Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jaymes!

15 years ago, you were born on this day. I hope you have enjoyed yourself......, so far. I enjoy having you as my son, though nowadays you seem to suddenly develope a mind of your own. Not that it is bad, it gives me headaches.

I'm glad that you have matured in your thinking & are able to reason with me. I have learnt much from you too. Thanks for starting me on this blog & for the technical assistance. You now know how stupid your Mom can be - sometimes only, ok?

I miss the hugs & kisses I used to get from you. Am I gonna have a hug today?


  1. Today it's my Birthay too!

    Kisses from barcelona!

  2. What a sweet slide show! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been busy and am just now getting around to visiting my visitors.