Saturday, March 18, 2006

Taiwan - Taipei 101, Ximending

This is our 4th day in Taiwan. The kids were getting a bit tired from all the walking. So today, we will keep to shopping & eating.

After breakfast, we took the MRT to Taipei City Hall station. We took another 15 minutes to walk to Taipei 101 Mall.

On the way, we saw some Falungong & 4th JuneTiananmen protestors. There were the young & old, some of them were sitting quietly while others were asking passers-by to sign their petitions.

I let the kids go shopping on their own while I waited at the Food Court. When the kids joined me at 1pm, we had lunch together. There is such a great variety of food here. We don't know what to choose. The boys chose Hot Plate Seafood. I ordered Bamboo Rice & Drunken Chicken set. The rice was only half-cooked. It was hard so I left most of it untouched. After lunch, we took the Mall's shuttle bus to the MRT station.

We alighted at Zhongxiao Dunhua station. We went to Chengxin Book store, the only 24-hour Bookstore in Taiwan. It's housed in a 6 storey building & has one million books in its store. I was so excited & happy to see so many books ... and so cheap. I told the
kids to browse on their own & meet me at the cashier at 4pm.

I met them at 6pm. They were so mad at me. I tend to forget the time whenever I'm in a bookstore. I bought many more books. The boys didn't want to buy anything.

After bringing the books back to the hotel room, we came out for dinner. We had Japanese Tonkatsu at the basement of a mall. It was so-so. We window-shopped in Ximending. We bought sweet potato balls & taco balls. The boys were yearning to go back to the hotel for more computer games, so we ended our shopping.

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