Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jaymes' Chinese Herbal Medicine

Jaymes was prescribed two packets of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It consists of the moulted cases of crickets. I have to brew the dried herbs with 3 rice bowls of water until it becomes only one bowl, then let Jaymes drink the first bowl of medicine. Next pour another 2 bowls of water to the residue & brew again, until it becomes one bowl. Keep this bowl for the next morning, after his breakfast. Jaymes has to drink this for 2 days.

Dr Li said Jaymes lacked chi, which is energy. This brew will help him to improve his energy & blood circulation and overall improve his health.

When the medicine started to boil, the whole house was filled with the strong medicinal smell. I think my neighbours could smell it too. I had to constantly stirred & turned the herbs over so that the herbs are thoroughly boiled. It took more than an hour.

When the first bowl was ready, I added some rock sugar to sweeten it. Jaymes said it tasted like Milo. Jaymes has never had a problem with bitter medicine since he was very young. He's not afraid of pain too. I was the one who couldn't take bitter pills. I was the one who is so frighten of pain.

I would have to buy more herbal medicine for Jaymes. I am going to the wholesaler.

Jaymes' Milo.

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