Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Day

Early this morning, Chris & I went to Suntec City to participate in the May Day Rally. We went early so as to get a car park lot. As we passed by Carrefour, I saw many people queuing outside the building.

It was a Nestle promotion, the company was giving out 22, 000 tins of 1.5kg Milo to people who were above the age of 16, dressed in green & had copies of The Straits Times.

There was another long queue for free Milo drinks inside the building. Nestle was offering special offer prices for its other Nestle products. There were queues at the cashiers' too.

Chris was dressed in green. He tried to join the queue but it was so long. The queue snaked around the building. He finally gave up after 2 tries. I couldn't help teasing him.

I found it crazy & incredible. Why would anyone waste hours, queuing in the hot sun, for a tin of Milo? Some people looked well-to-do. Many came with family members, young children. Some even queued twice.

There was a couple who brought an elderly, sick lady in her wheelchair. She was dressed in green. She even had tubes attached to her nostrils. They also had a maid! They redeemed 4 tins of Milo. Poor old lady! Why didn't the Nestle staff just give her the Milo? Why make an elderly invalid queue for hours in the hot sun? Why did this family need so many tins of Milo? You may get overly heaty, a sore-throat or even a nose-bleed for drinking too much Milo.

We did finally get a tin of free Milo, without queuing for hours. A stroke of luck, actually. Chris & I were watching a stage game when the MC chose Chris to answer a question. He won a tin of Milo....... he he he

I find that this is a very successful marketing promotion. And it is a win-win-win for Carrefour, Nestle & the common folks.

We had lunch at Surf & Turf. We ordered their set lunch. Chris had Clam Chowder Soup & Salmon Steak (S$11.90).

I had Wild Mushroom Soup & Fish & Chips (S$10.90). Both soups were thick & yummy, but we prefer the Wild Mushroom soup. It was flavourful & had lots of diced mushrooms in it. The Salmon Steak was pan-fried & well-done.

I like my Fish & Chips. The fish was fresh, moist inside & deep-fried in crispy batter.

'Surf n Turf' Suntec City #B1-40

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