Sunday, May 07, 2006

Puncuk & Cianjur

Mul & Nina came to pick us up at 9am. We took the highway to Puncuk. It would take us about 3 hours to get to Cianjur. An hour into the journey, I felt queasy. oh... oh....

We had to stop at a resort half way up the mountain, because I was feeling really sick. I finally threw up in the washroom.

We then had hot beverages at the al fresco cafe. Mul ordered a native drink called Brangesi drink for Chris. I took a sip. There was ginger & some other spices in it. It was a little spicy. Mul ordered some Banana Fritters & Springrolls but I didn't dare eat them in case I got sick again.

This is how in the past, the Teh Brangresi hawkers sold their drinks.

We continued on our journey to Cianjur. Mul brought us to see his new holiday home. He bought it 5 years ago. After some extensive renovation, he is furnishing it now. It was a beautiful place. You could see the tea plantation from the house. The weather was cool, it could get quite cold at night. Mul had built in a fire place.

From the front porch of Mul's house, you can see one of his neighbour's house, he has a big field & a vegetable garden behind his house. How much would this property cost in Singapore?

We reached Cianjur about 2pm. Mul had called ahead to order the food. So it didn't take long before piping hot dishes were served. The restaurant sells homecooked Hakka dishes. Many Jakarta residents would stopover here to have their meals.

The fish soup was heavenly! Chris & I drank quite a few bowls of it. We had pork satay, which was delicious. Large chunks of meat were skewered onto sticks & grilled. It was tender & not dry. Their famous Steam Chicken was covered with lots of fried minced garlic. We ate so much that we couldn't move after that.

We met Mul's brother & sisters. His youngest sister helped me to call Ah Leong, a good friend of ours. As he was busy, he sent his sons, Erwin & Ernest. Ah Geok, his sister also came along with her daughter, Yenli. Erwin is my godson. He calls me "Mummy" & Chris, "Daddy". He studied for a few years in Kuala Lumpur & has now come home to help in the family business. I was invited to see his shop.

On the way, we went to pick up his mother, Ah Sin. We then went to their home to see Ah Leong. So much has changed since the last time we met. That was eight years ago. We were so happy to see one another.

The family kept persuading us to stay for a few more days. They have an apartment in Bandung & they invited us to stay there. They are such warm people, we promised to come back for another visit.

Erwin drove us to his aunt's shop which sells snacks & titbits, they called it Toko Manisan. They gave us a huge box of the local foodstuffs.

It was quite late when we set off for Jakarta. I didn't feel hungry after the heavy lunch this afternoon, so we declined Mul's offer to have dinner. We reached our hotel at 9pm. I was so tired that after my bath, I went to bed.

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