be there until 6th October.

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