Thursday, May 04, 2006

Going to Jakarta

Chris & I are leaving for Jakarta at 7pm. I did some quick trades & made some weekend pocket money. he he he

Chris rushed home at 4.30pm & he did not have his lunch yet. We took the bus to the airport & went for dinner at the staff canteen at Changi Airport Terminal One. I bought Roti John to eat on the plane. It was yummy.

We arrived in Jakarta before 9pm, Singapore time. Jakarta time is one hour later than Singapore. Iis & Jacqueline picked us up & we went straight to his parents' house.

Most of their guests had gone home. We were late. There was food left, so we had dinner again. It was buffet dinner, consisting of mostly Indonesian dishes. There was a famous noodle dish which we tried. The noodles looked like Udon noodles. It was tasty.

As the hosts were busy, Iis' uncle, Pak Hartono brought us to see his antiques & art collection. It was an eye-opener. He has such a unique & beautiful collection. I was too busy admiring the collection that I forgot to take pictures. urrgh.....

After the antique tour, we went to Iis' grandparents house to have a chat. We were offered coffee & Kueh Lapis (Indonesia Thousand-layered Cake).

Their driver sent us to Hotel Ibis Slipi. We unpacked, took a bath & sleep.

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