Friday, October 06, 2006

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

step back in time for hot, piping breakfast......

Chris didn't have a class this morning, so we could have breakfast together. We took a bus to East Coast Road. I wanted to have a nice cup of tea & custard puffs. Obviously you can only have those at Chin Mee Chin.

Housed in a little, old corner shop-house, this several decades old eatery still pulls in the crowds daily.

It's small. Customers have to share tables. And it is one of the remaining Hainanese coffee shops of old, this popular confectionery retains an authentic 1950s' ambience. Chris said so. I don't know how the coffee-shops in the 50s look like, I wasn't born then. ha ha ha......

Run by the daughter & daughters-in-law of the founder now, it sells great custard puffs (S$0. 70), custard tarts (S$0.70) , sugar rolls & raisin buns. And the teh-si (tea with evaporated milk, S$0.80) tastes so good. Chris loves its kaya (coconut custard spread). I find it too sweet.

Our yummy breakfast spread!!! 美味可口的早餐 - 阿!幸福!幸福! 幸福!

204 East Coast Road

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