Sunday, October 08, 2006

Haze in Singapore

When I walked out of the house this morning, there was a smell of burning in the air. The surrounding environment was covered with a thick haze.

Air quality deteriorated overnight. A funny thought crossed my mind, maybe it was caused by the lighting of sparklers & candles the night before due to the Lantern Festival celebration. lol....

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said the haze blew over from southern Sumatra on Friday night.

Jaymes & I were helping out in the office today. Many patients cancelled their appointments due to the haze. The shopping mall was so quiet & empty of shoppers.

The haze reached its worst level since 1997. At 10.30 am, the PSI was 120.

At 1.40pm, the PSI was 110.

At 6.20pm, the PSI was 130. At 9pm, it was 150.

I'm going to keep the kids indoors these few days, at least until the haze is cleared. Jaymes & Lorentz are complaining of eye irritation. And Jaymes is starting to have breathing problems.
Hope the rain would come soon............

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